The Best Free Sports Streaming Websites

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Summary: The 13 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites

When it comes to streaming sports for free, you have a handful of great choices to pick from online to save you money. In case you don’t have time to read our whole guide right now, here are what we consider to be the top 13 best free sports streaming websites:

What to do if your favorite free sports stream does not work in your country?

Some of these websites might not be available in your country. If that is the case, you can use a VPN application to change your digital location. That way, you can access the internet as if you were in another country. And gain access to free sport streaming sites that would otherwise be blocked for you.

In addition to giving you access to streaming services from all over the world, a VPN also ensures that you stay anonymous and secure online.

A good VPN when you want to stream sports for free is NordVPN. It’s fast, user-friendly and there is an extensive money-back guarantee of 30 days. Just try it out with the orange button below.

Also, always make sure that it’s legal to stream sports games for free in your country. Not every service mentioned might be suitable for the country you’re in right now, so always check to make sure you’re not doing anything that’s not allowed.

To learn more about the best free sports streaming websites, check out our complete guide below.

Streaming sports online for free is getting easier thanks to a handful of websites created for just that purpose. We understand that paying for yet another service isn’t the most attractive idea, especially if you don’t have the time or budget to commit to a large sports package. That’s why we made this guide about free sports streaming websites!

One important disclaimer before you start using the websites in this guide: check your country’s streaming laws to ensure it’s legal to stream sports games for free. As with most legal matters, it depends on a number of different factors when it comes to the legality of watching a match online through a free streaming website. Some of the websites we list in this article might occasionally link to illegal streaming sources. While it’s legal to visit these sites, some of the streams featured or referred to on those websites may be illegal. This is something you should be aware of when visiting some of the websites.

While streaming a game from a website may not be illegal, downloading or peer-to-peer streaming services can be considered a violation of copyright laws. These distinctions are why you should always do your homework before you start streaming a sporting event from your home.

Now that we’ve got that straight, let’s dive into our list of the best streaming websites to satisfy your sports viewing needs.

13 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites

We’ve organized this list in no particular order. We recommend that you check out each website to find one that works for you. In this section of the guide, we provide a brief summary of every site, as well as some pros and cons of using the website.

Keep in mind that you may need to use more than a single website to ensure you cover all your bases. Below we’ll note for every service what they are best suited for, so you’ll know which one fits your needs.

Live Soccer TV


Live Soccer TV is a free sports streaming website that lets you watch Soccer, NFL, Cricket, and Rugby games that are taking place around the world. The website has an easy-to-use interface that separates the different sections by matches, competitions, teams, channels, news, pubs, and sports. You can also see the scores for past games and check out live matches and news directly from the homepage.

In addition to the browser version of the website, you can also download an Android or iOS app to access the different sports links available through the free service. No matter how you choose to use Live Soccer TV you’ll have access to alerts and real-time updates for games. The broadcasts are provided through a wide variety of sources such as NBCSN, Telemundo,, and fuboTV.

The biggest drawback to using Live Soccer TV is that some of the streaming links are geo-restricted. This will depend on the streaming provider you choose. Some streams may only be available in the U.S. while others are only viewable in the U.K.

Pros Cons
Easy to use interface Limited access because of geo-restrictions
Mobile-friendly design
Reliable free live streaming links
Alerts for upcoming games
Real-time updates on games


Cricfree is a free sports streaming website that specializes in providing links to cricket games. The website does a good job of managing its links, ensuring that each stream you pick works well when you go to watch the game. Cricfree also has an easy-to-use interface that organizes the streams by the different types of sports available. In addition to cricket, you can find links for hockey, baseball, soccer, football, boxing, tennis, and racing.

In addition to the web version of the streaming service, you can also use the Android or iOS app to stay up-to-date on your favorite sports.

As with most of the websites on this list, Cricfree primarily provides links to streams hosted elsewhere online. The downsides to this include coming across potentially geo-restricted sources, as well as accessing websites that use pop-up ads.

Pros Cons
Easy to use interface Pop-up ads are distracting
A comprehensive source of cricket games Some streaming links are geo-restricted
International sports channels available to watch live


Sony Liv LogoIf you’re looking for a streaming service to watch soccer games, SonyLIV is one of your best options. Supported by Sony, this website provides you with free high-definition quality sports streaming options. You can also stream tennis, cricket, UFC, MotoGP, WWE, and the NBA through SonyLIV. If the site is not available in your country, you might need a VPN to change your digital location.

In addition to the sports resources, SonyLIV includes premium packages with movie channels and other entertainment options. You can also access the platform on your Android or iOS devices through their respective apps.

The biggest drawback to SonyLIV is that most of the content available is provided from India, resulting in some issues if you don’t understand the language.

Pros Cons
Easy to navigate user interface Geo-restricted in some countries
Android and iOS applications available Mostly Indian content without subtitles
Live scoreboard

Fox Sports

Fox Sports launched in 2013 as an additional way for cable and satellite customers to stream sports when they were away from their TV. Since 2019, Fox Sports has only offered regional sports networks, as well as Fox Sports Midwest, YES Network, and Prime Ticket. The Fox Sports app allows access to Big Ten Network, Fox Deportes, FOX, College Sports regional networks, FS1, and FS2.

Fox Sports is mainly aimed at the American market, but it does have a few subdivisions around the world such as in Asia, Australia, Brazil, and other areas of Latin America. It’s important to note that if you don’t have access to one of the networks listed as part of your cable or satellite package, or through another live streaming service, you may not be able to stream games from Fox Sports. You’ll need to use a VPN service for Fox Sports if you live outside of these areas to access a certain version of Fox Sports. Fox Sports America has the largest selection of sports programs compared to international versions of Fox Sports.

Also, while the service itself is free, you need to login through your TV provider to access the streams. This is great if you’re using a TV provider that includes one of the networks required because you’ll have instant access to live streams on your phone or browser. However, if you don’t have a subscription to one of the networks above you may need to choose a different streaming service.

Pros Cons
Included with other network packages Ads can be intrusive
View up to four games at once with split-screen feature Have to be signed up with a provider to access content
Seamless device switching experience No free trial
Easy-to-navigate interface No DVR storage or offline downloads
Only available in certain countries

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a great platform for watching streams of a variety of sports online using an account you likely already have access to. While there are a limited number of official sports streams, users can stream sports themselves through Facebook Watch for other fans to enjoy.

If you’re a baseball fan, you can view one MLB game each week during the regular season. This stream doesn’t cost you anything if you have a Facebook account and is an ad-free solution to watching games online for free.

All you need to do is log in to your Facebook account, head over to, type sports into the search bar on the left, and select the Live filter option. If you’re looking for a certain game, you should try and search for the name of the team instead of the generic term “sports”.

One benefit of this streaming option is having the live chat window to your right so you can talk about the game with other fans. Also, not having to deal with pop-ups, windows that redirect, or free trials is another benefit.

The downside is that you’re limited to one MLB game a week during the regular season and other sports streams may be of lower quality compared to what you can find through other sources online. You should also be cautious of streams that look inauthentic as they may not be what you’re looking to watch if the stream is mislabeled and contains illegal or misleading content.

Pros Cons
Easy to access streams Limited to one official MLB stream a week
Live chat encourages engagement Video streaming quality may be worse than other sources online
Variety of games available through live stream Some misleading streams may be present through the service

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer logo

BBC iPlayer is a streaming website that lets you watch games from the U.K. You can also access the streams by using a VPN to connect to a U.K.-based server from your own country. Once you have access to the streaming service, you can watch live sports games using the iPlayer interface.

Through the iPlayer, you can stream football, golf, cricket, cycling, basketball, and soccer. There are also tournaments available to stream, as well as highlight shows and other special events. These are all sorted through category and channel filters.

You can stream the content in HD, as long as it’s recorded in this quality. There’s an option for 4K streaming but this is limited to only select streams through the iPlayer. However, some users have complained that the streaming quality of the video they’re watching has a difficult time staying consistent at high-definition quality if their internet speed drops slightly. The streaming service is available on a number of different platforms and is an ad-free option.

Pros Cons
Ad-free streaming Limited to U.K. residents
Available on a number of platforms Streaming quality has a hard time adjusting to different broadband rates


Buffstreams is a live streaming website that provides sports streams online for free. The website focuses on usability and reliability for its users by giving users a website that makes finding what you’re looking for easy and fast.

The sports available on this website include basketball, soccer, football, hockey, baseball, racing, UFC, WWE, boxing, tennis, golf, rugby, darts, and AFL. Buffstreams also has a number of fast action buttons so you can find streams easier. These buttons include ‘live now’, ‘upcoming’, ‘NFL, ‘NBA’, ‘MLB’, and ‘NHL’.

The streams are all available in standard definition for free. You can watch streams in HD but some of the links require you to create an account to begin the stream.  Depending on your internet connection and speed you shouldn’t have any issues watching the game on your browser. There’s also a chat window where you can engage with other people watching the game.

Pros Cons
Website links are reliable for streaming live sports Ads play during videos
Streaming quality is consistent without buffering issues Some streams require you to create an account
An organized website is easy to navigate No option to download games for later viewing
The chat feature is a nice addition


Volokit is a streaming website where you can watch NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, and XLF games and events. The website lets you stream regular-season games, as well as playoffs in HD quality directly from your browser. Volokit also has a live chat window to the right of the video where you can engage with other fans during the stream.

This website is a great choice for free streaming because it has reliable streaming links that run smoothly in HD. Unlike a lot of other free sports streaming websites, there are no annoying pop-ups or redirect links taking you to other websites. Everything just works well on this site, making it easier to use than other options.

There are a lot of banner ads surrounding the video but you can easily ignore these or expand the stream to full screen to hide everything but the game or event you’re watching. Another benefit of this website is that you can open more than one stream at once, making it possible to keep an eye on multiple games at a single time.

Pros Cons
A reliable streaming website with working links Banner ads can be distracting
No pop-ups or redirect links No option to download streams
Easy to use interface
HD quality streams for live events and games


Reddit LogoReddit may not be a streaming platform for watching sports, but it is a great resource to find sports streams. By using subreddits you can connect with other people in the community and share links to live streams for games and events.

You can find a number of different subreddits dedicated to finding streams for most professional sports including football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and basketball. The communities on Reddit help to find and curate live links for each of these sports, taking the hard work out of your hands.

The upvotes and downvotes in the subreddits are useful because they’ll help guide you in choosing a link for streaming the game you want to watch. Just be wary of newly posted links that don’t have a lot of engagement on them as they may not link to where you want.

The biggest risks when it comes to clicking on links you aren’t familiar with include the possibility of downloading spyware, viruses, or other unauthorized programs on your computer, as well as potentially being redirected to malicious, illegal, or dangerous streams.

Some popular subreddits for free sports streams include r/puckstreams for hockey, r/MLBstreams for baseball, and r/NCAAbbstreams for college basketball.

Pros Cons
Upvotes and downvotes help when picking a stream Some links may be malicious
Dedicated subreddit communities Not able to watch streams on the website but rather relying on external links
Each sport has its own subreddit threads


BossCast offers streams of sports from channels like NBA TV, ESPN, TSN, Eurosport, etc. The website also gives you a curation system that lets you watch games and events directly on its site, making it easier to enjoy the game.

As with other streaming websites, BossCast has a live chat service where you can engage with fans and sports communities as the game plays. You can also change the timezone on the homepage to watch videos based on your country’s timezone which gives you access to additional local events and games.

There are a couple of downsides to using BossCast that may impact your viewing experience. One of the drawbacks to this website is that there are a number of aggressive pop-ups and ads that make enjoying the stream difficult. The other reason you may choose a different streaming website is that some links do open on different windows into new sites, causing some redirect headaches when you just want to watch the game or sporting event.

Pros Cons
Can watch popular sports channels Pop-ups and advertising is aggressive
The curation system works well Redirected links are annoying to deal with
The live chat feature is a nice addition has a clean interface that lets you stream a variety of popular sports including baseball, basketball, tennis, football, golf, hockey, cycling, and more. There is no sign-up or account required to watch the streams collected on, making it easy to get started once you arrive on the website.

You can also see upcoming games for each of the sports categories by changing the date at the top of the homepage, as well as set your local timezone in the header. Lastly, this website has Bet365 integration, allowing you to see odds and betting information on the games.

The only drawback to is that the streams are available through external links rather than on the website. This means you’ll need to access the streams through either TV channels or official streams linked on the game profile page.

Pros Cons
The organized interface is easy to use Streams are available off the website
Extra information about past games is a nice addition
Option to select games to watch helps keep you organized


StreamSports is a website that has football, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, hockey, and motorsports streams available to watch. It’s an ad-free website that streams games and events in HD quality to enjoy. There are also post-game highlight streams available to watch after the game, making this a good choice if you enjoy that extra content.

You can create an account through StreamSports that will help you keep track of your favorite teams’ upcoming games. With an account, you can also blacklist any sport that you don’t want to be notified about.

The biggest downside to StreamSports is it’s not available worldwide, meaning you may need to use a VPN to access the website’s streams. Some areas where StreamSports is available include the U.S., India, Russia, Australia, and the U.K. If you try to use the website where it isn’t available you’ll come across an empty list of upcoming streams.

Pros Cons
Post-game content is a nice addition Only available in select countries
Ad-free streaming platform
Website organization makes it easy to use


Stream2Watch has both live TV and live sports streams available on its website. While you need to create a free account to access the streams, the reliability of the links makes it worth the extra step. Some of the sports offered on the website include boxing, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, and cricket.

This website doesn’t host its own content but rather collects links from other sites for you to access the streams on. This is a potential downside to the website because some of the links may not work as expected which would require a bit of trial and error. Remember that one of the links you decide to try could be not allowed in your country, so always use caution when clicking a streaming link.

Stream2Watch works on any platform that can run the flash player including Android and iOS devices, as well as browsers. You may need to deal with some invasive ads and broken links, but the ability to stream sports from around the world is worth dealing with these issues.

Pros Cons
Available on Android and iOS devices Need to create an account
Global sporting events available for free Ads can be distracting and annoying
An organized website that’s easy to navigate Some links may be broken

Why do People Use a VPN to Stream Live Sports?

Streaming sports is one of the most popular reasons to use a VPN because it allows you to access content that’s otherwise geo-locked to specific locations. By connecting to a different country’s server with a reliable VPN you can stream sports from your location, no matter where you live.

Just remember that when you connect to another country’s server with a VPN you need to keep the time difference in mind when viewing live events so you don’t miss the stream.

Another important reason to use a VPN when streaming live sports is to protect yourself from malicious links and third-party trackers. A lot of streaming websites have links that are not safe to click on without taking the proper precautions. In addition to using a VPN, it’s critical that you install an effective antivirus program along with a popup blocker.


There are a lot of great choices when it comes to finding live sports streaming services for free online. While some of these may be geo-locked depending on where you live, this problem is easily fixed with the use of a VPN.

You should also keep in mind that some platforms and streaming links may not be legal in your country. That’s why you should always check your country’s laws around streaming and copyright protection before you decide to stream a live event or game.

Just remember to be cautious when looking for streaming links for live games and events because there are a lot of websites that host malicious links and third-party tracking programs. That’s why you need to make sure you’re using a VPN and antivirus program to protect yourself. Even if the content isn’t geo-locked you should be using a VPN to protect your personal data. The same principle applies when you use a popular streaming application like Kodi to stream sports.

The Best Free Sports Streaming Websites - FAQ

Want to know the answer to some frequently asked questions regarding Sports Streaming Websites? Take a look at the questions below or leave us a comment!

There are a number of great websites you can use to stream live sports. These include; Fox Sports, Facebook Watch, BBC iPlayer, BuffStreams, Volokit, Reddit, BossCast,, StreamSports, and Stream2Watch. We recommend these options as they are the most reliable for live stream links in HD quality.

Depending on where you live and the streaming website you’re using, you may or may not need a VPN. However, we do recommend that anyone who streams from the internet, whether that content is geo-locked or not, use a VPN to protect themselves from third-party trackers. A VPN is needed if the content you’re trying to watch is blocked outside of a certain area. This includes Fox Sports and the BBC iPlayer as an example.

You can watch live sports through Amazon Prime by adding sports-focused channels to your subscription. These cost extra and include channels like CBS All Access, NBA League Pass, and the PGA Tour Live. The streaming service does provide coverage of Thursday night NFL games as well.

Some of the best streaming services for live sports include the following; YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Fubo TV, DAZN, ESPN+, Sling TV, and CBS All Access. Just remember that some of these services are only available in certain areas so you’ll need to use a VPN to create an account in order to access them online.

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