Watch the UEFA Women’s Champions League 2021 final between Chelsea – Barcelona (for free)

Football stadium at night

This Sunday, May 16, a true spectacle awaits soccer/football fans around the world: the UEFA Women’s Champions League final. The game kicks off at 8 pm UK time, 2 pm Eastern Time and 11 am Pacific Time.

The clubs battling it out are none other than Women’s Super League powerhouse Chelsea and Spanish giant Barcelona. Could Chelsea achieve the incredible feat of winning both the men’s and women’s versions of the Champions League in the same year? Or will the most successful team of all time in Spain’s premier women’s division prove to be too much for Chelsea?

Of course, you want to find out the above for yourself, and preferably live! Fortunately, there is a way to do so (virtually) for free, wherever you live! After all, while in many countries you can only watch this event through (expensive) paid channels/streams, there is a British channel, BT Sport, which will stream the final for free. Read on to find out more.

Watch the Women’s Champions League final on BT Sport for free

As mentioned, we found a British sports broadcaster which will broadcast the game between Chelsea and Barcelona for free: BT Sport. There is just one issue: like with a lot of sports streams, a lot of the content on BT Sport is geographically blocked for visitors outside of the UK. This has everything to do with broadcasting rights.

We confirmed by testing this for ourselves that many videos on BT Sport are indeed geo-blocked. Not to worry, however! There is an easy way to get around this and other geographic restrictions: by using a VPN.

Watch Chelsea – Barcelona for free with NordVPN

Streaming services like BT Sport use something called your IP address to block you from accessing certain content. If your IP doesn’t match the format of IP addresses from the right country, you are automatically blocked.

Fortunately, a VPN can very easily change your IP address to a “British IP”, or any other IP for that matter. To do this, a VPN will simply reroute your data traffic through a server in another country. In this case, your data will go through a server in the United Kingdom. This means you can watch the UEFA Women’s Champions League final using BT Sport wherever you are in the world!

For this purpose we recommend NordVPN. After all, NordVPN has plenty of British servers and great streaming speeds. The latter is important for a smooth streaming experience without constant buffering.

Moreover, we tested NordVPN’s compatibility with BT Sport and it passed with flying colours! Lastly, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Follow the easy guide below to watch Chelsea – Barcelona with NordVPN!

Watch Chelsea – Barcelona Women’s Champions League final: easy guide

  1. Get a subscription with NordVPN. You can do so easily and quickly down below.
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  3. Download and install the NordVPN app on your device (laptop, smartphone, laptop, etc.). It’s super easy. If you click on the orange button above and follow the steps and instructions you most likely won’t encounter any issues.
  4. Open the NordVPN app and use the handy map in its interface to select a server in the UK. Alternatively, you can also scroll down the list of countries and click on “United Kingdom”.
  5. Go to the BT Sport website around kick-off time and enjoy the match!

Note: More and more streaming services these days block VPN users. We didn’t face such an issue at all while using NordVPN, but just in case we want to tell you about a solution you can try if this does happen to you.

In the NordVPN desktop app, there is a grey section on the left side. Scroll down within this section until you see the list of countries with little flags next to their names. Continue all the way down until you see the United Kingdom and hover over it. Three dots will appear. Just click on these dots and you’ll be able to manually select a server. There are a ton of NordVPN servers in the UK, so it’s highly likely at least one of these will work just fine with BT Sport.

NordVPN UK servers

Do note that, according to our research, this solution likely only works on desktop. We also tried this on Android, but this did not work, since this app doesn’t allow for manual server selection.


Please note this article only gives tip and information on how to watch a football/soccer game, but it’s your own responsibility to carefully read the most up-to-date licence agreement of any (streaming) services you might be using.

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