Kids Online

Kids Online

As a parent, teacher, or educational professional you want to do everything in your power to keep children safe. Online, this can be quite a challenge: new dangers surface at lightning speed and this can be difficult to keep up with. In this category, we discuss ways to protect children while they're using the internet.

How to Keep Your Children Safe Online

The internet connects us all and holds incredible amounts of information. In school, students will be asked to do research online. Your young kid might want to watch videos on TikTok or YouTube to entertain themselves. Millions of children were able to get education through online classes over the past years. However, the internet can be a dangerous place, too.

Dangerous websites are hiding in the most innocent Google searches, malware could infect your kid's device within a few seconds, and social media make it incredibly hard to maintain one's online privacy. So how do you deal with these challenges as a parent or teacher?

The articles below will tell you everything you need to know to keep your children (and yourself) safe on the internet.

Social Media and Kids

There are countless social media platforms out there that are popular among children. Hypes will make sure that different platforms pop up as times go on, and it can be pretty hard to keep up with it all as a parent. How do you know which platforms are safe for your kids to use? And who will tell you how you can help them protect themselves while they enjoy the many benefits of the internet?

The articles below dive into different social media popular among kids. We'll be discussing where the pitfalls are, whether it's smart to allow your kid to access these platforms, and what you and your child can do to stay safe.