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Chinese Video Conferencing Services are Challenging Zoom’s Popularity
Video conferencing platforms have become hugely important all over the world in these times of lockdown. Zoom is one of the most used platforms. Even though they have struggled...
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Hackers Release Jailbreak Tool for Apple’s iOS
Apple have always tried to make it impossible for people to install software on their phones that hasn’t been approved by the company. But last weekend, a hacker group named...
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Interest in VPN Services Grows in Hong Kong After Protests
Conflict starts to rise again in Hong Kong, after weeks of relative calm. This week, again hundreds of people protested against Carrie Lam’s pro-Chinese government. The...
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American Police Use Spyware to Log iPhone Passcodes
The American police forces have a sly way to log a suspect’s iPhone passcode. They use software that can log someone’s passcode whenever it is entered into the phone. This...
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EasyJet Attacked by Cybercriminals, Customers’ Data Stolen
EasyJet has released a statement in which the British airline says that they have been attacked by cyber criminals. The criminals have stolen the data of 9 million customers. They...
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Hackers Targeted Supercomputers Across Europe for Cryptocurrency Mining
Several supercomputers across Europe have been shut down after security breaches occurred. Incidents occurred in Germany, the UK, and Switzerland over the past week. Another...
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FBI is Now Allowed to Look at Your Browsing History Without a Warrant
The senate has voted on a reauthorization of the Patriot Act which has expanded the surveillance powers of the American government. The FBI can now gain access to your browsing...
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US Accuses China of Targeting Covid-19 Research Organizations
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) are warning organizations that they might be targeted or compromised by...
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TikTok Continues to Store and Collect Children’s Personal Information
A group of privacy advocacy organizations have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They are alleging that TikTok violated a consent decree and children’s...
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