Plague Inc. Game Removed From Chinese App Store

Plague Inc

The popular game Plague Inc. has been removed from the Chinese app store. The creators of the game heard it was taken down because of “illegal content”. The game has enjoyed extra popularity in recent weeks due to the corona virus.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a game where the player can create a virus with the aim of destroying the world with it. The choices you make in the game determine whether your disease spreads quickly or not at all. The game has been around since 2012, but it has gained many new players in recent weeks because the corona virus has led to a renewed interest in games and movies about pandemics. The game is praised for its educational content. Players can learn a lot about viruses and how they spread in Plague Inc. The makers themselves reported on their website that they had been removed from the Chinese app store.

Chinese Corona Censorship

China strictly monitors the news about the corona virus. Articles and social media messages that are critical of the Chinese government’s actions during this crisis are removed. The Chinese government clearly wants to control the image of Chinas handling of the corona virus. This degree of censorship is not new in China, the government censors almost everything that opposes their ideas.

The makers of Plague Inc. don’t understand why their game has now been removed from the Chinese app store. It is possible that this is due to the sensitivity regarding the theme at the moment. Yet, other similar games have not been deleted so it could be that the popularity of Plague Inc. caused them to get on the radar of the Chinese censorship machine.

The makers of the game are trying to get the game back into the Chinese app store. Yet the question is whether they will succeed. As of yet it is unclear if this will happen anytime soon.

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