The 5 Best Free VPNs for Fortnite (2022): Bypass IP Bans

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The 5 Best Free VPNs for Fortnite (2022): Bypass IP Bans - A Quick Guide

For users looking for a faster connection or the ability to circumvent IP bans, this article features a list of the best VPNs for Fortnite. Each one of the below options is completely free of charge.

Our top picks for the best free VPN for Fortnite:

  1. ProtonVPN – Best for serious gamers
  2. Hotspot Shield – Fastest US servers
  3. – Protocol and router compatible
  4. Windscribe – Most user-friendly
  5. TunnelBear – Most server locations

You’ll find more detailed coverage of each of our top picks by continuing with the article. For the absolute best option, we recommend premium provider NordVPN. Although it does come with a monthly cost, it will give you the very best online protection and internet speeds for all your Fortnite adventures.

Read on to find out how each of these free VPNs stack up if you’re interested in playing Fortnite.

Free VPNs are available all over the internet. Most gamers think that a cheap VPN is worth the money. After all, to safely and securely play Fortnite, you’re going to want something reliable in both speed and security. This is easy if you’re willing to pay monthly for a premium VPN.

That doesn’t mean that there are no decent free VPNs around, though. The only drawback here is that even the best free VPNs come with limitations. Restrictions on things like the available monthly data, server locations, and average speeds tend to plague the free VPN market.

If this does not dissuade you from the free route, have a look at our best VPNs for Fortnite.

The 5 Best Free VPNs for Fortnite

If you’re looking for the best free VPN for Fortnite, here are our top five choices. We tested various free options to make sure you can choose the one that fits your needs best without wasting any time!

1. ProtonVPN: Best for serious gamers

Screenshot of ProtonVPN, website homepage

  • Access to 163 servers in three countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Ad-free

If you’re a serious gamer looking for the best free VPN provider for Fortnite, you’ll find a great option in ProtonVPN. It’s the only free VPN on this list that comes with unlimited monthly data. This means that you can play Fortnite all week long without having to worry about running out of bandwidth.

ProtonVPN’s app is fully compatible with DD-WRT routers, so you can even add a VPN to your console. You can install a VPN on DD-WRT routers to improve performance significantly and reduce latency.

Although security options might not be your number 1 concern when searching for a Fortnite VPN, ProtonVPN provides excellent protection as a nice bonus. It offers AES-256 encryption, DNS leak prevention, and an automatic kill switch.

Unfortunately, the free version only provides three countries with VPN servers: Japan, the US, and the Netherlands. Moreover, customer support is limited to email assistance, so don’t expect a swift response.

Furthermore, those looking for P2P game hosting will need to look elsewhere. Then again, if you’re only planning on playing Fortnite, this won’t be a problem for you.

Unlike the bandwidth, ProtonVPN does cap the speeds of its free plan in order to encourage a premium upgrade. This means it’s not ideal for high-speed browsing, and you might face some lag when those firefights get a bit intense.

For improved speeds, additional server locations, and increased security features, there’s always the premium plan, which starts from $4.99 per month.

Visit ProtonVPN

2. Hotspot Shield: The fastest US servers

Screenshot of Hotspot Shield, website homepage with added logo

  • Access to only one US server location
  • Daily data cap of 500MB
  • P2P-friendly VPN

Hotspot Shield is one of the best Fortnite VPN options in the US. Its servers are very fast, thanks to its super-fast Catapult Hydra protocol, which is also available to free users.

Your speed will still vary depending on your current location: those furthest from the US will see a drop-off in speeds as well as an increase in latency. Even so, this provider is one of the fastest free options we tested.

The 15GB a month data cap is somewhat limiting, but still quite generous. If you’re a casual Fortnite player, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. P2P is also an option if other games tickle your fancy at any given point in time.

Console gamers will be disappointed, as Hotspot Shield isn’t compatible with routers. So, if you’re a console gamer, this might not be the best choice for you.

However, both PC and mobile gamers will receive great protection in the form of AES 256-bit encryption and malware protection built into the servers. Hotspot Shield also has a strict no-logs policy in place that will ensure gaming privacy.

Hotspot Shield does work with in-app ads, which can get a little annoying. However, as a free service, Hotspot needs to recoup the cost of its servers in some way. If you can put up with some ads, live within or close to the United States, and only play Fortnite casually, Hotspot Shield could be the free VPN you need.

If you’re very happy with it, you could even consider getting access to a bigger server network and an ad-free experience by upgrading to Hotspot Shield Premium.

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3. A decent free choice

Screenshot of website homepage

  • Five server locations to choose from
  • 2GB of data per month
  • Ad-free can be installed on DD-WRT compatible routers and is a fairly middling choice. This makes it ideal for Fortnite on any device, whether you play on PC, console, or mobile. It does, however, only protect a single device on the free plan.

The speeds are mediocre and the 2GB of monthly data cap is rather low for most gamers. Users will only have access to five server locations: the East and West coasts of the US, Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

It’s relatively easy to find a decent Fortnite server with playable speeds, but it may take some trial and error on your part. Security features for the free version are more than adequate. Users receive AES-256 military-grade encryption and IP leak protection to protect them from ISP trackers and scammers.

Then there is the automatic kill switch to safeguard your privacy if ever the VPN connection drops. On top of this, technical support is available 24/7 — not just for the premium version of, but also for the free one.


4. Windscribe: Most user-friendly VPN

Screenshot of Windscribe, website homepage with added logo in the corner

  • Access to servers in 10 countries
  • 10GB monthly data limit
  • Unlimited device connections

One of the most user-friendly VPNs for Fortnite is Windscribe. Windscribe offers gamers a router-friendly VPN, which is great for console protection while you play Fortnite. The speeds are also strong across all devices, regardless of the game server you choose.

When looking for a Fortnite VPN that offers multiple server locations, Windscribe has you covered. It offers more than most other free virtual private network providers with servers in 10 countries. This should make it easier to find a VPN server closer to your physical location.

Free users receive 10GB of data per month, allowing gamers to play Fortnite for roughly 15-20 matches each day. P2P hosting is also available through Windscribe’s VPN service, which comes in handy if you also want to play other games.

The split-tunneling feature is great for protecting your gaming while browsing the internet. Windscribe also keeps your IP address hidden from view using AES 256-bit encryption. Automatic protection from DDOS attacks is also included for free users.

Windscribe is one of the best VPN providers with a free version. With a strict no-logs policy and a strong server network for gaming online, playing Fortnite is seamless and secure.

Visit Windscribe

5. TunnelBear: Most server locations

Screenshot of TunnelBear, website homepage with added logo in the corner

  • 500MB of monthly data
  • Servers in more than 20 locations

With more than 20 locations around the world, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a TunnelBear game server to play Fortnite on. TunnelBear is one of the easiest-to-use free VPNs for playing Fortnite. Unfortunately, this particular praise does not extend to console gamers, since TunnelBear is not compatible with routers.

For PC and mobile gamers, the speeds, locations, and security can go a long way, especially considering the free price tag. The AES 256-bit encryption shields your IP address so you can play Fortnite on any device.

TunnelBear’s malware-blocking Vigilante mode is also a tremendous free steal. This mode has cleverly combined protection from DDOS attacks with an automatic kill switch for privacy security.

TunnelBear’s biggest letdown is the 500MB monthly data cap. This is hardly enough for a serious gamer, and it’s unlikely to last you beyond a few full sessions. Only those who lead busy lives and play Fortnite occasionally will be completely content with TunnelBear Free. For more data, you can always upgrade to TunnelBear Premium.

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Why Do You Need A Fortnite VPN?

Unjustified IP bans are one of the biggest complaints from Fortnite players. Since the game is incredibly popular, being unable to take part can lead to frustration, especially without evidence of wrongdoing. A VPN server is the easiest solution to overcome this problem.

Regardless of the reason for the IP ban, your IP address can get restricted from accessing Fortnite’s servers for a set period of time. By selecting one of the best free VPNs from our list, you will get a new IP address, allowing you to bypass the IP ban.

How to get unbanned from Fortnite with a VPN connection

Bypassing an IP ban is really simple. Just select one of the above VPNs from our list — we’ve selected ProtonVPN as an example — and follow the guide below:

  1. Download ProtonVPN. Head to ProtonVPN’s website and download the VPN for your preferred platform. You will need to create an account before you choose a plan. For consoles, be sure to download it for your router, as there are no console-specific apps available.
  2. Install ProtonVPN. Go through the installation wizard and launch the app.
  3. Select a server. It’s best practice to connect to a location close to you. You can do this manually or click the Quick Connect button.
  4. Play Fortnite. Once connected, launch Fortnite from the Epic Games launcher and enjoy!

Fortnite Without Limitations: The Best Premium VPN for Fortnite

Fortnite gamers have multiple choices when it comes to selecting a trustworthy and reliable VPN. However, the best and safest free VPNs will always come with restrictions that might make your gaming experience poorer instead of improving it. That’s why we will always recommend using a premium service like NordVPN for your VPN gaming needs.

NordVPN provides you with far superior features than any free VPN, like unlimited monthly data, increased security measures, and lightning speeds. For a few bucks a month, you’ll get all of this and more.

Our pick
Our pick
Only $2.98 a month for a two-year subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • Excellent protection and a large network of servers
  • Nice and pleasing application
  • No logs
Visit NordVPN

If you’re in doubt, you can always try NordVPN while relying on their 30-day money-back guarantee. Ask for a refund in time, and you’ll essentially have a free NordVPN trial.

The 5 Best Free VPNs for Fortnite: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the best free VPN for Fortnite? Check out our FAQ section below. Just click a question to view the answer.

Yes, you can use a VPN to play Fortnite, and this shouldn’t result in any restrictions or potential bans. If you’d like to try this out, consult our list of the best free VPNs for Fortnite. However, if you plan on using a VPN to get around an IP ban on Fortnite, you are going directly against the platform’s terms of service. This could result in a permanent account ban.

NordVPN is the best possible answer to your Fortnite VPN needs. For a low monthly fee, you’ll have access to more servers than you’re likely to need, a laundry list of security features to keep you safe while gaming, lightning-fast speeds, and unlimited monthly data.

For the serious gamer who lives and breathes Fortnite, we suggest the free version of ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN offers gamers a VPN service without a data cap, so you can play for as long as you’d like.

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