ProtonVPN Announces VPN Accelerator Feature to Boost VPN Speeds

ProtonVPN VPN Accelerator

One of the most popular VPNs in the market, ProtonVPN, is getting an upgrade to its speed. The Switzerland-based VPN industry leader has just announced its newest feature: the VPN Accelerator.

The VPN Accelerator promises to increase ProtonVPN’s speed by up to an impressive 400%, with a few exceptions.

The company has been working on a major improvement to all of its VPN protocols to fully leverage its multi-core processors and address latency and transmission control protocol (TCP) congestion.

Improved Speeds with Distribution

The new VPN Accelerator uses a TCP delay-controlled algorithm called “BBR” to achieve speed increases and bypass TCP congestion and packet loss. TCP congestion happens when too many packets (whether data or commands) are sent at one time or over a network with limited capacity.

Sending too many packets causes delays (also known as latency) and can lead to packet loss. Packet loss is also typically caused by long distances, errors in data transmission (like across wireless networks), or network congestion.

ProtonVPN’s BBR responds and recovers packet loss faster, as well as achieves maximum speed at a quicker rate during data transfer.

The company moved its distribution across multiple CPU cores instead of using a single core for its VPN protocols. By breaking up the distance between users and servers, ProtonVPN not only improves the system’s efficiency but also increases the speed of its users’ experience.

One thing to note, however, is if the user can connect to a nearby server instead of one that’s farther away, ProtonVPN’s VPN Accelerator may not greatly improve the VPN’s performance.

Overcoming CPU Limitations

ProtonVPN’s VPN Accelerator also improves the VPN’s speed by overcoming CPU limitations using multithreading.

Multithreading is a technique that uses a single set of code for several processors at different stages of execution. ProtonVPN has re-engineered OpenVPN to eliminate the possibility of a single thread becoming overloaded.

How to Get ProtonVPN’s VPN Accelerator

If you already have ProtonVPN, then you’re already enjoying their VPN Accelerator. The new feature has been rolled out to all of ProtonVPN’s apps. According to the company, this also allows different VPN protocols to attain similar performance.

ProtonVPN currently has one of the largest VPN networks on the market with a capacity that exceeds 1,000 Gbps. For more information on ProtonVPN, read our full ProtonVPN review.

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