How to Watch the 2022 F1 Singapore Grand Prix for Free Online

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A Quick Guide: How to Watch the 2022 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

The 2022 Singapore Grand Prix is finally back! The Singapore F1 Grand Prix is scheduled to start on Sunday, October 2 at 8:00 PM (GMT+8) or 8 AM (EST).

We’ve found some of the best free F1 live streams below, but you will encounter geo-blocking restrictions when trying to access them. All you need is a VPN to unblock websites, and you can live stream the Singapore Grand Prix for free from anywhere in the world!

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a VPN provider. We recommend using Surfshark as it has excellent connection speeds and stability.
  2. Create your account.
  3. Download the VPN on your device from any major app store or from their website.
  4. Log into your account.
  5. Connect to the server of your choice. Connect to Luxembourg if you want our recommendation.
  6. Head to the RTL player to watch the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix for free.
  7. Enjoy a thrilling race on Sunday!

For more information on our favorite free F1 live streams, the VPNs you can use to access them, and a full rundown of the F1 Singapore GP, just keep reading below!

Following a short break, Formula 1 is back for the 2022 F1 Singapore Grand Prix. It’s the first time this iconic circuit has been back on the calendar since 2019 due to Covid-19. F1 racing fans are revved to have this incredible street circuit and the original night race back in action!

The F1 Singapore Grand Prix is scheduled to start at 8:00 PM (GMT+8) local time on Sunday, October 2. American race fans have an early race start on Sunday at 8:00 AM (EST). The F1 Singapore Grand Prix qualifying will be just as exciting, so make sure to catch our full schedule later on!

If you’re trying to stream the race this weekend, you’re likely to run into some geo-blocking restrictions. Luckily though, there is a way that you can get around these digital fences.

All you need to do is change your virtual location using a virtual private network (VPN). It might sound like a complex and technical process, but we’re going to break it down step-by-step down below so you can watch the F1 Singapore GP for free this weekend!

How to Watch the 2022 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Free

Media companies pay plenty for the rights to stream the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, but it also comes with some strict regulations — such as where they are allowed to broadcast the race. Your IP address gives streaming sites information about your location, which they use to determine if you’re within the approved region or not. If you’re not in the correct region, the streams will be blocked.

For example, if you’re trying to stream this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix with Luxembourg’s free RTL stream from outside the country, you’ll be blocked from watching — even if you’re a citizen traveling abroad. This is where a VPN saves the day by allowing you to change your IP address and trick the website into thinking that you are accessing it from within the country.

The best VPNs on the market will offer several secure servers in different countries. Connecting to these servers allows you to choose which country you want to change your device’s virtual location to. When connecting to the server, your real IP address will be hidden, and your device will adopt the IP address of the server you have connected to. Then, you can tune into the best F1 free live streams in the world!

Here’s a quick guide below to show you how to get a VPN up and running on your device and find the best free F1 live streams for the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix.

Step-by-step guide: Live stream the 2022 F1 Singapore Grand Prix free with a VPN

  1. Choose a VPN provider. Our top recommendation is Surfshark, thanks to its rapid connection speeds, which is ideal for F1 live streams.
  2. Surfshark
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  3. Download the VPN and install it on the device you’ll be watching from. Surfshark is supported across different devices, including Smart TVs.
  4. Create your account and log in by following the easy on-screen instructions.
  5. Connect to the global server of your choice. The server you connect to will determine which streams you have access to. We recommend you connect to a server in Luxembourg to stream the race for free using RTL.
  6. Launch your favorite streaming service. You can find a free live stream on the RTL website.
  7. Find the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix and enjoy the toughest race of the year!

Formula 1 Singapore: Free Streams

With a VPN installed on your device, you’re free to tune into any F1 live stream in the world! That includes some of the best free F1 live streams that are only available within specific regions such as Austria, France, and Germany.

But, most of these free live streams don’t have English commentary. If this is a deal-breaker, you can stream the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix in English using SlingTV. As long as you connect to a US server, you can sign up at a discounted price.

Below are some of the best free live streams for Formula 1 races in 2022:

AlbaniaRTSHLive StreamNone
AustriaServus TVDelayed StreamNone
BrazilBandLive StreamNone
FranceCanal+Live StreamCanal Subscription
GermanyServus TVDelayed StreamNone
ItalyTV 8Delayed StreamNone
Luxembourg (Recommended)RTLLive StreamNone
SwitzerlandSRF INFOLive StreamNone
United KingdomChannel 4Watch HighlightsEmail, Name, and UK address
United StatesSlingTV (ESPN and ABC)Live StreamsSubscription (Sign-up promo)

Can I Watch the Singapore Grand Prix with a Free VPN?

If you’re looking for VPNs, you’ll certainly come across some free ones. It might sound like a great idea to combine your free F1 live streams with a free VPN, but that’s not the case. Free VPNs come with a ton of baggage, and you can find just a few of those drawbacks below:

  • Pixelated images and buffering: With a slower VPN, naturally, you’ll encounter slower connection and streaming speeds. Unfortunately, these slow connections and speeds result in poor video quality. Delays, lags, pixelation and other annoyances certainly have a way of ruining the tight corners of a good race day.
  • No free streams: You’re using a VPN to connect to a server in a specific region that offers free live streams right? Free VPNs have a limited selection of servers, so you might not even find a country with free F1 live streams. Good luck finding a free VPN with a servers in Luxembourg to pull of our recommendation.
  • More ads: With a free VPN you’re likely to encounter intrusive ads that will block you from watching the action on track. Not only are they annoying, they often pop up when you least expect them to make you miss key moments of the race!

Our experts have tested a seemingly endless number of VPN providers, both paid and free. If you’re on the fence about paying, you should at least try out Surfshark free for 30 days. You’ll get to watch the Singapore Grand Prix, as well as upcoming races. Then you can try out some of the best free VPNs, compare them, and make a decision yourself without spending a dime.

F1 Official Broadcasters

Formula 1 has fans and broadcasting partners in many countries worldwide. So, you can find a way to catch the action no matter where you are. If you’re traveling and find yourself in one of the countries below, you may not need to use a VPN to gain access to a stream.

But, you will need to buy a subscription to the local streaming service or access the local cable TV. Check out the complete list of broadcasters for the 2022 Formula 1 season:

ARMENIAVivaro Sports
AUSTRALIAFox Sports Channels
Network Ten
Idman Azerbaycan
Play Sport Open
BOSNIASport Klub
Diema Sport
TV3 Sport
EURASIASetanta Sports
GERMANYSky Deutschland
Cosmote TV
Now E
INDIAStar Sports
Champions TV
ISRAELThe Sports Channel
ITALYSky Italia
KOSOVOSport Klub
LATIN AMERICAFox Sports Channels
MALTAGo Sports
NORWAYV sport 1
V sport +
POLANDEleven Sports
Telekom Romania
Look Sport
V sport motor
THAILANDTrue Visions
S Sport Plus
UKRAINESetanta Ukraine
Sky Sports
ESPN Deportes

Watch 2022 Singapore Grand Prix with F1 TV Pro

If you’re not keen on going through the hassle of launching your VPN and finding a stream for every Grand Prix, then F1 TV Pro is the ideal solution. You can catch every single session live, and even better, you’re in control of which drivers you’re watching. For $9.99 per month (or $79.99 per year), you can use the official F1 streaming service for exclusive F1 access like no other.

Using the app, you can switch between the 20 drivers’ onboard cameras and listen in on their live team radio. F1 TV Pro also allows you to watch the live lap times and driver tracker to see where each driver is and how they’re performing.

Before you pay the full subscription fee for F1 TV Pro, we’re going to let you in on a quick tip. You can connect to a VPN server in South Africa, which allows you to get your F1 TV Pro subscription at a massive discount, paying just $44.99 per year. Check out our guide on how to save money on subscriptions using a VPN to see how a VPN can get you even more discounts!

2022 Formula 1 Singapore Full Schedule

The F1 Singapore Grand Prix will start at 8:00 PM local time (GMT+8) on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022, at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. It’s widely considered one of the most demanding circuits on the calendar, so make sure to tune in on Sunday! If you’re in the United States, you’ll have an 8 AM (EST) start time.

Check out the full F1 Singapore schedule below:

EventDate and time (local time, GMT+8)
Free Practice 1Fri. Sep 30th  (6:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.)
Free Practice 2Fri. Sep 30th (9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.)
Free Practice 3Sat. Oct 1st (6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
QualifyingSat. Oct 1st (9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.)
RaceSun. Oct 2nd (8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.)

2022 Singapore Grand Prix: What to Expect

The Marina Bay Street Circuit has made its long-awaited return to the Formula 1 calendar. This fan-favorite track has been absent for two consecutive seasons and has been sorely missed by the entire Formula 1 community.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is one of the most difficult runs on the calendar, as the tight and narrow circuit leaves little room for error. As the cars speed through the streets in excess of 200 miles per hour (320 kph), the walls seem to close in on the cars, and the drivers need to stay laser-focused.

What makes the Singapore Grand Prix even more challenging is the race conditions drivers are subjected to. Despite being held late at night, it’s the hottest and most humid race of the season. Driving a Formula 1 car in these conditions has been compared to working out inside a sauna (which is how the drivers have been preparing for the race over the past few weeks). On top of that, it’s also the longest race of the season, finishing just under the two-hour time limit.

Here’s another fun fact about the Singapore Grand Prix: ever since the track made its debut on the Formula 1 calendar in 2008, there have been 21 safety cars — making it the only track on the calendar to have a 100% safety car record in every race ever held here.

To make things worse for this weekend, it’s predicted to rain (with thunderstorms) for the entire race weekend! So, who will be the first to bring the pace car out this Sunday?

The title is within grasp

Max Verstappen has the opportunity to take his second Formula 1 World Drivers Championship this weekend. The Dutchman not only has to win the Grand Prix on Sunday, but he needs Charles Leclerc to finish lower than seventh in the race. There might still be five races to go after Singapore, but Verstappen can mathematically seal the deal right here.

Can Verstappen claim victory once again? Can Leclerc keep his title hopes alive? Will the drivers keep it out of the wall this weekend? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing is certain: you don’t want to miss out on the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix!

2022 Driver Standings

Here’s what the World Championship standings look like heading into the 2022 F1 Singapore GP:

PositionDriver (team)Points
1Max Verstappen (Red Bull)335
2Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)219
3Sergio Perez (Red Bull)210
4George Russell (Mercedes)203
5Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)187
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