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Canadian Online Drug Dispensary’s Security Breached
Canadian online drug dispensary, PlanetDrugsDirect, has been notifying its customers of a security breach. The data breach exposed both financial and personal information. Who is...
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Ryuk Ransomware Encrypts Turned Off Devices
Ryuk ransomware can now encrypt turned off devices. It uses a special hardware feature called Wake-on-Lan to power-up turned off devices so that it can encrypt them. What is...
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China Arrests a Man for Selling VPN Services
A man has been arrested in China for selling VPN services that allow Chinese residents to bypass the Great Firewall. The Chinese graduate student has confessed and is awaiting...
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Google Plans to Phase Out Cookies to Increase User Privacy
Google plans to phase out the use of cookies in Chrome within the next 2 years. The technology company wants to protect its revenue model and user privacy at the same time. It...
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Many Dating Apps in Breach of GDPR
A study by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) has shown that many popular dating apps are in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Dating apps like Tinder,...
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Nemty Victims’ Data to be Leaked for Non-Payment
Nemty ransomware are threatening to leak future victims’ data if they don’t pay the ransom. Or if they don’t pay it on time. The attackers intend to use their news feed to...
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Tesla Offering Cash and Car for Hacking their Model 3 at Pwn2Own
Tesla is once again taking part in the Pwn2Own competition to be held in March this year. They are offering a Model 3 and nearly $1 million in cash to any contestant who can...
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India’s Internet Shutdown in Kashmir is illegal
The Supreme Court in India has ruled that the internet restrictions in Indian-administered Kashmir are unlawful and have been in place for too long. Since August the internet has...
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Apple Scans Photos Users Upload to iCloud to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation
During a presentation at CES 2020, Apple shared important information about photos and iCloud. The Cupertino-based tech giant revealed that they scan images to combat child sexual...
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