Cloud & Backups

Cloud & Backups

In this dossier you can read how you can use the cloud safely and responsibly. We will explain how cloud services work and what happens to your information when you store it there. Moreover, we will list what cloud services you can entrust your personal data to. You can also find articles that help you figure out why it is important to create backups and what the best way to do this is.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a popular concept. Everything needs to be saved in the cloud. But what exactly is this cloud? Well, it is nothing more than a storage server that can be accessed through the internet. If you put a file in the cloud you are putting it on a server that is owned by the cloud service. The cloudservice allows you to access your files through a website or app.

As you can imagine this also has some risks. For both your personal and your business use of the cloud it is important to be well protected. Otherwise your photos and documents might be leaked and end up in the wrong hands. In 2014 this happened with the cyberattack on iCloud and a lot of private picture of celebrities were stolen.

Work and Save Files in the Cloud

Nowadays a lot of people work away from the office which makes the cloud evermore popular. By allowing people to work in the cloud and save their files there you don't need to be in one specific place to access your work files. However, some companies might have some concerns about the safety of cloud services. Will their files be safe on someone else's servers? Luckily there are specialized B2B companies that offer safe cloud services. There you can get a personal server with dedicated support and they can guarantee a certain level of safety.

Making Backups

If you do not want to save your files in the cloud you can also make backups on your computer's hard drive. It is important to make a backup every month or so anyways. You can do this manually or use a backup program. Both options have upsides and downsides. In the cloud and backup dossier you can find articles that explain it all.