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Internet safety

Here you find a selection of articles on how to use the internet in a safe manner. How do you protect yourself from digital threats? What precautions can you take to ensure that your personal information and privacy are secured? The articles below contain practical tips and information which will help you to navigate the world wide web safely. Just click on one of the images or one of the blue boxes to read more about a specific topic.

10 Reasons to hide your IP address

Reasons to hide your IP address

What do you gain by hiding your IP address? A whole lot! By hiding your IP address your identity remains unknown and your privacy is ensured. Your IP address happens to be your digital identification code, with which each internet user can be identified. 10 reasons why you should hide your IP address.

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How to browse the internet anonymously


Many of your online actions are really not as private as you’d think. But sometimes you simply don’t want anyone to know what you are doing on the internet. With these tips and tricks you can browse the internet anonymously! Use a VPN, proxy server, or TOR to hide all your online actions.

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Secure your Wi-Fi with a VPN

Secure Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi offers a wireless connection between different devices. Most of us use it every day. We use it at home and when we are on the road. Read everything you every wanted to know about the dangers of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and about the solutions, like a VPN, to protect your devices.

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Bypass The Pirate Bay restrictions

The Pirate Bay/

For about 15 years, The Pirate Bay has been the best known downloading website around. The website has been the focus of many lawsuits because of its connection to illegal downloading. Because of this, accessing it can be difficult. Read here how a VPN can help you access it freely and anonymously!

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The Tor browser and anonymous browsing?

Tor browser

If you’re interested in privacy and anonymity you have probably heard of Tor. Tor (The Union Router) is free open-source software that helps you to browse anonymously. But how does it work, and why would you use it? Read all about this anonymous browser in this article!

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