Watch Exclusive Netflix Anime Series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Unrestricted Anywhere

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Any avid gamer who knows multiplayer online battle arena titles (MOBA) will know that legendary game developer Valve’s DOTA 2 is one of the most famous multiplayer games out there right now. DOTA 2, is an addicting MOBA strategy game with over 11 million players online every month. It’s a massive team game where players connect from all over the world, participate in tournaments, as well as enter prize competitions and events. Players compete in two teams of five and battle with opposing teams who defend various structures in the game.

DOTA 2 is a sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s community mod Defense of the Ancients. So, the game comes from Warcraft III fame, and DOTA 2’s much-improved gameplay has since attracted Warcraft’s large fan-base.

Warcraft fans will already be familiar with the ability to use heroes, of which more than 100 are available in DOTA 2. Each hero has unique spells and timings that need to be mastered. DOTA 2 is also an amazing MOBA that is completely free to play with your friends on Steam!

Netflix is Launching an Exclusive DOTA Anime Series

Even more good news for DOTA 2 fans is the upcoming launch of the anime series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, exclusive on Netflix! The series description tells us: “After encounters with a dragon and princess on her own secret mission, a Dragon Knight becomes embroiled in events larger than he could have ever imagine”.

The synopsis reveals that the fantasy series will tell the story of Dragon Knight Davion, “devoted to wiping the scourge from the face of the world”. Davion will encounter an ancient eldwurm and noble Princess Mirana (who is on a secret mission) where an adventure will take him through incredible events!

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is brought to you by those who worked on X-Men: First Class, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Thor as well as being drawn by Studio MIR who worked on Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Netflix Exclusive on March 25th!

Netflix revealed that it will air the anime series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (Book 1) on March 25th, 2021 at 08:00 AM GMT+1. For other timezones, that is;

  • 9 AM in London
  • 5 PM in Singapore
  • 4 AM in New York

Make sure to also watch the trailer for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, here!

How to Watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix Without Restrictions

So, you want to enjoy Netflix’s exclusive new upcoming anime series based on the famous DOTA 2 multiplayer game? Well, sometimes Netflix will not be available in some countries, due to something that is called a ‘geoblock’. Let’s talk about why you need to unblock geoblocks in your country with a VPN to watch the new DOTA series freely in your country.

What is a Geoblock?

Some countries will block apps and websites, in what is known as a geoblock. This can apply to streaming services such as Netflix, or any app in general. Sometimes these blocks can also happen because of certain laws in the country. When a country blocks content, you will not be able to watch it without a VPN.

What is a VPN And Why Do You Need it For Netflix?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is your key to watching Netflix unrestricted. A VPN can be downloaded to any of your devices, and allow you to stream content worldwide, wherever you may be, freely!

A VPN will help you unblock Netflix content restrictions by cloaking your internet connection, by connecting to a VPN server of your choice, in the app. The issue is that Netflix can see in what country your IP (computer’s online address) is located, so if you connect your VPN provider app to, let’s say, a U.S. server -Netflix will think you are located there and you will unblock it! You will also have access to U.S. Netflix content, to boot!

Not only will a VPN just replace your location, but it will give you a safe, encrypted connection that will allow you to browse anonymously.

Use ExpressVPN to Watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Without Restrictions!

There are loads of VPN brands out there, and all are definitely not equal. This is why we have done the research and have come up with the best solution for you! We recommend you get a subscription with our top VPN ExpressVPN‘s premium service for Netflix streams.

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  • ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers in 160 locations worldwide
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  • Express VPN will allow you to watch the U.S. Netflix catalog

It is also important to remember that, if you are for any reason unsatisfied with the service, ExpressVPN will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix with ExpressVPN

Follow the following steps to get started:

  1. Visit ExpressVPN
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  3. Sign up and select the desired plan; all plans come with the 30-day-money-back-guarantee
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  5. You can download the ExpressVPN app on all your devices and enable it right away. By connecting with servers from all over the world you can access the Netflix libraries of their respective countries.
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