Top 10 Best Torrent9 Alternatives in 2022

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2022 10 Best Torrent9 Alternatives: A Quick Summary

Torrent9 is one of the most popular torrent sites in French-speaking areas around the globe. But it’s often unavailable due to government prosecution, and some countries have blocked it altogether. If you don’t want to stop torrenting, it’s time to start thinking about viable alternatives.

The following sites would be perfect for this role:

  1. Cpasbien – Best French Torrent9 alternative
  2. YGG Torrent – Best for French-speaking P2P beginners
  3. GKTorrent – Reliable French torrents
  4. ThePirateBay – Best overall for English-speaking downloaders
  5. 1337X – Verified torrents
  6. RARBG – Reliable torrents and active community
  7. YTS – Best for HD movies
  8. LimeTorrents – Best for new releases
  9. Zooqle – Best for downloading games
  10. EZTV – Best for TV shows

With ISPs and government agencies hunting for P2P traffic, you should protect yourself with a good VPN and a reliable antivirus. When it comes to online privacy and top-quality torrenting, NordVPN is our software of choice. It’s fast, ultra-secure, and offers servers optimized for torrenting.

Read our full article below to learn more about these Torrent9 alternatives and pick up some essential security tips along the way.

HADOPI has been targeting Torrent9 since 2018. The French copyright compliance agency is dead set on shutting it down for good, which causes regular instability and downtime on Torrent9’s main site. Currently, the platform is surviving only through its countless mirror domains, so it’s only natural to see millions of users searching for good Torrent9 alternatives.

With some of the best P2P sites facing a similar fate as Torrent9, finding a reliable new torrenting hub might be harder than it looks. That’s why we created this list of the best Torrent9 alternatives for 2022. For this article, we tested all the sites below and compiled a unique report to help you choose the best option for your needs.

Keep reading to find out which torrent sites can replace Torrent9 in 2022.

Best Torrent9 Alternatives

  1. Cpasbien – Best French Torrent9 alternative
  2. YGG Torrent – Best for French-speaking P2P beginners
  3. GKTorrent – Reliable French torrents
  4. ThePirateBay – Best overall for English-speaking downloaders
  5. 1337X – Verified torrents
  6. RARBG – Reliable torrents and active community
  7. YTS – Best for HD movies
  8. LimeTorrents – Best for new releases
  9. Zooqle – Best for downloading games
  10. EZTV – Best for TV shows

These are our best Torrent9 alternatives. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, which you can read all about below. But before we start dissecting individual sites, let’s go over our ranking process.

How to Choose the Best Torrent9 Alternatives

We ranked our top Torrent9 alternatives based on these factors:

  • Library size and torrent variety. Torrent9 sports a massive library of movies, TV shows, music, games, books, and software. Our chosen alternatives had to match this impressive portfolio. We paid attention not only to new HD releases but also to older, hard-to-find gems. Multi-purpose sites like The Pirate Bay are the most logical substitutes for Torrent9; however, specialized platforms like EZTV make certain content much easier to find.
  • Monthly traffic and download speed. The seeder/leecher ratio dictates the speed of your torrenting. If nobody is seeding the torrent file, that means you can’t download it. As such, we wanted sites with large, active communities and therefore plenty of seeders.
  • Torrent health. Active communities tie into this factor, as well. A torrent becomes “healthy” once it has been completely seeded, meaning you can go ahead and download 100% of the file. There’s nothing more frustrating than a torrent stuck at 90%.
  • Security. Torrent sites are notorious for clickjacking, malware, and crypto-mining riskware. Even if the site itself is clean, malware could be hidden in the torrents themselves. For our list, we wanted secure websites without any malware or malicious tricks.
  • User-friendliness. Endless torrent libraries can be very difficult to navigate. A simple UI with some filtering options makes everything much easier. A site’s top 10 or top 100 lists, paired with “trending” sections, are perfect examples of what we were looking for.

With our ranking factors out of the way, we can take a closer look at our top alternatives for Torrent9.

1. Cpasbien – Best French Torrent9 alternative

cpasbien logoWebsite: Cpasbien (Working Mirror)

Cpasbien was the only French site that could rival the popularity of Torrent9. It was also shut down by the government in 2018, but its mirror sites are pretty stable nowadays. So, the main site doesn’t exist anymore but its reliable mirrors are perfect alternatives to Torrent9.

Cpasbien’s mirrors gather around 30 million users each month. They offer a vast library of movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, and games. They also have a unique collection of old French films. The top 100 category makes the latest releases much easier to find. Cpasbien has a very large and active community, which means great download speeds (3-4 MBps). The library is frequently updated with new torrents so there’s never a shortage of fresh content.

The site itself is well-organized and intuitive. We navigated the different options with ease, even though none of us can speak French. Cpasbien doesn’t support magnet links, however. So, you’ll have to download your torrents the “old-fashioned” way and load them into your torrent client.

Countries like the UK, India, Denmark, and Portugal have blocked Cpasbien. So, you’ll need a VPN to access its library if you live in one of these countries.


2. YGG Torrent – Best for French-speaking P2P beginners

ygg torrent

Website: YGG Torrent

YGG Torrent is a popular torrent site that rose from the ashes of T411. Back in 2013, T411 was the most popular torrent site in France with over 5 million users. After a massive DDoS attack in 2014 and constant domain blocking, T411 was finally shut down in 2017 by French and Swedish police.

Its successor is by far the most beginner-friendly platform out there with a rich library to boot. The search tool can filter torrents by name, description, file type, and uploader. It’s also one of the rare platforms with “Emulation” and “GPS maps” categories.

YGG Torrent has around 2.5 million active accounts. Yes, you have to register to download anything from this site, but the sign-up process is simple and completely free.

Compared to Cpasbien, YGG’s community is significantly smaller, but their torrents are decently fast nonetheless. You can expect speeds of around 2.5 MBps.
YggTorrent Home Screen

3. GKTorrent – Reliable French torrents


Website: GKTorrent

GKTorrent is another great Torrent9 alternative for French-speaking users. The layout of the site is similar to Cpasbien, as they have the same categories and search options. One of the key differences lies in their communities. GKTorrent gathers fewer users than Cpasbien. This could reflect in poorer seed/leech ratios.

However, the site offers only healthy files, which will always download completely. The average speed you can expect is around 3 MBps for new releases unless you manage to hit a file with an extremely unfavorable seed/leech ratio.
GKTorrent Home Screen

4. ThePirateBay – Best overall for English-speaking downloaders

The Pirate Bay

Website: ThePirateBay (Working Mirror)

The Pirate Bay is the epitome of resilience among torrenting websites. It’s been going strong for almost 20 years now, establishing itself as the absolute king of multi-purpose P2P platforms.

The Pirate Bay offers the standard search-based interface, supported by some filtering options. It might not be as precise as YGG Torrent, but you’ll find what you’re looking for eventually.

The site has around 5 million registered accounts and over 120 million seeders. All uploaders worth their salt have their files on Pirate Bay. A community this large will also result in some good download speeds (5-6 MBps).

Of course, Pirate Bay has its share of malicious uploaders. To ensure you’re downloading quality content, you can stick to providers with green skulls next to their names.

Governments have been trying to shut Pirate Bay down since 2006. However, the site remains functional through its countless mirrors (similar to how Cpasbien remains afloat).

The Pirate Bay is banned in many countries, including the US, the UK, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, China, and many others. To bypass Pirate Bay restrictions, you can use a VPN or check some of our Pirate Bay alternatives.


5. 1337X – Verified torrents and ad-free experience

1337X Logo

Website: 1337X

Ever since it got a complete makeover, 1337X has been gathering around 53 million users every month. The site is truly one of the most prominent torrenting hubs out there.

1337X’s website is clean and easy to navigate. You have the categories (including anime and documentaries), your top 100 torrents, and the trending torrents. The trending category allows effortless access to the latest releases. You can check the top torrents for the last 24 hours or the entire week.

We especially liked the category called “New Episodes.” Every day, you’ll get access to new episodes released in the last 24 hours.

1337X offers a well-rounded library with a decent seed/leech ratio. Download speeds range between 3 and 4 MBps, which is quite impressive.

The site serves zero ads to their users and supports the platform through Bitcoin donations.


6. RARBG – Reliable torrents and active community


Website: RARBG

The two main benefits of RARGB are its extensive library of healthy torrents and a large, active community. The site attracts around 40 million users each month.

The torrent directory also receives frequent updates, so you’ll be sure to find all the latest releases with zero effort. The layout and search options remind us of Pirate Bay — you can filter torrents by category or check the website’s top 10 lists.

Download speeds are similar to those of Pirate Bay. However, RARBG is a bit more aggressive with its ad placement.

Like many torrent sites, RARBG is banned in certain countries, like the UK, Turkey, Denmark, and Italy, so residents can’t access it without a VPN.

RARBG is one of the most attractive sites for phishing scams. Due to DMCA requests, Google de-indexed RARBG’s homepage in some regions. This allows phishing sites to rise to the top in Google’s search results. One of the most prominent examples is the site “RARGB,” with the last two letters inverted. So, make sure you download only from the official websites and avoid malicious phishing look-alikes.

7. YTS – Best for HD movies

Website: YTS

YTS is the best place to look for your favorite movies in full HD. It’s also a dedicated platform for YIFY releases. If you’ve ever downloaded a movie torrent, you know who YIFY is and what that name means.

The site is clean, simple, and user-friendly. The interface with clickable movie covers is a refreshing change and adds to the overall experience.

YTS attracts a whopping 75 million users per month and supports download speeds between 3 and 4 MBps.

YTS offers new releases but also timeless classics in HD, which is a rare commodity indeed. The files are carefully compressed without compromising quality.

During our tests, we were bombarded by self-clicking ads even our ad blocker couldn’t handle. This can get quite annoying since you usually have to go through a couple of them to get to your torrent.

YTS Home Screen

8. LimeTorrents – Best for new releases

LimeTorrents Logo

Website: LimeTorrents

This is the right Torrent9 alternative if you’re looking for well-seeded new releases. LimeTorrent is a bit of a grab-them-while-they’re-fresh hub (no pun intended). The older torrents hardly have any seeders.

The site (and its mirrors) gather around 20 million users per month. The speeds on new torrents range between 3 and 4 MBps. As always, we appreciate the fact that anime has its own category.

The owners keep the site running through various pop-ups, which can become quite tedious after a while.

9. Zooqle – Best for downloading games

Zooqle Logo

Website: Zooqle

At a first glance, Zooqle doesn’t look like much. It has around 5 million users per month, it serves ads, and the speeds range between 1 and 2 MBps.

However, it offers one of the greatest collections of video games out there (both PC and console titles). If you’re looking for well-seeded games, Zooqle has more than 150,000 titles waiting just for you. The interface is quite decent, as well, and the uploading community is always vigilant.

Officially, you need to create an account to download anything from Zooqle. We bypassed this requirement simply by clicking on the magnet link. We don’t know if this is intentional or not but it works for now.

10. EZTV – Best for TV shows

Website: EZTV

This Torrent9 alternative is another “old-school” uploader on par with YIFY. The torrenting site community hails EZTV as “the king of TV shows” and with a good reason. The community behind this site is exceptionally active, uploading new episodes of all TV shows as soon as they’re released. So, if TV shows are your thing, EZTV is your personal treasure trove.

We especially liked the countdown option, which shows when the next episode will air. You can also check the status of your favorite shows (airing, ended, returning, etc.).

On the flip side, the site is downright outdated and feels exceedingly clunky. The download speeds are average at best, and there’s plenty of ads to go through. You can stop seeing the ads, however, if you choose to register.
EZTV Home Screen

How to Use Torrent9 Alternatives Safely

Torrenting without any protection can be extremely dangerous. You can stay safe by adopting these security practices:

  • Use a solid VPN for extra privacy.
  • Block malware with a good antivirus.
  • Only visit trusted torrent sites.
  • Download files only from verified uploaders.

Good VPNs replace your true IP address with a fake one. This anonymizes your torrenting and prevents your P2P activity from being traced back to you. Internet service providers, hackers, and spies can’t trace your P2P traffic back to your computer or physical address.

Furthermore, VPNs hide your online traffic from prying eyes with strong encryption. This keeps you safe and anonymous, as well as prevents ISP throttling. Pair that with a reliable kill switch, and you’ll stay perfectly safe, even if your VPN fails. Take a look at our list of the best VPNs to find some truly amazing options.

A reliable antivirus like Kaspersky will help you block malware found in torrents and on torrenting sites. It will also purge any dangerous infections from your system. Having said that, an antivirus will show a lot of false positives while you’re torrenting, so, you’ll have to learn how to recognize real threats.

The Torrent9 alternatives on this list don’t hide any malware and house a community of reputable uploaders. Some malicious parties do show up occasionally, but they’re quickly weeded out by vigilant community members.

When it comes to P2P file sharing, torrents themselves are the source of the most dangerous problems. Torrenting itself is not illegal but downloading copyrighted content is. So, it all depends on the types of files you download.
Download Torrent on Computer

Granted, torrenting is outright prohibited in some countries, so you should check your local laws, as well.

Malicious uploaders can also hide the illegality of their torrents. They can simply mislabel copyrighted content to appear legal, leading to unintentional piracy. In France, this will result in legal fines; but in some countries (the U.S., for example), online pirates are left with a felony record followed by prison time.

Online piracy can be very tempting, but we strongly advise against it. On one hand, you may get astronomical fines, prison time, and civil liability for damages and lost profits. On the other, you have a pirated movie or TV show. The risk is far greater than the reward.

To make sure you’re not doing anything illegal, always check your local laws; download only from trusted sites; and avoid suspicious torrents.

Top 10 Best Torrent9 Alternatives in 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any additional questions about Torrent9 alternatives? We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions below. Simply click on one of them to read the answer.

Not yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Torrent9 is currently avoiding government attacks by switching servers regularly, which makes it inaccessible more often than not. Having said that, there’s still plenty of good torrent sites that work in 2021.

If you’re looking for multi-purpose torrent sites, we recommend Cpasbien for French-speaking users and The Pirate Bay for English torrenters.

If specialized sites work better for you, YTS and EZTV are the places to be. You can also check our list of the best Torrent9 alternatives for some more options.

Any torrent site can be dangerous if you walk in without proper protection. It can expose you to anything from hacks and malware to legal fines and jail time.

Using a good VPN like NordVPN paired with a reliable antivirus will mitigate all these risks. Also, you should only visit trusted sites and download files from reputable uploaders.

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