NordVPN Announces Global Network Upgrade

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Earlier this week NordVPN announced it was upgrading its global network from 1 Gb VPN servers to a game changing 10 Gb servers.

NordVPN Future Proofs its Systems

NordVPN, like most other VPNs, has been running reliable 1 Gb servers for years. However, the company has started upgrading its infrastructure with new 10 Gb servers. As well as improving speed and performance for its users, the upgrade will allow NordVPN to future proof its systems.

As more users use 5G technology, the amount of data needing to be moved will increase greatly. Furthermore, over the past few years, use of VPNs on both desktop and mobile devices has greatly increased in popularity. This is because VPNs promise privacy and greater online security.

The dual increased use of 5G networks and VPN services is likely to create bottlenecks in VPN infrastructures using 1 Gb servers going forward. Consequently, NordVPN’s move to 10 Gb servers will help it mitigate any future congestion on its servers. It will ensure that its infrastructure is ready to handle the influx of data.

“The number of people relying on NordVPN for secure internet access is skyrocketing. We’re going to keep improving our server speeds to meet that demand by acquiring future-focused solutions like 10Gbps servers,” explains Marijus Briedis, NordVPN’s Chief Technology Officer.

Servers’ Role in VPN Infrastructure

The role of servers in a VPN’s infrastructure cannot be understated. When a user connects to a VPN, they send and receive data through their selected VPN’s servers. When multiple users connect to the same VPN server, the available bandwidth is essentially split between the users. Depending on the type of servers in a VPN’s infrastructure, this may lead to the server becoming overloaded with traffic. This in turn leads to everyone involved experiencing a slowdown in VPN speeds and performance.

When using a VPN, speed is integral to a user’s browsing experience. No-one wants to wait minutes for a webpage to load or experience gaps while streaming. Better VPN speeds means better experiences streaming, downloading and browsing online. Using 10 Gb servers means more users can connect simultaneously to a server without causing a slowdown in VPN speeds.

“With the roll-out of 5G coverage, people are going to be moving a lot more data a lot faster: we need to make sure our infrastructure can handle that,” explains NordVPN in a blog.

Rollout of New 10 Gb Servers

NordVPN’s rollout of the new 10 Gb servers has already begun. Currently, more than 20% of the company’s servers have been upgraded to 10 Gb servers. This includes servers in Amsterdam and Tokyo. Next to be upgraded are VPN servers in London and Singapore. Also, to be upgraded at this time are VPN servers in the US cities of New York, Seattle and Miami. All these cities are expected to go live with 10 Gb networks by the end of this year.

As for the rest of its infrastructure, NordVPN is wishing to upgrade all its 1 Gb servers around the world. However, the company says this “would not be possible technically at the moment.” Nonetheless, NordVPN stated that when it comes to their biggest server locations, they are “planning to upgrade our servers there by the end of 2022.”

NordVPN users can test the speeds of the company’s new upgraded 10 Gb servers right now. They can do this by connecting to VPN servers in cities that have already been upgraded.

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