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The Best VPN Discounts, Coupons and Deals

Last edited: June 30, 2020

The VPN market is extremely competitive. Because of that, there are always discounts for a good VPN to be found. This high level of competitiveness might not be very beneficial for VPN services, but as a VPN user you can certainly profit from it. To help you find the perfect VPN deal out there, we’ve collected the best coupons, discounts and special discount actions for you right here on this page. Return at any time of the year to find the best deals and lowest prices of that moment.

The Best Cyber Monday VPN Deals and Discounts

Last Friday was Black Friday and now it’s Cyber Monday. This means many VPN providers will offer high discounts on their services. You’ll get free months on top of a normal subscription, the best extras, and a great VPN for a small price. Take a look at the offers on hand in the table below. Then follow the discount link to a VPN provider’s website to get a VPN for a lower price. All of these deals are temporary, so make sure you sign up today so you’ll be able to enjoy a cheap VPN subscription for years to come!

VPN Provider Cyber Monday Deal Link
CyberGhost logo small


Get a yearly subscription for just $33 – that’s only $2,75 a month! Get your CyberGhost discount now!
NordVPN logo small


Get a three year subscription for only $3,49 a month PLUS an extra three months off and free NordLocker (Nord’s file encryption service): a total discount of 83%! Get your NordVPN discount now!
Surfshark logo small


Pay just $1,99 a month for a two year subscription and get an extra three months for free! Get your Surfshark discount now!
VyprVPN logo small


A two year subscription for just $2,50 a month (80% discount)! Get your VyprVPN discount now!
ProtonVPN logo small


Until 8 December: pay $6,67 a month for one year (35% discount) and $6 a month for two years (40% discount).

ProtonMail participates in Black Friday as well: get one year for $3,25 a month (33% discount), two years for $3 a month (40% discount), or opt for two years of both ProtonVPN and ProtonMail for $7,50 per month (50% discount)!

Get your ProtonVPN discount now!

(Click here for a discount on ProtonMail!)

GOOSE VPN logo small


From 21 to 29 November: pay just $1,99 a month for a three-year subsription! Get three years, pay for two! Get your GOOSE VPN discount now!
ibVPN logo small

Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN)

From 27 november to 4 december: get a yearly subscription for $29,03 (78% discount). This is only $2,42 a month, which comes down to just $0,08 a day! Get your ibVPN discount now!
IPVanish logo small


Get a 73% discount up until 3 December and pay just $3,25 per month for this VPN! Get your IPVanish discount now!
Ivacy Logo Small


One year off: get a three year subscription for the price of a two year subscription and pay just $2,25 a month (87% discount)! Get your Ivacy discount now!
PureVPN logo small


Pay just $4,08 a month for a yearly subscription (63% discount) and only $1,32 a month for a five year subscription (88% discount)! Get your PureVPN discount now!

VPN Discounts All Year Long

Most VPNs offer pretty good discounts throughout the year. The VPN price war ensures that even the biggest premium providers often offer their services for low prices. This gives you the opportunity to choose the best cheap service without ending up with a VPN of lower quality. We’ve listed the most well-known and best scoring VPN’s along with a discount link for their service in the table below.

VPN Provider Deal Link
ExpressVPN logo small


1 year subscription: 3 months off ($6.67 a month) Click here for your ExpressVPN discount!
CyberGhost logo small


1,5 year subscription: 22% discount ($2.75 a month) Click here for your CyberGhost discount!
NordVPN logo small


2 year subscription: 12% discount ($3.50 a month) Click here for your NordVPN discount!
GOOSE VPN logo small


30% discount on all Unlimited Pakketten by using the promotion code ‘Privacy‘ when you subscribe. Click here for your GOOSE VPN discount!

Why You Should Be Using a VPN

You’ve probably heard of a VPN before. With a VPN subscription, you can surf the internet freely, safely, and anonymously. A VPN offers the following:

  • Safety: Your data traffic will be protected through strong encryption, so other parties (such as hackers and the government) can’t intercept your data as easily. Therefore, you can use public Wi-Fi hotspots in a much more secure way.
  • Anonymity: A VPN connection ensures your IP address is hidden. Because of this, other parties won’t be able to identify you quite as easily when you’re surfing online. You’ll gain more anonymity on the internet; no longer will everyone be able to see what you get up to.
  • Freedom: A VPN allows you to reach websites and online services that would normally be blocked in your location. For example, if you use the right VPN connection, you’ll be able to get access to the American version of Netflix, no matter where you are in the world. Moreover, you’ll be able to unblock social media and news websites in places where government censorship tries to keep you from accessing those parts of the internet. In other words: a VPN is the ultimate tool for internet freedom.