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AI and 5G security
For a very long time, AI was seen as a far and distant possibility, or just science-fiction. But recent jumps in computing power have made it possible to feed AI ever larger sets...
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What Is 2-Factor Authentication and Why Is It So Useful
Think for a moment about the vital information about you someone would have access to if they guess your password. This could expose your banking information, health information,...
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The Privacy Risks of Your Smartphone – An Overview
Perhaps no other tool in modern history has revolutionized our lives like the smartphone has. This handheld computer has replaced the camera, GPS, calculator, address book, and...
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How Safe is a Bluetooth Connection?
Bluetooth is a wireless method of transferring information from one device to another. In most cases, Bluetooth is more secure than Wi-Fi. As with any wireless system, though,...
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Download Fines and Legislation
Napster first came online in 1999 as a peer-to-peer service for sharing music online. It exploded in popularity gaining 80 million users in just a few years. It was so popular, in...
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Anonymous Downloading with Usenet
The internet allows a great degree of anonymity online. But it is becoming clearer every day that many parties are tracking our activity. Whether it's the search engine your use,...
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A Beginners Guide to Cybersecurity – for Small Businesses
When you hear the word cybersecurity what do you think of Probably the old meme of a hooded teenager, hunched over a computer screen. There may well be cybercriminals who wear...
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