Accounts Influencers Exposed by Social Bluebook Hack

Influencer make-up

A social media platform which connects advertisers to influencers has been hacked. It is unknown who is behind the breach. Around 217,000 accounts were hit by the hack. User’s private information is now at risk.

The Middle Man

The company, which is based in Los Angeles, connects advertisers to social media influencers. Social Bluebook helps social media creators to build their business and brand. They allow advertisers to pay influencers to promote their product on their social media platforms. Initial registration on the website is free. The company claims to have around 300,000 registered influencers on their books.

Database Stolen

Hackers stole the company’s entire backend database in October of 2019. The database contains 217,000 user accounts. These accounts include names and email addresses as well as passwords. Luckily a hashing algorithm had scrambled the passwords. Nobody knows how hackers got their hands on the database or who the hackers were.

Techcrunch contacted the co-founder of Social Bluebook, Sam Michie, for information. He stated that they had only now had been made aware of the breach. Most importantly, he said that they would contact their users as soon as possible. The company took legal steps as well. Several users that were contacted by Techcrunch confirmed that the information that was obtained was theirs.

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