The 10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives That Work in 2022

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The 10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives: A Quick Guide

ExtraTorrent was one of the largest torrent website that ever existed. The site was popular because of its enormous and frequently updated library of movies, TV shows, e-books, video games and much more.

Despite the site having shut down for good in 2017, all was not lost. Today, there exists a good number of P2P torrent sites that make great ExtraTorrent alternatives. Torrent websites such as:

  1. The Pirate Bay – Best overall torrent site
  2. – Best for software, movies, and TV Shows
  3. RARBG – Best site for HD content
  4. YTS – Best for movies
  5. Limetorrents – Best for the latest torrents
  6. – Best for anime
  7. EZTV – Best for TV shows
  8. Torlock – Big library with good seeds
  9. Torrentz2 – Largest torrent search engine
  10. TorrentFunk – Large database of torrents

Since many countries block torrent sites altogether, it’s a wise idea to use a VPN. Apart from unblocking torrents, VPNs also secure your information and encrypt your data, providing better security overall.

In the article below, we dive into each torrent site and make a case for why it’s a good ExtraTorrent alternative.

If you were fortunate enough to experience the full grandeur of the internet during its heyday in the mid-2000s, you almost certainly encountered ExtraTorrent, or ET as it was known among its legion of fans. Unfortunately, in May 2017, the free internet suffered a massive blow when the second largest torrent site (at the time) shut down out of the blue.

The sudden shutdown stunned ExtraTorrent users (ETs) and the torrent community at large, sparking a widespread search for ExtraTorrent alternatives and mirror sites. Users to this day are conflicted on which ones work, which ones are safe, and which ones are plain bogus.

In this article, we look into the 10 ExtraTorrent alternatives that truly work, as well as how to stay safe while downloading torrents and prevent the numerous threats that users face today.

Are ExtraTorrent Mirrors and Proxy Sites Safe?

When ExtraTorrent shut down in 2017, it wiped its database clean and took down its official mirror sites with it. As a result, copycat websites and mirror sites cropped up in an attempt to deceive the army of followers who hoped that all was not lost.

We searched rigorously for mirrors or proxy sites that are legitimate and safe to use. The result? Most ExtraTorrent mirrors and proxies no longer work, spread malware such as trojans, or are out to scam you.

With that said, we recommend staying away from any website that claims to be an ExtraTorrent mirror or proxy site. Instead, below we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ExtraTorrent alternatives that work and are safe to use today.

How to stay safe and act legally when torrenting

Before diving in, it’s critical to note that downloading copyrighted material such as torrents is illegal in most countries and may warrant a fine or jail time. Different countries have laws pertaining to downloading torrents, so we advise looking up local regulations and abiding by them.

When downloading torrents, always use a good virtual private network (VPN) to hide your identity online and spoof your location to avoid geo-restrictions. We also urge you to use an effective antivirus to protect your data from malware that might be hidden in torrent files.

The 10 Best Extratorrent Alternatives

ExtraTorrent was popular due to its enormous and frequently updated library, reliability, and ease of use. In the list below, we have uncovered 10 torrent websites that are fantastic ExtraTorrents alternatives that work.

1. The Pirate Bay – Best overall torrent site

Website: ThePirateBay

Screenshot of The Pirate Bay website homepage

The Pirate Bay is popularly known as the king of torrents. It boasts a massive library of music, books, movies, TV shows, software, videos, and everything in between. The site is easy to use and navigate due to its search feature and filtering options. For example, you can filter content on the site by “Top 100,” which is useful for uncovering gems, and you can also browse torrents by categories such as movies.

However, the library has recently been lacking, particularly in providing the latest software and e-books.

The Pirate Bay distinguishes itself among prominent ExtraTorrent alternatives because it makes it easy to find safe torrent downloads. On the torrent website, make sure to download files with a green or purple skull next to the uploader’s name.

A green skull means trusted, while a purple skull means VIP, indicating the torrent is verified and safe to download.

Unfortunately, Pirate Bay is blocked in over 20 countries including Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, and Italy. We recommend utilizing a good VPN for torrents such as NordVPN to bypass these restrictions by spoofing your location.

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2. – Best for software and TV shows


Screenshot of 1337x website homepage has a long history of controversy, as does any peer-to-peer torrent service that has survived the test of time. From being banned by search engines like Google to being infected with malware, has had its fair share of issues.

However, in October 2016, the site took a new turn, it was redesigned with a fresh look and feel, and all malware was removed. Today, the torrent site features a user-friendly interface, no advertisements, and a large library of updated content. This P2P torrent site is particularly well-known for offering the most recent software.

Although, unlike Pirate Bay, it doesn’t have a direct identifier for safe torrents. You can however identify genuine uploaders by clicking on their username and checking their upload history. The longer the upload history, the more authentic their uploads are likely to be.

3. RARBG – Large library with updated torrents

Website: RARBG

Screenshot of RARBG website homepage

RARBG is a P2P file-sharing network that was founded in Bulgaria but has since expanded internationally due to its popularity. The popular torrent site is well known for its high-quality movies and TV shows but also contains other media such as books and video games.

The peer network’s layout is similar to that of ExtraTorrent, making it simple to browse popular downloads across multiple categories at once. It also has a high seed/peer ratio for new movies and television shows, allowing users to download them quickly.

Several countries, including India, Portugal, and Turkey, have banned RARBG. To access the torrent site from any one of these countries, we highly recommend using a VPN for torrents to bypass any geo-restrictions.

4. YTS – Best for movies

Website: YTS

Screenshot of YTS website homepage

YTS is the simplest and most user-friendly torrent website. It’s simple because it focuses on movies alone. That’s right, no TV series, no video games, just movies. It’s easy to use since it’s populated with movie covers and very little text.

You can browse the latest movies right on the homepage, filter by 4K, or click on “browse movies” for more recommendations.

The movies are available in 720p, 1080p, 2160p, and 4K resolutions. YTS became incredibly popular as it offered top releases in relatively small movie sizes — drastically reducing download times.

The torrent website is also invaluable for timeless classics such as Casablanca, which you can download in HD. Despite the site itself not hosting ads, it instead opens them in a new tab when you click a movie title.

Remember that downloading copyrighted material for free such as those hosted on YTS is illegal. And, depending on your location, can result in substantial fines or jail time. If you can’t access YTS, a VPN can help you.

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5. Limetorrents – Best for latest torrents

Website: Limetorrents

Screenshot of Limetorrents website homepage

Limetorrents has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface. Once you land on the site, the homepage features a large search box to help you quickly locate what you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for something specific, there are categories such as games, movies, anime, and apps below the search box you can click on to view the various items in that category.

The site also has a colossal database mainly because it does not host its own torrents but instead links to torrents on other websites. It prides itself as a family-safe site and does not host adult material. Limetorrents is fantastic for downloading the latest torrents, however owing to a lack of a decent seed/peer ratio, it is unreliable for older torrents.

There are other mirrors available as well.

6. – Best for anime

Website: Nyaa

Screenshot of Nyaa website homepage

Anime fans, we got you! Nyaa is one of the most popular anime-related torrent websites on the internet. It has a large anime library that is frequently updated for its 46 million monthly visitors. Due to a high seeds/peer ratio, download rates are fast.

The anime episodes are categorized into four sections by colors:

  • Red for English-translated
  • Grey for anime-raw
  • Brown for live-action, English-translated
  • Green for non-English translated episodes

As you’ve already guessed from the name, the website is east-Asian-based, hence predominantly serving torrents that appeal to the region.

7. EZTV – Best for TV shows

Website: EZTV

Screenshot of EZTV website homepage

While the Pirate Bay is the overall king of torrents, EZTV is the king of TV shows. The user interface is similar to that of ExtraTorrents, but more cluttered. It does, however, organize its content in a unique and useful way. For example, on the homepage, the TV shows are categorized as: the latest added, full season packs, and 20 most seeded torrents, allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for or something new.

The torrent website is famous for uploading episodes a few hours after being aired. The speeds are good too to facilitate fast downloading. On the homepage, EZTV has a helpful feature known as website news, which keeps you updated on new developments on the site that may benefit you.

Again, it’s best to use a VPN for ExtraTorrents, especially if EZTV is blocked in your region.

8. Torlock – Large library of different torrents

Website: Torlock

Screenshot of Torlock website homepage

Torlock prides itself as a no-fakes torrent site. One way it upholds this claim is by paying users to report malware found on the site. It has over 9 million torrents with thousands added daily. Even though the torrent site is fairly new, it is relatively simple to navigate through, with new torrents showing up on the homepage.

The site is also relatively fast, and most torrent categories are easy to find from the home page.

Its vast library consists of anime, video games, audiobooks, and much more. The torrents have good health with high seeds/peer ratio making your downloads fast. The P2P file-sharing site is popular for its rare content gems compared to other top torrenting sites.

9. Torrentz2 – Largest torrent search engine alternative for ExtraTorrents

Website: Torrentz2

Screenshot of Torrentz2 website homepage

Torrentz2 is a reincarnation of the popular torrent search engine Torrentz, which first came out in 2003. Torrentz2 indexes 31,102,111 active torrents from 125,464,743 pages on 50 domains making it one of the largest torrent search engines.

The site has a simple user interface dominated by a search box similar to Google. It’s a quick way to find what you’re looking for because it pulls results from different sources and takes you directly to the download page for the site.

The downside is the search results are almost always unreliable and inconsistent with what you are searching for. Because of this, the site is best used in combination with other torrent sites.

10. Torrentfunk – Large database of torrents

Website: Torrentfunk

Screenshot of Torrentfunk website homepage

Torrentfunk pulls torrents from “friends” and displays them in an elegant, detailed, lime-green user interface. The torrent site marks safe torrents as “verified” and rates files as either good or bad. This is helpful because it makes sure users download safe files only.

Torrentfunk has a vast category of movies, TV shows, books, video games, and much more each with good health and lots of seeds. The site has reliable search functionality that lets you find what you want quickly.

Also, the torrents are categorized by date added, size, seeds, uploader, and health. This makes it easy to quickly find the best file to download as a direct download or magnet link.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

It’s worth noting that torrents are not illegal to download. Torrenting is simply the act of file sharing with one another. However, the problem comes in when torrent sites are used to share copyrighted material such as your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and books.

Because 99.9% of torrent files are copyrighted, countries prefer to outright ban torrent websites. For example, if you are found downloading torrents in the US, UK, Japan, and some other countries, you may be fined or even imprisoned. So, despite your overwhelming desire to download the latest Batman movie, we strongly advise against it.

To stay safe, make sure you look up your country’s laws on the matter. We further recommend using a good VPN such as NordVPN which has servers specifically geared for torrenting. Due to malware, we recommend you use a trusted antivirus such as Kaspersky to scan your torrents and prevent infections.

How to stay safe when using ExtraTorrent alternatives

As tempting as downloading the latest movies, TV shows, and music for free sounds, it’s not worth the consequences if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Below we’ve assembled a set of guidelines to keep you safe:

  • Use a good VPN.
  • Use a good antivirus software.
  • Download from reputable torrent sites.
  • Download verified torrents only.
  • Download torrents with a high number of seeds.
  • Check comments to see what others are saying about the torrent.

The key point when downloading torrents is to remain anonymous by channeling your connection through a VPN server. A good VPN software masks your IP address by changing it and as a result, changes the location you appear to be in.

It also encrypts your data so no one can track your online activities including your ISP. Good VPNs have high speeds to ensure consistent and fast downloads for your huge files like HD movies, TV shows, and video games.

If you are interested in buying a subscription to a VPN, here’s a list of the best VPNs that you can choose from. However, we understand that picking a good VPN can be time-consuming due to the number of choices available.

To make it easier, we recommend NordVPN below as our top pick for torrenting. It packs all the necessary features of a good torrenting VPN.

Our pick
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Torrents are often used for nefarious purposes. Cybercriminals use torrent sites to spread malicious software such as keyloggers that steal your data. To prevent this, we recommend a modern antivirus such as Kaspersky that stays abreast with new malware (zero-day) threats and offers multi-layered malware protection thus cementing your security.

Final Thoughts

Despite ExtraTorrent being shut down forever, there are alternatives that work great today. Alternatives such as Pirate Bay which is a great overall torrents site, 1337x that offers safe downloads, and recent ones such as TorLock which are easy to navigate and contain large libraries in different categories with good seed/peer ratios.

With that said, don’t get carried away with the infinite possibilities of free downloads. 99% of torrents contain intellectual property or copyrighted content that is illegal to download for free and are also used by cybercriminals to transmit malware. Stay safe by using a good VPN and antivirus.

The 10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives: Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We have tried to answer some frequently asked questions about the different ExtraTorrent alternatives that work in 2022.

There are numerous torrent sites that exist today that make for good alternatives to ExtraTorrent. Torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay,, and Torlock are common choices.

It depends with what you download as a torrent. Torrents in themselves are legal, simply because it’s a medium of sharing files with one another. The illegal aspect of torrents comes in when the file being shared is copyrighted material such as movies, music, and books.

Unfortunately, ExtraTorrent was permanently shut down in 2017. But, there are a number of top ExtraTorrent alternatives that you can choose from.

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