Mozilla VPN is Available in The US Now

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Mozilla, the company that built the Firefox web browser, has been working on their own VPN service for a while. They are now close to a worldwide launch. The VPN service will move on from its beta phase within the next couple of weeks. Mozilla VPN will first be available in the US and other regions will follow as soon as possible.

VPN Guarantees Privacy

There are several parties that can monitor your online behavior whenever you go online. First of all, there are the internet providers and your network administrator. They can see which websites you visit, what social media platforms you’re on, which videos you watch, what posts you like, and so on. Operating systems, websites, search engines, apps, and hackers can also see what you’re up to online.

Would you like to have a bit more privacy when you go online? Then you might want to consider using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN will make sure that you can surf the web securely without anyone being able to see what you are up to.

A VPN hides your IP address, which makes it very difficult for anyone to trace it and find your name or address. A VPN also stops companies like Google, Facebook, and other ad agencies to build a personal profile on you. A VPN can also be used to avoid online blockades or geographical restrictions. This will make the entire Netflix catalogue available to you. You can also watch games or events that are only available in certain countries.

Firefox Private Network

There are many VPN providers out there. VPNOverview has reviewed a number of these providers. We review their privacy, speed, security, server locations, and the price-performance ratio.

There will be a new provider out there soon. Mozilla has been working on their VPN service for months. The company started testing a Firefox Private Network browser extension last September. But this service only functioned as a browser proxy, which only provided security for the data traffic that went through the Firefox web browser.

Mozilla took the next step at the start of December when they introduced their fully-fledged VPN service: Firefox Private Network. From then on, it was possible for people to put their names on a waitlist to test the service. Users from over 200 countries enlisted. They were the first who could test the service for only $5 a month and were asked for their feedback. At that moment the service was only available for Windows 10.

Mozilla VPN

Mozilla announced the official name of its VPN in a blog: Mozilla VPN. Currently, the service is still in its beta phase, but it won’t be for much longer. The company says that it is “working hard to make the official product, the Mozilla VPN, available in selected regions this year”. It won’t be part of the Firefox Private Network brand anymore, it will be a stand-alone product.

It is not clear yet how much the VPN service will cost. For now, the price is going to stay at $5 per month, but it is very likely that the price will go up eventually. One VPN account can be used on five different devices. It will still be available for Windows 10, but also for Android and iOS. You’ll need to be a bit more patient if you’re a macOS or Linux user.

The Beta Mozilla VPN is available for download in the US now, but the rest of the world needs to be a bit more patient. It is not clear yet when it will launch outside of the US. You can sign up on the waitlist if you want to be notified when the VPN will be available for you.   

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