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We all have the right to privacy and the protection of our personal data. That was the fundamental thought on which we built our website. Our site contains information on VPNs, online privacy, security, and responsible internet use. With a small dedicated team of professionals we strive to post current and high-quality content on our platform.

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A VPN is the ideal tool to improve your online privacy and security. In our VPN section you can find information on how a VPN works and how you can install a VPN on all your devices. Moreover, we’ve written extensive reviews and articles that feature the best VPNs on the market.


In our privacy section you can read all about how you can browse the web anonymously. We also give you helpful tips on how to manage your privacy settings on different apps, devices, and social media platforms. Last but not least we have information on how you can protect your privacy when downloading files from the internet.

Internet Safety

Here you will find all the important information you need to stay safe online. We explain what malware and cybercrime is and how you can protect yourself against these threats. Furthermore, you can read about how to safely store files in the cloud and create really secure backups.


Sadly, the internet isn’t freely accessible to everyone. Certain websites, apps, or social media platforms don’t work because of your location or the legislation in your country. For example, normally you can’t watch the American Netflix content outside of the US. In this section you can read all about geo-blocking and online censorship. We also explain what methods people use to bypass internet censorship.

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