Back up All Information on Your Android

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The modern Android smartphone incorporates many different devices in one. You can get turn-by-turn GPS directions, store your entire music library, capture photos and videos in an instant, and even apply for a home mortgage in just a matter of minutes. These conveniences have made our Android phones indispensable to our lives. But what if something were to happen to your phone? What would become of all the irreplaceable information you have stored there? In that moment, a recent backup of your Android phone could make the difference between panicked anxiety and a calm, deep breath. Read the guide below and addtionally check out our guide on privacy settings in Android.

Introduce a Moment of Zen to Your Life

Life is stressful enough. We live in a busy world full of constant demands for our attention. If we’re honest, owning a smartphone tends to contribute to the business and stress of our lives, even as it aids our productivity and enjoyment. Losing a phone or having it break will almost certainly add to your stress that day. But how great would it be if you knew that in just moments after getting a new phone you could not only have all your data restored, but also your settings? In a stressful world, just knowing you have a backup of your Android phone is like adding a little moment of Zen to your day.

How Do I Backup My Android?

If you’ve owned an Android phone for a few years, you may recall that making a backup used to be a very difficult and time-consuming process. If that has kept you from making a backup in the past, good news! It’s now very simple to back up the information on your Android phone.

Navigate to your settings on your Android. Different Android phones have different system options menus. The screenshots here are from a Samsung Galaxy, one of the most popular lines of Android phones. Yours should have similar options but may be located in different places than shown.

Android backup settings

You are looking for the menu option ‘Backup and reset’. Depending on your phone it may just be labeled ‘Backup’ or something similar.

Android backup settings

Select ‘Back up my data’. Again, on your phone, this option may be titled ‘Backup data’, ‘Create Backup’, or something similar. When you setup your phone, you should have associated it with a Google account. This is the account you will backup your phone’s data to. With these settings turned on, your phone’s data is secure.

How Do I Restore Data from a Backup?

If you switch to a new phone or have to restore your phone to factory default, you will want to restore your previous backup. Click the slider next to ‘Automatic restore’ to help automate the process of restoring your files when you reinstall apps. When you first set up a new phone or begin setting up your reset phone, when you log into your Google account, you will be given the option of restoring your phone from the backup. Agree to that option, and your phone’s data and settings will be restored.

What Other Backup Options Are There?

Maybe you like to have redundant backup options. Or maybe you are looking for an option that gives you more features than the Google backup built into your phone. If so, you may want to consider downloading a third-party app to backup your Android device. There are many third-party backup options available to you today. Some include features to store your backup on different cloud storage options such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or your Google Drive. Others can backup your SMS text messages, contacts, and other data that might get missed.

Depending on the app you choose, you may be charged anywhere from $10 to installing them for free. Even if you choose to install a backup app, it’s a good idea to keep Google’s backup option turned on as well.

With all these backup options it is good to keep in mind that you are giving a lot of information to a third party. To protect your privacy it’s wise to check the privacy policy of the service you want to use. Be aware of the amount of data you are giving them. Ultimately, it is your choice if you want do it or not.

Anytime you can eliminate a possible point of stress in your life, it’s a good idea. By turning on the backup settings for your Android (and making sure the information on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Mac is also safe), you ensure that while just about anything could go wrong with your phone, the data you have stored on it will remain intact.

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