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Below you can find an overview of the VPN providers we have tested extensively. The providers are ranked on the score we gave them, starting with the provider that got the best score. We are always testing new providers and aim to keep this overview up-to-date. You can use the filter to find all the providers that fit your needs. Don’t know where to start? The providers in our top 5 are all good choices.

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Our Review Method and VPN Test Protocol

When we test VPNs we look at speed, safety, servers, user-friendliness, and extra options that the VPN offers. By using a VPN intensively for some time and conducting several tests we can give the providers clear scores. We test all the VPNs ourselves and, in our verdict, we combine the experiences of several of our experts.

What do we Look at in our VPN Verdict?

We started testing VPNs in 2014. Over the years we have created an extended testing protocol to determine which VPNs are the best and, almost as important, which VPNs you can better stay away from. But what exactly do we test? We look at the following things:

  • Safety: How solid is the security that a VPN has to offer? We evaluate the encryption protocols and test the stability of the VPN connection. Moreover, we check if our IP address and virtual location are actually changed when we are connected to the VPN servers. We also take a look at any additional security measures, like a kill switch. Finally, we also check the logging policy of the provider; do they keep any logs of our online activity? This is important because it is a potential privacy risk.
  • Speed: What happens to the speed of our internet connection when we connect to a VPN server? Generally, the use of a VPN has a negative impact on our connection speed. This is no surprise since your traffic is encrypted and rerouted by your VPN. However, there are big differences between VPN providers in how noticeable or annoying this lag is. With some providers, you hardly notice the loss of speed, while other VPNs make your internet connection painfully slow.
  • User-friendliness: How user-friendly is the VPN provider in daily use? We take a critical look at the websites of the different VPN providers and check how easy it is to install their software. Then we also check if the software works well on different devices. For most users, it is important that a VPN is easy to use and that the application is clear. Finally, we also test the accessibility of the helpdesk and the quality of customer support.
  • Server network: How large and diverse is the server network of the VPN? You might be looking for a VPN with servers in a specific country or region. In this case, it is vital that you know that a VPN provider has a good number of servers there. Apart from location, it is also important to know the server load of the VPN servers. If you have to share a server with thousands of people this can have an impact on the speed of your connection. We check if the VPN provider maintains its servers well and expands their server network if its number of subscribers rises.
  • Additional features: What additional features does the VPN offer? Here we test if, for instance, it is possible to watch Netflix with this VPN, and if you are allowed to download torrents.

The features we mentioned above are also in our VPN comparison filter, together with the prices and the different operating systems that the providers support. This way we have tried to make it easier for you to maneuver through all the VPN providers. Looking for a VPN that allows you to watch Netflix, and lets you pay for your subscription with bitcoin? Select the preferred filters and you will see all the providers that adhere to your wishes.

We Make Finding a VPN Easy With our VPN Comparison Filter

Our VPN comparison filter makes it very easy to filter out any VPNs that do not fit your wishes and to compare those VPNs that do. Looking for a VPN provider that works with Netflix? Turn on the Netflix filter and compare the scores of all the different VPN providers that are compatible with Netflix. This way we try to make it easier for you to find the best VPN provider.

If you are still unsure you can check out our list of the best all-round VPNs or take a look at our page with articles about the best VPN providers for specific ends.


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