Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN deals still available this weekend. Don’t miss out!


Cybercrime statistics are skyrocketing this year. If you want to thoroughly upgrade your online security, now is the perfect time. The weekend of Friday 27 till Monday 30 November is Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday weekend. This means you will find big discounts on VPN, antivirus, password managers all weekend long.

In fact, there are so many deals to be found that you may be overwhelmed. For those of you who don’t want to spend too much time figuring out the what’s the best deal for you, we’ve made it simple. We analyzed dozens Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday cybersecurity promotions, compiled a list of our favorite options per category.

In the table below you will find:

  • Our recommendation for a Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday VPN deal
  • Our recommendation for a Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday password manager deal
  • Our recommendation for a Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday antivirus deal
  • Our recommendation for a Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday secure email deal
Our Recommendation Why We Think This Black Friday Deal Is Great

Surfshark Logo Small

Best VPN Deal: Surfshark

Best Black Friday VPN Deal: Surfshark

What’s so great about Surfshark? A summary:

  • Connect an unlimited number of devices with just one subscription
  • Beautiful apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and more
  • Works great with Netflix and torrents
  • Amazing customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Deal: A whopping 83% discount for one of the best VPNs out there. Instead of $12.95, you’ll only pay $2.49 per month for a 2-year plan, and you’ll get an extra three months free. This is the best cheap VPN Black Friday can give you. This deal is live and available till November 29, 2020.

Claim the Surfshark Black Friday Deal


Best Password Manager Deal: NordPass

Best Black Friday Password Manager Deal: NordPass

We’ll tell you why NordPass rocks:

  • NordPass is from the same company that made NordVPN, the leading premium VPN in the world
  • Safely store all your passwords
  • Great security features
  • Compatibility with various operating systems

Deal: Nordpass is on sale for just $1.49 per month, meaning 70% off for a 2-year subscription.
Get your discount at NordPass

Best Antivirus Deal: Kaspersky

Best Black Friday Antivirus Deal: Kaspersky

This is why you can’t go wrong with Kaspersky:

  • Our highest-rated antivirus solution based on independent testing
  • One of the most renowned antivirus providers for PC
  • Grade-A security features and advanced ransomware protection

Deal: Kaspersky is offering 30% discount on all packages
Profit from the Kaspersky Sale


Best Secure Email Deal: Protonmail

Best Black Friday Secure Email Deal: Protonmail

Protonmail is the preferred email provider for those who value their safety:

  • Leading secure email provider, with a focus on privacy and data protection
  • Secured contacts and end-to-end encryption
  • Self-destructing messages

Deal: During Black Friday 2020 you’re getting up to 50% discount on Proton products if you’re looking for both a VPN and secure email service.
Secure your emails with ProtonMail

Curious about all cybersecurity VPN deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020?

The table above is just an overview of our personal favorite discount promotions in various categories (VPN, antivirus, password manager, and secure e-mail). For the complete overview, please refer to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal page. The discounts that you can claim this weekend are unparalleled and you probably won’t come across something similar this year. If you are interested in a VPN or a password manager, we recommend that you take your chance this weekend.

To help soothe your mind: you usually get an extensive money-back guarantee with VPN software, password managers, and antivirus programs (usually 30 days). This also applies on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. So you don’t take any risks and can just get your money back if you don’t like new software you’ve purchased.

Why you should get a Black Friday/Cyber Monday VPN deal

black friday vpn deals

A VPN encrypts your data traffic and hides your IP address. This makes you safer, more anonymous, and freer on the internet. Our VPN guide explains in detail what a VPN can do for you.

In practice, VPNs are used to securely connect to public Wi-Fi networks or to anonymously download or stream torrents. A VPN also helps you unblock your favorite streaming services worldwide. For example, you can watch the American version of Netflix from anywhere in the world, or enjoy sports matches from European and South American teams while you are in the US. So check all VPN Black Friday and Cyber Mondal deals here, or choose our recommended VPN Surfshark right away!

Surfshark VPN Black Friday Deal - 83% off

Why you should choose for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday password manager deal

Laptop With PasswordA password manager helps you store all your passwords in one central, secure location. As a result, you only have to remember one password, namely the password that provides access to your password manager tool.

A password manager is an excellent solution to a modern problem; we have so many passwords these days that it becomes almost impossible to remember all your passwords. Unless you opt for easy passwords or recycle them for various accounts. But that is definitely not advisable from a safety point of view.

Therefore, definitely choose a reliable password manager when you get the chance. You can find all offers for password managers this Black Friday and Cyber Monday here.

Having trouble choosing? We can wholeheartedly recommend NordPass and Remember.

NordPass Password manager Black Friday Deal - 70% off

Why you should get an antivirus this Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend

KasperskyYou should already have an antivirus installed on the device you are currently reading this article on. Right? If not, then you should get one ASAP. Even if you’re already using free antivirus, now might be the perfect ime to upgrade to a premium antivirus. You will get advanced security options, such as ransomware protection. And that is not an unnecessary luxury in 2020.

If you’re looking for the best antivirus during this Black Friday and Cyber Mondal weekend, we got your back. You can check out all antivirus deals, or go with our highlighted recommendation if you have difficulty choosing: Kaspersky!

Kaspersky manager Black Friday Deal - 30% off
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