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Anomaly Six Accused of Selling Smartphone Tracking Data to US Government
A report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) alleges that data intelligence company Anomaly Six has embedded tracking software in over 500 apps and is selling the collected data to...
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WastedLocker Evades Security Software Behavioral Detection Tools
WastedLocker can evade security software behavioral detection tools by exploiting Windows’ memory management features. Due to this, the malware remains unnoticed just long...
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Ransomware Attack and Covid-19 Force Travelex into Administration
Travelex was placed under administration last week after it failed to recover from a ransomware attack and the subsequent Covid-19 pandemic. A restructure saves Travelex from...
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Google Hit With Class Action Complaint for Recording Audio Without Permission
Despite claims to the contrary, Google Home products may have been secretly recording conversations and audio throughout users’ homes without their consent. Normally, Google’s...
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Hacker Leaks Credentials to 900+ Enterprise VPN Servers
A hacker exploits a CVE vulnerability published last year to steal credentials from 900+ unpatched Pulse Secure enterprise VPN servers. The stolen data was shared on a Russian...
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Twitter Hacker’s Bail Hearing Zoombombed with Noises, Music, and Porn Video
A virtual hearing for the 17-year old suspect of a large-scale Twitter hack that occurred in mid-July, has been Zoombombed. Unknown users disrupted the meeting with pornographic...
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Mandatory Electronic Monitoring Device for All Travelers Entering Singapore
From August 11 all travelers entering Singapore, who are not serving their stay-at-home notice at a dedicated facility, will have to wear an electronic monitoring device...
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Gets Go-Ahead to Buy TikTok
The Whitehouse has made a complete U-turn, going from threatening to ban TikTok in the US to giving tech giant Microsoft the go-ahead to buy the popular app. TikTok is currently...
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EU Imposes Sanctions on Cybercriminals from Russia, North Korea and China
In its first ever use of the new framework introduced last year by the EU Council, the EU imposes sanctions on cybercriminals from Russia, North Korea and China. Six individuals...
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