Free Pornhub Premium Accounts Due to Corona Virus

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Pornhub is giving out free premium accounts. Four days ago, the popular erotic website announced that all Italians would be able to create free premium accounts on their platform. The pornographic video website is giving away these free accounts the coming month because of the current quarantine measures that are mandatorily keeping millions of Italians indoors. In response to Pornhub’s decision, people beyond the Italian borders have been misusing the limited offer by using a VPN to pretend they’re in Italy.

Free Premium Due to Corona Virus responded to the national state of emergency in Italy by offering all Italians a free month of their premium service. At the moment, the Corona virus is still making countless victims in Italy, with over 1800 deaths as a result. Due to the virus, millions of Italians have been told to stay indoors to slow down the rapid spread of Corona. Italians who still decide to go out to the streets, are risking a fine of thousands of euros. To bring some light in these dark times, Pornhub decided to give all Italians the opportunity to create a free premium account on their platform.

Offer Used Outside Italy As Well

Pornhub’s free offer will be active until the third of April, the company announced on Twitter last week. Aside from that, they will be donating part of their profits to local hospitals in Italy. These measures are very generous, but even so many people are abusing the free premium offer. Even users who aren’t currently in Italy are able to access Pornhub Premium for free. Many are interested in this opportunity. Google Trends shows that people from all over the world have been looking for terms related to ‘Pornhub’, ‘Premium’ and ‘Italy’. The popularity of terms like ‘pornhub free italy’ has increased over 700%.

How People Get Free Access to Pornhub Premium

Changing your virtual location so it seems to the online world as if you’re located in Italy isn’t very hard to do. With a VPN, for example, you’ll be able to make this happen in a matter of seconds. A VPN provides its users with more online anonymity and safety, while also giving you the freedom to access parts of the internet that wouldn’t normally be available to you. Many have already been using a VPN for years in order to be able to watch porn anonymously. This same method now also works to get access to a free Pornhub Premium account.

Users from all over the world can simply install a VPN (such as the popular Surfshark or ExpressVPN) and pretend they’re accessing the internet from Italy. If they then visit the Pornhub website to create an account, they’ll get a notification that shows them they’ll be able to use the platform for free for a month. Usually, users would have to fill in their credit card details to make a premium account. Even then, they’d only get one week of free access to try out the service. Now, however, Italians (and anyone with a VPN) only need to give a name, password, and email address in order to be able to sign up.

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