Online censorship often has a political origin. Governments in countries like Iran, China, and Russia enforce their morals by blocking apps and websites that go against them. Journalists and citizens have to deal with this everyday and tourists also have to adhere to the rules of the country they are visiting. If you are on holiday in one of those countries you might not be able to gain access to YouTube or Gmail. This can be a real hassle. Below you will find articles that help you unblock online censorship.

Censorship of Critical Journalists

Journalists are especially effected by censorship. Countries with a dictatorship are often adamant in blocking websites that critique their regime. Luckily, there is a way to gain access to these websites. For journalists it can be a good idea to protect themselves by using a VPN and maybe even Tor to visit blocked websites and communicate. For their safety it is often best to stay anonymous. This way they can be critical of the regime without the risk of getting punished.

Censorship on your holiday or business trip

The censorship in some countries also effects tourists and international businessmen. Those visiting China for business or pleasure will find that YouTube and Gmail aren't available there. This can be a real hassle for some. To unblock these apps and websites it can be a good idea to install a VPN. This way you will be able to visit these websites on holiday. It is a good solution for businesspeople that want to check their email in China.