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Wawa Customers’ Stolen Payment Card Information for Sale on the Dark Web
Yesterday, American convenience store and fuel services chain Wawa became aware that cybercriminals were attempting to sell their customers’ payment card information, which had...
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Subsidiary of Avast Antivirus Sells Users’ Web Browsing Data to Tech Giants and Multinationals
Antivirus company Avast has been selling the browsing history of all its free software users, a joint investigation by Motherboard and PC Mag concluded. Avast has not been dealing...
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WEF Calls for Enhanced Cyber Resilience in Aviation Industry
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published a white paper calling for global collaboration to enhance cyber resilience in the aviation industry. Some Aviation Industry...
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Cisco Resolves Webex Vulnerability
Cisco has resolved a vulnerability in its Webex video conferencing platform, which was classified as a high severity vulnerability. The vulnerability allowed a remote,...
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29-Year-Old Faces Years in Jail for $20m Cardplanet Payment Card and Malware-Exchange Fraud
A Russian national, Aleksei Burkov, pleaded guilty to masterminding a $20 million Cardplanet Payment Card and Malware-Exchange Fraud. He was extradited from Israel late last year,...
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UN Banned WhatsApp Months Ago, Officials Say Following Jeff Bezos’ Phone Hack Investigation
Wednesday last week, United Nations experts called for an immediate investigation into the possible involvement of Saudi Arabia in the Jeff Bezos phone Hack. They received...
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German Car Parts Manufacturer Forced to Shut Down Systems After Ransomware Attack
German car parts manufacturer, Gedia, is the latest victim of a ransomware attack. Gedia says that the cyberattack will have far-reaching consequences for the business. Attackers...
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Iran Suspected of Hacking a European Energy Company
A state-backed hacking group based in Iran is suspected of having hacked a European Energy company. The group is believed to have used a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) called PupyRAT...
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