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LinkedIn Sued for Allegedly Reading Apple Users’ Clipboard Content
A lawsuit was filed by an iPhone user in San Francisco on Friday. The lawsuit claims that LinkedIn reads the information on the Clipboard without notifying the user. This behavior...
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Mozilla Suspends Firefox Send Due to Concerns Over Malware Abuse
Mozilla has temporarily suspended its Firefox Send service while the organization looks into malware abuse. The service was taken down on Tuesday after ZDNet asked some questions...
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TikTok Under Review for Privacy Violations, US Wants to Ban Chinese Apps
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice are reviewing TikTok again. Last year, the company was slapped on the wrist for the way it was handling personal...
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Google’s Fitbit Acquisition Criticized for Privacy and Competition Concerns
European Union regulators are investigating possible issues with Google’s takeover of Fitbit. Google announced the takeover at the end of last year. The EU has now sent out...
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FCC Designates Huawei and ZTE as National Security Threats
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially designated Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE as a risk to national security. The order went into effect...
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Tim Hortons’ App Under Investigation for Privacy Concerns
Tim Horntons is being investigated by Canadian privacy authorities. Earlier this month, some concerns were raised about one of Canada’s most popular restaurant chains. A...
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University of California Payed Hackers Ransom of $1.14 million
The University of California was attacked by Netwalker, a group that has been linked to at least two other ransomware attacks on other universities. The group managed to hack the...
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Hackers are Using Google Analytics to steal Credit Cards
Hackers have found a way to steal information from hacked websites by using Google Analytics. Researchers have said that attackers can collect users’ card details by registering...
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European Union States that Ireland and Luxembourg Need to get Tougher with Tech Giants
The European Commission has released a report in which they state that Ireland and Luxembourg are not able to make a stand against the tech companies that are based in those...
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