Watch the First Copa America 2021 Match: Brazil vs Venezuela

Copa America footballs in the Maracana Stadium in Brazil

Copa America, the oldest football tournament in the world, will kick off again on the 14th of June 2021. Perennial favorites, Brazil, will take on Group B rivals Venezuela in the first game of the competition. Football fans all over the world are enthusiastically awaiting this year’s kick-off. The cancellation of last year’s edition has only increased the anticipation for this year’s tournament.

Watching the tournament can prove to be a challenge if you’re outside the region in which you normally watch football or if you live in a country where the tournament is not being broadcast. This article simplifies the process for you and makes watching the Copa America a breeze! Read on to learn how you can use a VPN to bypass geo-blocking restrictions and watch Messi, Neymar and Suarez battle it out from anywhere in the world.

Copa America Game 1: Brazil vs Venezuela

The Brazil team, led by Neymar, is considered one of the favorites to win the tournament. The bookmakers have them listed as second favorites with odds of 11/8. Venezuela, on the other hand, is one of the underdogs. They have won only one of their World Cup qualifiers and are placed ninth in CONMEBOL. So, it’s no surprise that defending champions Brazil are heavily favored to win this match.

The match is scheduled to kick off on the 14th of June at 9:30 PM (GMT). If you’re outside your country of residence at the time, you might just miss the match! Luckily, you can use a VPN to bypass streaming restrictions and watch the game from anywhere! 

How to Watch Brazil vs Venezuela Worldwide

In a previous article, we covered how you can use a VPN to watch the Copa America on Globo’s SporTV and Fox Football. Refer to the article if you want a comprehensive overview of how VPNs bypass geo-restrictions. For quick and easy instructions, follow our step-by-step guide below:

Step by step guide on using a VPN to watch the match

  1. Go to the NordVPN website and get a subscription. NordVPN is secure, easy to install, and has servers in more than 60 countries!
  2. Choose the right app for your operating system and download it.
  3. Install the app once the download is complete. NordVPN has easy-to-follow instructions for installation.
  4. Open the NordVPN app and log in with your login credentials (username and password).
  5. Connect to a high-speed server in the country of your choice.
  6. Open your preferred streaming app.
  7. Navigate to the Brazil vs Venezuela match.
  8. Enjoy!

For more information on NordVPN’s services and offerings, check out our detailed review.

Copa America 2021 Schedule

To ensure you don’t miss any of the action, we’ve provided the schedule for the tournament below:

StageDateCountries (home – away)
Group StageJune 13, 2021Brazil – Venezuela
Colombia – Ecuador
Group StageJune 14, 2021Argentina -Chile
Paraguay – Bolivia
Group StageJune 17, 2021Colombia – Venezuela
Brazil – Peru
Group StageJune 18, 2021Chile – Bolivia
Argentina – Uruguay
Group StageJune 20, 2021Venezuela – Ecuador
Colombia – Peru
Group StageJune 21, 2021Uruguay – Chile
Argentina – Paraguay
Group StageJune 23, 2021Ecuador – Peru
Brazil – Colombia
Group StageJune 24, 2021Bolivia – Uruguay
Chile – Paraguay
Group StageJune 27, 2021Brazil – Ecuador
Venezuela – Peru
Group StageJune 28, 2021Uruguay – Paraguay
Bolivia – Argentina
Quarter-finalsJuly 2 – 3, 2021To be determined
Semi-finalsJuly 5 – 6, 2021To be determined
Match for 3rd placeJuly 9, 2021To be determined
FinalJuly 10, 2021To be determined

Will the Copa America 2021 be Canceled?

Much like the Tokyo Olympics, there is considerable debate over the hosting of the Copa America in Brazil. The tournament was originally scheduled to be jointly hosted by Argentina and Colombia. But the location was changed to Brazil at the last minute due to increasing Covid cases in Argentina and massive protests in Colombia.

People in Brazil, including members of the football team, are unhappy with this decision. Some citizens have approached the country’s Supreme Court to stop the hosting of the event in Brazil. The court is expected to give its decision in the next couple of days.

While we certainly hope that the tournament goes on, we also respect the need for the Brazilian people to protect themselves from the virus. If you’re a sports fan, you can also find information on our site about how to watch the UEFA Championship worldwide.

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