1Password Review – Strong Security and Suitable For All

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1Password is an easy-to-use password manager that has various options available for private users, families, small teams and larger companies. With 1Password you can easily create and manage passwords, as well as secure notes and credit card information.

Logo 1Password

1Password makes it possible to manage multiple password vaults, so you can easily share specific data with friends, family, or colleagues. This is a very useful feature for families and teams who might have shared accounts for certain sites and services.

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1Password Review: In a Nutshell

Great for families, teams, and companiesRelatively expensive compared to other password managers
Very user-friendlyLess features for Windows than for macOS
Strong securityNo autofill option for login fields, unless you use the beta version of their new browser extension
Has a function that monitors whether a website has leaked data and whether you may need to change your password
Indicates which of your passwords could be changed to be more secure
Handy keyboard shortcuts to quickly load passwords
Excellent customer service
Users can also securely save other types of data and files

1Password score bar that's filled up to a 9.3 out of 10

Basically, 1Password is an excellent password manager that does what it’s supposed to do. Saving, updating, and generating passwords securely is a piece of cake with 1Password. Moreover, 1Password has a lot of handy extra features that some users find indispensable once they’re used to them. 1Password also has excellent customer service.

A handy feature of this password manager is the ability to manage multiple private or shared password vaults. This makes 1Password one of the best password managers for teams, companies, and families who share accounts (such as on Netflix). Synchronizing across different devices is also very easy.

In addition, 1Password has a very secure “Watchtower” tool. This tool monitors whether websites have leaked login details and notifies you when your account information may have been compromised. This means that your login details will never leak without you knowing and you can change your passwords accordingly.

Due to 1Password’s initial focus on macOS, Windows users unfortunately have less features at their disposal than mac users. 1Password is also more expensive than some other password managers (but cheaper than others, such as RememBear). However, you do get a lot in return.

That’s why we give 1Password a 9.3/10.

1Password Specifications

Download linkhttps://1password.com/
Price of premium version$2,99 a month
Free version(trial version only)
Zero-knowledge policy
Password generator
Password auto filling(via the keyboard or when using 1Password X)
Synchronization across devices
Unlimited passwords space
Data breach notification
Password sharing(with some subscriptions)
Secure storage
Business version

Safety: Is 1Password safe to use?

  • 1Password has a zero-knowledge policy. This means they have no access to anything you store in your account, as everything is end-to-end encrypted.
  • With 1Password you use a Master Password and a Secret Key to retrieve passwords. This is the case with most password managers.
  • Passwords are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. This is the most current and strongest encryption standard.
  • 1Password uses PBKDF2 encryption to protect your account against brute force attacks.
  • The “Watchtower” tool warns you when your account information may have been leaked by a website.
  • On macOS, iOS, and Android you can access 1Password with your fingerprint, if you wish.

Encryption and security techniques

In terms of security, 1Password is an excellent choice. Like most other password managers, 1Password uses the strongest data encryption (AES 256-bit) and end-to-end encryption to keep your data private and safe.

1Password Security Measures

To log in to 1Password for the first time, you need a New Device Key (NDK). This is a series of letters and numbers specific to your account. You also need to create a Master Password. This password is the only one you’ll have to remember. You use it to open your 1Password account and access all your data.

Logging and audits

Because of end-to-end encryption, no one but you can access your login details. Everything is encrypted from the moment you create an entry to the moment it’s saved on 1Password’s servers. You can only access your passwords with your NDK and your Master Password.

Furthermore, 1Password is audited regularly by independent security firms. 1Password is very transparent about this. If you visit their website, you can read previous security audit reports. The most recent available report was completed in 2020.

1Password Whitepaper page

Security features

On top of all this, 1Password has additional security features, such as the “Watchtower” tool that automatically notifies you when your data may have been leaked. You can also use biometric data (i.e., fingerprints) to open 1Password on various operating systems.

Ease of Use: How User-Friendly is 1Password?

  • 1Password is easy to install and use.
  • 1Password is ideal for groups, thanks to 1Password for Family and 1Password for Companies.
  • With 1Password you can store passwords, credit card information, secure notes, secure files, and personal identity information.
  • You’ll get the best experience with 1Password when you combine the desktop app and the browser extension, or when you use 1Password X, an all-in-one browser extension.
  • 1Password offers a free trial (30 days for business users, 14 days for individuals and families), but does not have a free version.
  • After the trial period, you can simply delete your account (you don’t have to pay to get access).
  • 1Password has no money-back guarantee.
  • 1Password’s customer service is easy to reach and responds quickly.

Compared to other password managers, 1Password is very user-friendly. This is the case both for individual users of the software as well as groups. Furthermore, managing shared vaults is easy and straightforward.
1Password Software

1Password works best when you combine the desktop software with the browser extension. 1Password also works great on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, passwords synchronize across devices seamlessly.

Some password managers work by showing icons in the login fields so that, when you click on them, your password is automatically entered. 1Password, however, uses keyboard combinations for easy password entry. This takes some getting used to, but in the end works just as well. Besides that, you can automatically enter passwords when using 1Password X, the 1Password browser extension that’s still in beta.

On a smartphone, you can use 1Password in other apps simply by tapping on the login input field. If you have previously entered data for that particular app, 1Password will provide suggestions.

Currently you also have the option to use 1Password X. This is a new, browser-based version of 1Password. Opinions are divided. Some users never look back, others prefer the desktop version in combination with the more minimal browser extension.

Website and installation

1Password’s website is clear and easy to navigate. You can even manage your account within the web app on the website.

1Password website homepage

Installing the 1Password software is quite simple:

  1. Go to 1Password’s website and click on “Try 1Password Free”. Next, you’ll see different subscription options.
  2. Select your preferred subscription.
  3. Create an account by entering your details and clicking on “Create Account”.
  4. You will receive an email to confirm your account. Enter the code they send you.
  5. Log in using your account details, Secret Key, and Master Password.
  6. Download the 1Password software (this can be done from the 1Password website or from your account).
  7. Install the software.
  8. Login with your account details and Master Password.

1Password login screen

You can use the standalone desktop software, but if you want to use 1Password in your browser, you need to choose from one of two extensions: the classic 1Password extension or 1Password X.

1Password browser extensions

The classic browser extension works alongside the desktop software on your computer. 1Password X is a different extension that works entirely in the browser. There’s no need to download the desktop software when you use 1Password X.

1Password Website Shows Different Browser Extensions

The classic browser extension is required to autofill fields in your browser. This is achieved using a few keyboard combinations. With 1Password X you can autofill forms by clicking an icon in a password field. This is very user-friendly, and you don’t need to learn keyboard combinations:

1Password Browser Extension

1Password X is a more complete browser extension than the classic 1Password extension, but 1Password X is currently under development and only available in beta.

Software and features

1Password supports macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux. In addition, browser extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave. You can easily synchronize your passwords across different devices.

1Password Website shows operating systems

1Password’s software is very easy to use. The apps are quite straightforward (whether you use your desktop, tablet or a smartphone) and there is no limit to the number of passwords or other data that you can store.

1Password Software Lock screen

On 1Password you can store passwords, credit card information, secure notes and personal identities. You can also store encrypted documents. However, there is a data limit that differs per subscription.

1Password for Windows-based devices has less features than the macOS version (1Password seems to focus on Apple devices). However, as a Windows user you won’t really notice this unless you make a detailed and thorough comparison of both versions. The experience for Windows users is very good, though we thought the difference between Windows and Apple was worth mentioning.

1Password’s extra features

Some password managers have additional features such as a built-in VPN or a secure browser. 1Password focuses entirely on their password manager and associated extensions. In that regard, 1Password doesn’t have as many extra features as other password managers. Yet we consider this an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

We’d rather see the password manager work properly than having an extra feature that’s most likely inferior to one you would get from another, specialized service.

Prices, subscriptions, and payment options

1Password has different subscription options tailored to the number of users. 1Password’s plans for individual users and families are as follows:

1Password Prices Personal and Family

  • 1Password for individual users: $2.99 a month
  • 1Password for families: $4.99 a month (for up to 5 people)
  • 1Password for Teams: $3.99 a month per user

For teams and companies, the subscriptions look like this:

1Password Prices Teams and Business

  • 1Password for Business: $7.99 per user per month (includes more features, support, and guest accounts)
  • 1Password for enterprises: these quotes are tailored to specific enterprises (mostly for very big organizations)

You can try 1Password for free for a short period of time. You don’t have to provide your payment details for this and only need to enter your email and a password to create an account. Once the trial period is over, you can simply delete your account, or keep it and subscribe.

1Password’s customer service

If you have a question about 1Password, you can consult the support page on support.1password.com. This page is very comprehensive and includes the answers to frequently asked questions as well as a community forum. Here, you can find a lot of very specific questions and answers. There is also a subreddit where employees respond to questions from users.

1Password Website Support Page

If you can’t find a solution to your answer on the website, you can contact 1Password via email or Twitter. We tried both. First, we were able to find the answers to specific questions on their forum and support page, so there was no real need to contact support. However, to test customer service’s response to questions, we asked them some questions via their contact form on the website. We received an answer within a few hours, were addressed properly, and received an appropriate and comprehensive answer to our question.

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1Password Review – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about 1Password, check out the Q&A below. Click on a question to read the answer.

1Password is a password manager. With 1Password you can easily generate passwords and store and manage account information from one central location. You can also securely store other information, such as credit card details. Read more in our 1Password review.

No, 1Password is not free. However, each subscription has a trial period of at least 14 days. When signing up for a trial subscription, you do not need to enter any payment details, so you’re in no way tied to an automatic renewal.

Yes, 1Password is a very secure password manager. In addition to their high 256-bit AES encryption, 1Password also features PBKDF2 encryption to protect your account against “Brute Force” attacks.

In addition, 1Password’s software has a security feature called Watchtower. This feature monitors whether a website has leaked accounts or whether your passwords could be more secure. Everything is stored locally. 1Password has no access to your data or passwords.

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