Cybernet: A New Israeli Cybersecurity Social Network

Israel's New Cybernet a Cybersecurity Social Network

Over the weekend, the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) announced its launch of Cybernet. Its intended use is for sharing cyberattack information so that organizations and government bodies get forewarning of any potential cyberattacks.

What is Cybernet?

Cybernet is a cybersecurity network launched by the INCD. It has been designed like a social network, where every user has a personal profile and can post information in their own name or anonymously. Currently, members of Cybernet include about 1,000 cyber professionals such as analysts, researchers and information security managers.

Users can access information to form a current snapshot of attacks in their sector, and in Israel in general. It is hoped that the shared information will help users in trying to prevent cyberattacks from affecting their organizations. If already under cyberattack, then users can use Cybernet to find solutions and stop the attack as soon as possible.

Cybernet includes functionality that allows users to view reports and alerts, as well as receive updates on major world events. Cybernet also includes an internal chat feature and discussion groups that users can join. They will also be able to obtain relevant snapshots of weaknesses and recent alerts, view organizations’ event handling reports and more.

INCD’s Role in Cybernet

INCD is not only Cybernet’s launcher. Going forward, organizations will transfer their cyberattack reports to INCD’s Computer Emergency Response Center. The INCD will then make this information available to relevant companies. According to the INCD: “An attack that started at a particular bank, for example, will soon meet other banks in Israel and worldwide. Sharing the information about an attack as it starts, helps to prepare on time.”

INCD was founded in 2017 when Israel’s two cybersecurity units were merged into one. The two units involved were the National Cyber Bureau and the National Cyber Security Authority. According to its website, the INCD is “responsible for all aspects of cyber defense in the civilian sphere, from formulating policy and building technological power to operational defense in cyberspace.”

The Bigger Picture

Cybernet is Israel’s first step towards creating a digital equivalent of Israel’s Iron Dome, a mobile all-weather defense system designed to intercept rockets and artillery shells. The digital Iron Dome’s aim is to protect the government, public and private institutions from increasing and more powerful cyberattacks.

The intention to create a digital Iron Dome was announced back in October 2012 by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said: “Just as we have the Iron Dome against missiles and the security fence against infiltrators and terrorism, we will have a similar protection against cyber-attacks.”

The launch of Cybernet is the first step towards the realization of this vision.

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