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Geographic restrictions

Unfortunately it is a widespread phenomenon that access to online services can be restricted based on your geographic location. When you find yourself abroad it is quite possible that for instance social media platforms, certain websites or streaming services are blocked or that access is limited. These geographic restrictions, also called geo-blocking, can be the result of government censorship. But also royalties and copyright restrictions can be the reason that certain content is not available. When connecting to a website, online service or social media platform, your IP address is used to determine your physical location. Based on this IP address, certain restrictions and limitations might be enforced. With a VPN, you can reroute your internet connection through another country and obtain a new IP address. This helps you circumvent the geographic restrictions of the country you are currently in. It is always wise to verify if there are potential legal consequences to using a VPN for rerouting your internet connection. In some countries using a VPN is prohibited, as it helps to bypass government censorship. We also advise checking the Terms of Service when using a VPN to bypass restrictions of certain services (e.g. streaming services).