Dropbox Launches New Security Tools

Dropbox app on phone

Dropbox is launching several new features today. Many of these features are security related. They include a password manager, a vault for documents with personal information, and a backup feature that allows you to back up your computer to your Dropbox account. These three features are available in beta for Dropbox plus users on their phone and will become available to all Dropbox plus users in the coming weeks. The backup feature is available to Dropbox Basic and Professional users from today.

Password Manager

The company is launching a new password management system on their platform called Dropbox Passwords. Like other password managers, it will store and encrypt your passwords for you. You need a separate Dropbox Passwords app to use it. This app was launched several weeks ago, but will now be available on your paid account when you log in.

The company has seen that password management is “one of the dominant use cases for Dropbox today”. People use the platform to store their passwords and to sync their password manager with Dropbox, product chief Timothy Young explained. The launch of the new feature follows the acquisition of password manager Valt, which the company acquired last year.

Dropbox Vault

Dropbox Vault is a feature within Dropbox that allows you to save documents with sensitive information in a safe place. You can put an extra layer of password protection on this vault, so that if anyone ever gains access to your account they won’t be able to access those files. Dropbox has stated that the documents will be encrypted when they are uploaded, downloaded, and while they are on the company’s servers. The files in the vault are not stored locally on a user’s computer.

Backup Feature

Dropbox is also launching a feature that automatically creates a backup of your PC or Mac. Which means that if your laptop ever gets stolen, you will still have a backup of your files stored in the cloud. You can choose which folders will be backed up, so you can choose to only store the important bits.

Other Features

Besides the three features described above, the company is also launching some additional features. One of these is HelloSign eSignature. HelloSign was bought last year for $230 million, and is now integrated within the platform. This feature is definitely handy in these times when meetings aren’t happening face-to-face.

The platform is also launching an App Center. This feature will showcase all the tools that can be used with Dropbox, like Slack, Google, and Zoom. Currently, you still have to go into the settings and try and find these apps, but now they will be readily available to you.

Lastly, the company is creating a Family Plan, which allows families to share storage space. A family can create shared spaces within this storage space, so that vacation photos and grocery lists are available to everybody in the family.

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