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Are Weak and Reused Passwords the Culprits of Disney+ Hacking?
Days after the new Disney+ streaming service went live thousands of customers have had their accounts hacked. Is the use of weak passwords reused across multiple accounts the...
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Companies not ready for California’s CCPA privacy act
Companies in California are scrambling to comprehend and meet the extensive requirements of the new California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA. That's no surprise, as the same...
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SIM Swap Attacks on the Rise
The charging of two men in the US for attempting to steal $500,000 in bitcoin has brought SIM Swap attacks back to the public’s attention. What is a SIM Swap attack Does the...
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Disney Plus Launch: How to Watch with a VPN
This week, Disney Plus launched in the US, Canada and The Netherlands. Next week, fans in Australia and New Zealand will also be able to access the impressive Disney-related...
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Facebook App Secretly Turns on Phone’s Camera
Do you own an iPhone and have you given the Facebook App access to your camera If so, beware! Facebook could secretly be using your camera while you’re scrolling through your...
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Internet freedom endangered by social media
Social media is a growing threat to internet freedom and democracy, Freedom House warns. Every year, the independent watchdog organization and think tank conducts a thorough study...
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Google Gains Access to Millions of US Citizens Private Healthcare Data
Tech giant Google partners with one of the US’s largest healthcare providers Ascension, and in the process gains access to millions of US Citizens’ private health data. What...
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Ransomware on the rise again
After experiencing a decline in 2018 and the first half of 2019, ransomware made headlines again last week. With ransomware on the rise again, for most organizations it isn't a...
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What is the Future of Enterprise VPNs with Rise of Zero Trust Networking?
With more people working remotely and with the rise of cloud technology along with Zero Trust Networking, what is the future of VPNs as remote access solutions VPNs...
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