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Citrix Security Leak Exploited to Paralyze German Hospital Causing Patient’s Death
A 2019 Citrix Security leak is the likely cause of the ransomware attack on the University Hospital of Düsseldorf earlier this month. Paramedics were forced to rush a patient to...
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QR Codes Pose Significant Security Risks Most Users Are Unaware Of
The humble QR code, largely ignored by the US and Europe for almost two decades, has made a comeback since the start of the pandemic. However, the gain in popularity is also...
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FBI Warns Financial Sector of Growth in Credential Stuffing Attacks
Thanks to the effectiveness of credential stuffing attacks, professional hacking groups have now adopted this method to attack financial institutions. Credential stuffing has...
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Singapore Will Pay Citizens Reaping the Benefits of Apple’s Health-Monitoring Smartwatch
The government of Singapore and tech giant Apple announced a partnership on a two-year health initiative called LumiHealth. As part of the scheme, Singapore residents can earn up...
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YouTube Being Sued for Children’s Privacy Violations
YouTube is being sued in the UK for violating UK and EU children privacy laws. The class action style lawsuit is seeking damages in excess of £2.5 billion from the Google owned...
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Chinese Company Tracks Millions of Prominent People Worldwide
From well-known businessmen, politicians, organized crime figures and famous pop singers to the daughter of a real estate magnate and average Joes and Janes. The Chinese company...
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Travel Industry Fails to Learn Lessons from Past Data Breaches
Research conducted by Which shows that travel industry giants have failed to secure online platforms despite previous high-profile data breaches. Which found hundreds of data...
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Smartwatches for Children Still a Security Nightmare
Getting a smartwatch for your child seems like a great idea. But it’s not. At least not from a security and privacy perspective. A research team from Münster University in...
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New Spyware Mimics TikTok App
New spyware called TikTok Pro mimics the genuine TikTok app, and its spread is being fueled by fears of a TikTok ban. Researchers provide recommendations on how to mitigate...
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