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NordVPN review (2018)- No logs and sublime encryption


NordVPN is one of the market leaders in the VPN market. NordVPN is a product of Tefinkom & Co, whose headquarters is in Panama. This strategical location of the main office means that NordVPN is not hindered by any laws or authorities that require insight into their internet data. NordVPN was founded in 2008 and has been able to prove itself as a reliable and fast VPN provider that takes privacy very seriously and has been able to find a way to make the American Netflix work via VPN. In this review on NordVPN we will discuss the server network, the speed, the features, the customer support, the security and the encryption of NordVPN.

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NordVPN subscriptions and prices

NordVPN has only one subscription option, but this one option is available in different prices depending on the duration of the subscription. This means that you pay a smaller fee per month if you opt for a longer subscription. Every subscription grants you access to more than 700 servers worldwide, they don’t keep any log records and they give you the option to use up to 6 devices at once. Other services provided by NordVPN are; double encryption, fast servers for video streaming and TOR via VPN.

NordVPN Preise

At this moment NordVPN has a special offer, with a 2-year subscription only costing $3.29 a month. Furthermore, NordVPN offers a 30-day refund guaranty.

All NordVPN properties listed

  • They don’t keep any log records of your activities
  • P2P-support (downloading torrents)
  • The possibility to use NordVPN on up to 6 devices at once
  • 2048-bit SSL encryption (this is a very strong encryption)
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, routers and Windows-mobile
  • Customer support (24/7) through live chat, e-mail and Facebook.
  • Servers in 54 countries and counting
  • Encrypted chatting services
  • Supported protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec protocols
  • OpenVPN on SSL ports
  • Useful and easy to use software
  • Free proxy lists and up to 3000 free proxies (subscription not required)
  • Use TOR through a VPN-server
  • Double VPN for increased anonymity
  • Choose a shared IP (static/dynamic) and assigned IP address
  • Their own DNS-servers
  • Automatic kill-switch

NordVPN servers

NordVPN Server

NordVPN has servers in 54 different countries at this moment. Unlike most of their competitors not all of NordVPN’s servers are set up in the same way.

For example, there are VPN-servers that offer double VPN connection for extra security. These servers make connections between two countries separate to your own connection. These double connections are; Lithuania – Latvia, The Netherlands – Russia, The Netherlands – England, Russia – The Netherlands, Taiwan – Hongkong, England – The Netherlands, USA – Canada. Also there are VPN servers specifically focused on TOR traffic, these are the servers in Latvia and Sweden.

To watch TV with a high speed connection (specifically watching content only available in other countries) there are VPN servers in the United Kingdom and America.

There are also VPN-servers specifically configured to fend off DDOS attacks. These are located in Canada, Germany, Italy and America.

If you would like to have your own IP-address (dedicated IP-address), there are servers available in Germany, the Netherlands, England and America.

NordVPN Security and privacy

A very important aspect of choosing a VPN provider is how the provider handles security and privacy. On these accounts NordVPN scores very well. The main office of NordVPN is located in Panama.

The judicial situation in Panama probably doesn’t need any introduction. There is a reason why Panama has become a well-known tax heaven; the privacy laws in Panama are well organised. Panama has a climate of secrecy. Panama does not have any mandatory data logging-laws, which allows NordVPN not to keep any log records. This “no log record” policy is something you unfortunately don’t see a lot with many other VPN providers. Furthermore, NordVPN focuses specifically on the ability to realize a Tor through their VPN service and it offers multi-hop connections. These options create an even stronger security.

Also NordVPN supports obfsproxy. This (TOR-) mechanism is focused on preventing a Deep Packet inspection, allowing the user to hide the usage of an VPN connection and making it possible to use a VPN in China and Turkey for example.

NordVPN speed and stability

Other than security and privacy, also the speed and stability of VPN-servers is very important. We always test VPN servers using a very stable 100mbit/100mbit internet connection in Amsterdam

During our tests in Europe we reached speeds up to 50mbit and 100mbit per second, on American servers our speed was around 30-60mbit per second. The connections and achieved speeds were very consistent and the ping-times were very low (this is important for the speed and stability). Mainly because of the heavy security and encryption our connections speeds were slowed down, but this was not a big issue. Also it is worth mentioning that you always compromise on your connection speed, whoever your provider is (not only NordVPN). In practice this means that NordVPN provides plenty of bandwidth to stream, to game or to download data quickly. Also NordVPN works with Netflix (including the American version of Netflix!).

NordVPN iPhone
NordVPN on the iPhone

NordVPN’s customer service

NordVPN provides a 24/7 live chat customer support. It is also possible to ask questions via email, which will be answered quickly.

Furthermore, NordVPN has an extensive FAQ section on their website and an extensive instruction manual. Here they discuss the use of their VPN services with the different operating systems extensively and the most common questions and problems users encounter.

Conclusion NordVPN

In conclusion, we were very pleased with the services provided by NordVPN. We were very happy that they don’t keep any log records and that they have set up special servers for specific purposes. It is good to see that they have managed to make Netflix work with their VPN services. They may not be the cheapest provider, but this can be made up for by the coupon code we have found. All in all, this is one of our favourite VPN providers and we highly recommend this VPN provider.

Right now there is a discount offer available at NordVPN: A 2-year subscription for $3.29 a month.

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