The 5 Best VPNs for Overwatch: Spawn-Camp Your ISP in 2022

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Quick Guide: The Best VPNs for Overwatch

A VPN can help you access different Overwatch regions, as well as protect you from DDoS attacks. If you want to get all those benefits without a drop in speed, then you should pick one of these VPNs:

  1. NordVPN: The best Overwatch VPN
  2. Surfshark: Cheap and fast Overwatch VPN
  3. ExpressVPN: The best Overwatch VPN for bigger budgets
  4. CyberGhost: Dedicated servers for gaming
  5. PIA: Great security features against DDoS attacks

NordVPN is by far the best choice you can make. It has an expansive server network, virtually no negative effect on speed when turned on, and a host of security features.

If you want alternatives, stick around. We tested dozens of VPNs to find out which of them will be best for Overwatch.

An Overwatch VPN can help make your game ten times better. It can unblock voice chat restrictions, improve your ping if you’re getting throttled, protect you from DDoS attacks, and even help you play Overwatch 2 on competitive servers like the Korean server.

However, not all VPNs are created equal. They may look similar, but they have small differences that can matter a lot depending on where you live, what your base internet connection is, and what you want to get from a VPN. For example, DDoS protection is more important if you’re an Overwatch streamer, while a large server network might mean more to the average gamer.

We tested dozens of VPNs to find the best VPN for Overwatch. Here’s what we found.

Which VPN is Best for Overwatch 2?

Best VPN iconNordVPN is the best VPN for Overwatch 2. Whether you’re a professional streamer or just want to play on a different server, NordVPN has what you’re looking for.

If you need something cheaper or want a VPN with servers in a specific region, we also have you covered. Here’s an overview of our top 5 best VPNs for Overwatch:

Feature#1 NordVPN#2 Surfshark#3 ExpressVPN#4 CyberGhost#5 PIA
Number of servers5,600+3,200+3,000+7,900+33,000+
Number of countries5995949178
Servers In Korea60+1-101-1024No servers in Korea
ProtocolsOpenVPN, IKEv2, WireguardOpenVPN, IKEv2, WireguardOpenVPN, IKEv2, Wireguard, LightwayOpenVPN, IKEv2, WireguardOpenVPN, Wireguard, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP
PurchaseGet NordVPNGet SurfsharkGet ExpressVPNGet CyberGhostGet PIA

Ready to charge in with the cavalry? Let’s analyze each of the best VPNs for Overwatch and see why they’re a great pick.

1. NordVPN: The best VPN for Overwatch

Screenshot of NordVPN website homepage with added logo in the corner


  • Fast VPN connection for playing Overwatch
  • Effective protection against malware and DDoS attacks
  • Has servers in all Overwatch regions
  • 60+ servers in Korea
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, and Wireguard protocols

NordVPN is the best option if you want an Overwatch VPN service. We tested its connection speed to make sure you’ll be able to game without any pings.

With a base speed of 100 MBps, we only got a 2 to 3 MBps drop when connecting to a nearby NordVPN server. The same speed was maintained even when we connected to servers from a different continent. Thanks to its advanced VPN port forwarding reroutes, this VPN is the best option for playing Overwatch.

NordVPN also has plenty of servers across the world and over 60 servers in Korea alone. No matter where you are, and what Overwatch server you want to play on, you’ll be able to do it with NordVPN. This can also be useful to enable Overwatch voice chat if you’re in a region where it’s blocked.

And you’ll be doing so with great protection. NordVPN’s advanced security features protect you from malware, DDoS attacks, and plenty of other cyber threats. It has its own private DNS on its server, which gives you advanced DNS leak protection. And it’s also available on most devices and operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS).

You can get all of this for as little as $2.99 per month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our pick
Our pick
Only $2.99 a month for a two-year subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • Excellent protection and a large network of servers
  • Nice and pleasing application
  • No logs
Visit NordVPN

2. Surfshark: Cheap and fast Overwatch VPN

Screenshot of Surfshark VPN provider website homepage


  • High-grade protection from DDoS attacks
  • High connection speeds
  • Protection from ISP throttling
  • A very good price
  • Offers OpenVPN, Wireguard, and IKEv2

Surfshark is the best VPN for Overwatch if you want to save as much money as possible. But don’t think that it’s worse just because it’s cheaper!

We tested Surfshark with the same 100 MBps speed, and we had a 5 to 10 MBps drop. Even when connecting to server locations from a different continent, we maintained around 50% of our connection speed. That’s good enough to play Overwatch without any noticeable ping.

Surfshark also has great protection against DDoS attacks. If you’re a streamer and you want to make sure no one doxxes you, a VPN for protection is a smart investment. If you use Surfshark, you’ll also be anonymous and protected from other digital dangers like malware. Plus, you can have unlimited simultaneous connections.

Basically, Surfshark is on par with all popular VPN providers, but at a fraction of the cost. If you pay for two years in advance, you can get it for as little as $1.99/month and with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Safe and anonymous internet for only $2.05 a month
  • Very user-friendly and works with Netflix and torrents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!
  • Cheap with many extra options
Visit Surfshark

3. ExpressVPN: The best Overwatch VPN for bigger budgets

Screenshot of ExpressVPN website page with added logo in the bottom right corner


  • Lightning-fast speeds
  • A large variety of server locations to help you play on any Overwatch region
  • Obfuscated servers for 100% anonymity
  • High-grade cybersecurity features to protect you from DDoS attacks, malware, or viruses
  • Unlimited premium bandwidth
  • Offers OpenVPN IKEv2, Wireguard, and Lightway protocols

ExpressVPN is a world-class VPN service with great protection and high connection speeds. When we tested its different servers, we maintained a ping below 10 ms, even when connected to locations on the other side of the globe. No matter where you want to play Overwatch from, ExpressVPN will help you do so without any ping.

You’ll also be protected while doing it. ExpressVPN has military-grade AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. That means you’re safe from anyone trying to doxx you, from DDoS attacks, and from plenty of other dangers you might run into as an Overwatch streamer or regular gamer.

The only problem? ExpressVPN is pretty expensive. At least when compared to all the other best Overwatch VPNs. A one-year subscription is going to cost you $6.67/month.

If that’s not a turn-off, then definitely give ExpressVPN a try. If you don’t like it, you can always get your money back with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Great discount on annual subscription + 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • Very easy to use VPN
  • Perfect for anonymous browsing, downloading, and streaming (i.e. Netflix)
  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
Visit ExpressVPN

4. CyberGhost: Dedicated servers for gaming

Screenshot of Cyberghost provider website homepage


  • Dedicated gaming servers for smooth Overwatch game nights
  • Fast connection speed so you don’t worry about ping
  • Great server variety to play from countries that host Overwatch game servers
  • Very affordable
  • Compatible with OpenVPN, IKEv2, and Wireguard protocols

CyberGhost is not the fastest VPN service on this list. When we tested its performance, we noticed a drop of 15 to 20 MBps each time we connected to servers around us. When connecting to server locations from different continents, we got as much as 90 ms of ping.

Not ideal if you want to play competitive shooters like Overwatch. But if you have a decent base connection speed (over 100 MBps), it shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if you use CyberGhost’s dedicated gaming servers.

CyberGhost makes up for this lower performance with a ton of other features. It has great server variety, robust protection against DDoS attacks, and a smooth user experience. All of this for as little as $2.03 per month, and a 45-day money-back guarantee — two weeks longer than other premium VPNs.

If you need a cheap and reliable Overwatch VPN, try CyberGhost here:

Try CyberGhost for $2.03 per month!
  • Very user-friendly
  • High quality for a low price
  • Torrents and Netflix possible
Visit CyberGhost

5. PIA: Great security features against DDoS attacks

PIA website homepage with logo


  • Acceptable connection speed for memorable Overwatch game nights
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Affordable with a great user experience
  • High-grade security infrastructure
  • Offers OpenVPN, Wireguard, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP protocols

Playing Overwatch can be fun, but it can also be dangerous. While you play the game or open Discord to chat with friends, your IP address is exposed to dozens of third parties. That can lead to hacks or DDoS attacks. So you need a VPN like Private Internet Access which can protect you, especially if you’re a streamer.

PIA’s advanced security infrastructure will shield you from any risk while you just sit back and enjoy Overwatch. Just know that PIA doesn’t have any server locations in South Korea. So if you want to play Overwatch on the Korean game servers, you’ll need a different VPN.

Nevertheless, PIA is pretty fast. We tested its connection speed on both nearby servers and locations from the other side of the globe. In all cases, we still maintained 50% to 80% of our connection speed. That’s good enough if you have an internet connection of over 100 MBps.

And the best part? If you pay for the two-year plan, you can get Private Internet Access for as little as $2.03 per month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PIA is always well-priced with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Strong focus on privacy and security
  • Good price
  • Fast and stable servers
Visit PIA

How to Switch Overwatch Regions With A VPN

If you’ve never used a VPN before, don’t worry. They’re easy to install and use. You should be able to change your Overwatch region in under ten minutes. To help you out, we wrote these guides on how to get started with an Overwatch VPN so you can switch game servers.

Installing an Overwatch VPN on PC

Connect to the Dark Web with a VPN iconIf you play Overwatch 2 on your PC, you might think you don’t need a VPN. After all, you can just switch your region from the login screen.

But if you want to play with consistently good players, you still need a VPN. Just choosing the “Asia” region won’t guarantee you play on the Korean server. You might be assigned to other servers like Taipei or Tokyo.

If you want to ensure you get the exact server location you want, you’ll need to use a VPN to change your IP address. But don’t worry, installing a VPN will be a breeze. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Subscribe to the VPN you want. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app. If you got NordVPN, there’s a download button on their home page.
  3. Choose a server. If you want high-quality matches, we recommend a server in Korea.
  4. Press the “Connect” button.
  5. Open Overwatch 2.
  6. Change your region from the Overwatch 2 login screen. If you are connected to a server in Korea, pick the “Asia” region.
  7. Screenshot of Owerwatch Region Change Menu
  8. Enjoy Overwatch 2 on PC!

Installing an Overwatch VPN on consoles

Best VPN for PS4 and PS5 iconIf you play Overwatch on Xbox or PS4/PS5, it’s not that easy to install a VPN. That’s because gaming consoles don’t have VPN apps. So you’ll have to either install the VPN on your router or install it on another device (like your laptop), which you can then turn into a virtual router.

Using a VPN router has its advantages (like being able to protect all the devices on the same network), but you do have to wait a bit for your router to get delivered. In the meantime, here’s how you can use a Windows 11 device as a virtual router:

  1. Connect to the internet with an ethernet cable.
  2. Connect to a VPN service. We recommend NordVPN.
  3. Type “cmd” in the search bar. This will open Command Prompt.
  4. Copy this into Command Prompt: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=XXXXX key=YYYY
  5. Change “XXXXX” to your desired network name, and “YYYY” to your desired password.
  6. Press enter to set up the connection.
  7. Type “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” and press enter to activate the virtual router.
  8. Connect your console to the network you created.
  9. Open Overwatch 2.
  10. Enjoy Overwatch 2 with a VPN on consoles!

If you don’t have a Windows PC, you can turn your macOS into a virtual router, too. In theory, you can also do this with an iPhone or Android device. But mobile connections are usually too weak for online games.

How We Picked the Best VPNs for Overwatch

What to Look for When Choosing a VPN iconYour Overwatch VPN shouldn’t be holding you back when you’re rushing for overtime. That’s why we tested and researched dozens of great VPNs to figure out which are the best. Here’s what we took into account:

  • Speed: The most important factor for us was your internet connection speed. Playing Overwatch with ping is terrible, so we only picked VPN services that can maintain acceptable ms. All options on this list of the best VPNs for Overwatch maintain a very decent ping.
  • Server network: Being able to switch between regions is important for a lot of Overwatch players. If you’re tired of trolls and want to try a new Overwatch 2 server, the best VPNs for Overwatch should help you do just that. That’s why we took a VPN’s server network into account when creating this list, as well as whether or not they have obfuscated servers and servers in Korea.
  • Security infrastructure: DDoS attacks and other online threats are a real problem for gamers, especially if they stream. A good Overwatch VPN will protect you from these cyber dangers.
  • Pricing: Ideally, you’d want all of those features above for a decent price.

Why Use a Virtual Private Network with Overwatch?

Why You Need a VPN iconSome people think that VPN apps will only harm your experience playing Overwatch online. After all, you’re routing your connection through another server. That’s bound to slow down your connection, right?

Not really. A VPN can definitely hurt your connection speed. But it can also speed up your connection if you were dealing with ISP throttling. Plus, there are tons of ways to speed up your connection while using a VPN. So in reality, using a VPN can often improve your internet connection while playing Overwatch.

Not to mention, a good Overwatch VPN will also help you play from different game servers, and it will protect you from dangers like DDoS attacks. Playing Overwatch can be ten times more fun with all of these benefits.

Free VPNs: A bad idea for Overwatch 2

Free VPNs to avoid iconIf you’re not keen on buying a premium VPN, you might want to get a free VPN to use with Overwatch. We get why that’s enticing. But trust us: you won’t have fun playing Overwatch with a free VPN.

Free VPN apps have limited bandwidth and a small server network. You probably won’t find a server in Korea. You’ll also struggle with very high ping (if you can even play at all).

Not to mention, free VPNs don’t usually have robust security. They keep logs of your activity, and they can’t adequately protect you from DDoS attacks or doxxing. So we really don’t recommend you use free VPNs to play Overwatch. But if you’re going to do it regardless, at least pick one of the best free VPNs.

VPNs to Avoid

Most VPNs offer a great service. That’s true for the options listed in the table below as well. But even if they’re great for other activities, we don’t recommend using these services to play Overwatch. Here’s why:

VPN ProviderWhy You Should Avoid It
PrivateVPNWhile this is a secure VPN, PrivateVPN’s small server network isn’t ideal for online gaming.
Speedify VPNDespite the name, Speedify VPN has very unstable connection speeds, which will prevent a smooth gaming experience.
Whoer VPNWhoer VPN has an expensive price tag despite offering poor connection speed on faraway servers.
Zoog VPNZoog VPN’s small server network and poor connection speed make it less than ideal for playing Overwatch.

Conclusion: Best VPN For Overwatch

Overwatch 2 may have had a botched launch, but it’s still an addictively fun game. And it can be even better with the help of a VPN. A virtual private network can help you change Overwatch regions, unblock restricted features like voice chat, play Overwatch on the Korean server, improve your connection speed, and stay safe from DDoS attacks.

The best VPN provider for playing Overwatch is NordVPN. It has plenty of servers, guaranteed high connection speeds, and robust security infrastructure. If you want to make the most out of your game, get it today.

Get NordVPN for Overwatch

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The Best VPN For Overwatch: Frequently Asked Questions

All of this might seem confusing if you’re new to the world of VPNs. To help out, we compiled this FAQ section.

Yes, you can use a VPN on Overwatch. There’s no anti-VPN provision in Blizzard’s terms of use. And we tested dozens of VPNs with Overwatch, so it’s definitely possible. If you want to know what the best VPN for Overwatch is, don’t forget to check out our guide.

Unfortunately, no free VPN is good for gaming. They have few servers and limited bandwidth. If you use a free VPN for gaming, you will experience annoying ping. But don’t worry if you’re trying to save money. You can get a cheap VPN like Surfshark or PIA.

We’re not pro gamers, but we’d wager that pro gamers use premium VPN services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. If you want to find out more about the best gaming VPNs, read our in-depth guide.

If you have high ping in Overwatch because of ISP throttling, you can get a VPN to help you. A VPN will change your IP address, making you anonymous from your internet provider, as well as any prying eyes online. For more guidance, read our article about the best VPNs for Overwatch.

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