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Ethical hacker uncovers multiple security flaws in Apple Safari – receives $75,000 bounty
Apple has paid ethical hacker Ryan Pickren a bug bounty of $ 75,000. The researcher discovered multiple zero-day security vulnerabilities in Apple Safari. These flaws would allow...
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Twitter Reveals Mozilla Firefox Cached Private Data
Twitter announced last week that the way Mozilla Firefox stores cached data may have resulted in private information being stored in the browser’s cache. The information is...
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Terabytes of OnlyFans Content for Sale Illegally
After what appeared to be a leak of OnlyFans content, which the company denied, today terabytes of mainly adult entertainment and physical fitness style content is being sold...
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Zoom Announces They Will Work on Their Security and Privacy Issues and Freezes Developments
The CEO of Zoom has posted a blogpost on the Zoom website. In it he states that for the next 90 days all feature development will be put to a halt. All focus can therefore go to...
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Video App Houseparty Offers $1 Million Bounty for Proof of Smear Campaign After Supposed Hack
Houseparty, a social video app that is quickly gaining popularity amid the coronavirus lockdown, is offering a $1 million bounty to the first person who provides proof of what...
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Critical Escalation Vulnerability found in WordPress Rank Math Plugin
WordPress’s Rank Math SEO plugin was found to have two vulnerabilities, one of which was a critical escalation vulnerability. The critical vulnerability could allow attackers to...
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Europe Introduces Corona Tracing App Initiative
130 researchers and companies from eight different countries in Europe have come together to develop software for an app. The software will trace contact between corona patients...
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Personal Details of Millions of Georgians Published Online
Hackers have published the personal information of 4.9 million Georgians online. Cybercriminals put the data for sale on the dark web over the weekend. Many of the details that...
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Surge in Online Classroom and Videoconferencing Hijacking, also called Zoombombing
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is sending out a warning to look out for hijackers trying to creep into online classrooms and video or teleconferencing meetings amid the...
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