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Last edited: 5 June 2019

Time flies! Back in 2014 I launched my first VPN website for the Dutch market. What started as a simple Dutch blog site with reviews of VPN providers, has now grown into a leading range of international VPN websites covering all aspects of online privacy, cyber security and internet freedom.

I find it very important to write about these subjects, because the world around us is rapidly evolving. Today’s internet offers almost unlimited possibilities and opportunities, but at the same time it carries risks. Especially since VPN and cyber security are rather technical and difficult subjects for many people, I try to explain these subjects in the most accessible and simple way possible, so that everyone can understand.

So who is in charge of VPNoverview.com exactly?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Janssen, and I was born and raised in The Netherlands. In past years I spent a lot of time abroad, working for the United Nations (World Bank), various governments, consultancy firms and NGOs. Today I’m the chief editor at VPNoverview.com and it’s my mission to ensure that quality research and articles continue to appear on the website.

I’m a geek interested in VPNs, online privacy and cyber security. Besides that I’m also a healthcare professional. There is an interesting interaction between data security, privacy and healthcare. Think of ransomware attacks which are increasingly affecting hospitals and healthcare institutions. Or data breaches where patient data of thousands of people are leaked. I’m convinced many more similar incidents will occur in coming years, all over the world.

More information about me can be found on my LinkedIn page. Alternatively you can also reach me by email, at david@vpnoverview.com

What’s the idea behind VPNoverview.com?

At VPNoverview myself and some highly skilled guest writers cover everything that has to do with VPN, online privacy, internet security and internet freedom. Below I’ll explain why we find these topics so important.

Why I write about online privacy

Your privacy is a great asset, but in recent years it has come under increasing pressure. There are many parties who benefit from learning as much about you as possible. These can be advertisers, but also governments or hackers. Maybe in some cases you are also prepared to give up (part of) your privacy in exchange for ease of use; you will realize by now that Google follows you wherever you go, but at the same time Google Maps is so incredibly useful. Apparently we are all prepared to give up part of our privacy for the sake of ease of use. And that is not necessarily something negative. But we do need to find the right balance. By writing about online privacy, we hope VPNoverview.com will make you aware of what data is collected about you and in what manner. I also want to offer simple solutions and tips on how to better safeguard your privacy on the internet.

Why I write about internet security

Unfortunately there are some serious dangers lurking on the internet today. Every year, tens of millions of  people globally fall victim to cybercrime. Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take to make you more resilient to cybercrime. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about identity fraud, ransomware, trojan horses, computer viruses, hackers and the latest ingenious online scams. That way you are well prepared and not such an easy target anymore for the average cyber criminal.

Why I write about internet freedom and online censorship

I’m fortunate enough to currently live in one of the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to internet freedom. But even I am dealing with censorship and online restrictions. For example, when I travel, and my favorite streaming services are not accessible. Or when WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook are blocked during a stay abroad. But also within my own country I experience censorship. For example, certain YouTube videos are not available, I do not get access to the extensive American Netflix library and special online discount deals are sometimes only valid for people from other countries.

I do find it important to make people aware of what forms of online censorship there are, what impact this censorship can have on a democracy or society, and what solutions people use to circumvent Internet censorship and online restrictions.

Why I write about VPN

The interesting thing about a VPN is that it offers you a value and utility in a very simple way. You install a simple app on your phone, computer or router, you connect to a VPN server with one click and 5 seconds later all your internet traffic is secured, anonymized and you have access to a more liberal internet. A VPN is the central hub that helps you to get the 3 essential benefits stated above (security, privacy and freedom).

About us recommending VPN providers

Let’s clarify one thing right away: VPNoverview.com itself is not a VPN provider! This website serves as an independent source of comparison, and as we website we test the VPN services of dozens of different VPN providers on the market. Our goal is to do this as transparently and objectively as possible, according to a standard test protocol developed by us. Nevertheless, there will always be a subjective component involved in the testing and assessment of a provider. Based on extensive testing, we form an opinion and incorporate this opinion in the assessment of a VPN provider; of course this involves a subjective component, namely the personal opinion of the reviewer. On this page you can read more about the way we test VPN providers.

If you are looking for a VPN, we think it is important that you find a VPN that is reliable and that fits your needs. That is why we test the various VPNs so extensively. After a test, we always communicate our findings to the VPN providers so that they can gain insight into how they can possibly improve their service. We also take the user experiences of our site visitors into account, so don’t hesitate to drop a comment under our informative articles or reviews!

VPNoverview.com is an objective website where you can find information about dozens of VPN providers. If you as a visitor subscribe to a VPN provider via the links on our website, it is possible that in some cases we receive a commission from the VPN provider. This does not entail any extra costs for you as a user. Our service is therefore always free of charge for you as a visitor of VPNoverview.com. And that is how it should be. In fact: in many cases we have managed to get you a discount on your VPN subscription via the links and buttons on our website. We are committed to ensuring that you always get the best deal with a provider if you want to try out a VPN. We use VPN provider fees to cover the costs incurred for the maintenance of our website. For example, we can pay for copyright licenses so that we can use photos and images on our website. This way we ensure that photographers and graphic designers receive a fair remuneration for their work. We also use the income to cover the recurring subscription costs for hosting VPNoverview.com.

A free internet is also an internet that acts transparently and with integrity. That is why we only recommend VPN providers that we actually think are excellent. We test all VPNs ourselves and if a VPN provider fails in any way whatsoever, we will incorporate our findings in our reviews.

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