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Quick summary: How to watch UFC for free from anywhere

While MMA fans in the USA have to pay top-dollar payperview fees for main events, UFC fight fans in the Netherlands can watch them all for free on the Dutch streaming service

The free Dutch stream is identical to the one that streams live for pay-per-view in the USA. Want to live stream UFC main events for free? You don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy, just follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Get yourself a good VPN. For live streaming the UFC, we recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Sign up and register for an account.
  3. Download the VPN software onto the device you want to live stream UFC fights on.
  4. Log in with the credentials you created at sign up.
  5. Connect to a server in the Netherlands. Make sure the VPN stays connected and is running.
  6. Navigate to’s UFC page. You’ll see the live event you’re trying to watch or can thumb through a variety of older fights as well.

But how does all this work? If you want to find out more information about VPNs, saving money and unblocking content from around the world, read our full article below.

If you’re an MMA junkie, chances are you’ve spent some time searching out free live streams of UFC main events. In the United States, pay-per-view runs about $70 per event — which can add up quickly if you’re trying to watch all your favorite stars and key championship bouts.

Sometimes you can hunt down free MMA streams on sites like Reddit, or you can find links posted on sketchy sites. But we certainly don’t recommend going down that road. Most of those streams are illegal, plus, you never know if there’s some virus or other kind of malware lurking within that link. With a simple click, your device can be crippled in a matter of seconds.

In the Netherlands, there’s no pay-per-view when live streaming the UFC. There’s a free streaming service called that covers every single UFC main event, Fight Nights and all other UFC fights for free.

When you try to access the site from the United States, it won’t work though. Unless you use a piece of software called a VPN.

So with a little tech trickery, you can access for free (safely and securely) from a connection in the Netherlands. Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, we’ll give you the blow-by-blow on how to do it.

How to Watch UFC Main Events for Free with a VPN

Though the UFC has an exclusive five-year deal to show all of its pay-per-view events through ESPN+, that’s only in the US. The UFC cuts all kinds of international deals across the globe.

For example, in Poland, the Polsat Sport channel (that’s included in most local cable television packages) has all the main events included. In Russia, they’re shown on the Wink channel. The Combate channel picks up the UFC in Brazil.

If you were to use a VPN to access these streams, first you’d need a subscription to the channel. Then you’d need to understand whatever native language the broadcast is in — be it Polish, Russian or Portuguese.

If you’re reading this, we figure you need an English-language broadcast. The free stream is identical to the one that streams live for pay-per-view. So that means Joe Rogan and Jon Anik are commentators.

Step-by-step guide: UFC live streaming free with a VPN

    1. Get a good VPN. For streaming live sports, we recommend ExpressVPN.
    2. ExpressVPN
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      • Perfect for anonymous browsing, downloading, and streaming (i.e. Netflix)
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    3. Go to ExpressVPN’s website and sign up for an account.
    4. Download the VPN to the device you want to watch UFC on. ExpressVPN works on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and SmartTVs.
    5. Log in using the password and username you created at registration.
    6. Connect to a server in the Netherlands. Make sure to keep the VPN connected and running.
    7. Now, navigate to’s UFC page. If the event is happening now, it’ll be the first thumbnail you can click. If there are no live matchups on, you can navigate through some past fights:
    8. If you happen to get an error message instead of a stream, you probably either have to switch VPN servers or turn off your adblocker.
    9. That’s all there is to it! Enjoy the fight!

Watching the UFC for Free: How Do VPNs Work?

When it comes to unblocking international content, a VPN changes your IP address. When you sign up for internet service, your internet service provider (ISP) assigns you an IP address from one of their local servers. You can think about it like your home or work address. Only online.

Because of this digital marker (for example, an American IP address is websites and platforms can recognize your location. This is how the Dutch website knows you’re not in the Netherlands, and blocks the stream.

But when you connect to a VPN’s server, that server can give your device an IP address from whatever country you want. So when you’re accessing’s free live stream of UFC events with a VPN, the website thinks your device is in the Netherlands. Since ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers located around the globe, you can perform this same trick in any country of your choice.

VPNs let you get around geographical roadblocks, but it also protects your online privacy. The new IP is anonymous and masks your online identity. Unblocking UFC events are just the tip of the iceberg when we talk about the advantages of a VPN.

Check out our sections on privacy, online safety, and internet freedom for more information on some other benefits.

Which VPN Provider Should I Choose to Watch UFC for Free?

We’ve recommended ExpressVPN for live streaming UFC because it’s at the perfect price point and meets the requirements that a VPN needs. Those requirements are:

  1. Fast and stable servers: When you’re live streaming sports, you’re going to need strong connections and speeds. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a championship bout and having your connection drop. When your live stream starts buffering and pixelating, that can be frustrating as well.
  2. Unlimited data, traffic, and bandwidth: In order to watch a full UFC main card, you’ll need unlimited amounts of data to get from start to finish. With ExpressVPN, you also get unlimited bandwidth which provides optimum speeds.
  3. Servers located in the Netherlands: To access the free Dutch stream, you’ll need to have a VPN with servers in the Netherlands. ExpressVPN has plenty to choose from.
  4. Dedicated IP addresses and obfuscated servers: These might confusing tech words, but they are important when streaming content. Many platforms and services try to block VPN servers for the exact licensing reasons we discussed earlier. Simply put, dedicated IP addresses and obfuscated servers make it extremely difficult for websites to figure out if the server is from a VPN provider or a local internet provider. So even if starts blocking VPNs, you’ll be prepared to go in with ExpressVPN.
Specifications ExpressVPN
Operating systems
  • Windows
  • ,
  • Mac
  • ,
  • iOS
  • ,
  • Android
  • ,
  • Linux
Simultaneous connections
  • 5
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Works with Netflix
Logs policy
  • Zero logs
  • OpenVPN
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  • L2TP/IPsec
  • ,
  • Lightway
Payment methods
  • Paypal
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  • Other
  • ,
  • Credit card
  • ,
  • Cryptocurrency
Money-back guarantee
  • Yes

Other VPN Options to Watch the UFC for Free

While we recommend ExpressVPN to watch the UFC for free, there are some other great VPN providers out there capable of handling this task.

CyberGhost – A great VPN for enjoying UFC!

Lastly, if user-friendliness is what you value most in a piece of software or app, we recommend you CyberGhost. This world-renowned VPN is, apart from its extensive server network, very well-known for its user-friendly interface, website and very helpful customer support team. As such, CyberGhost lends itself especially well to first-time VPN-users.

Try CyberGhost!

Private Internet Access (PIA) – A reliable VPN for watching UFC!

If you’re looking to save some money (which is probably the case, since you’re reading this article), you could opt to use Private Internet Access (PIA). PIA is a high-quality VPN provider with a large network of reliable and fast servers that offers great value. At only $2.19 a month for a 3-year subscription, it is arguably one of the cheapest high-quality VPN providers out there. That’s a little bit less than the price of one single UFC pay-per-view for two years of unblocking free UFC event streams and all the other advantages a VPN can offer you.

Try PIA!

What Are Some Upcoming UFC Fights?

Though the schedule and fighters are subject to change, here’s what’s up on UFC’s schedule.

  • UFC 269: Charles Oliveira vs. Dustin Poirier — Dec. 12, 2021
  • UFC 270: Francis Ngannou vs. Ciryl Gane — Jan. 22, 2022
  • UFC Fight Night: Max Holloway vs. Yair Rodriguez — Nov. 13, 2021
  • UFC Fight Night: Ketlen Viera vs. Miesha Tate — Nov. 21, 2021
  • UFC Fight Night: Rob Font vs. Jose Aldo — Dec. 5, 2021
  • UFC Fight Night: Derrick Lewis vs. Chris Daukaus — Dec. 19

What Fights Could I Have Watched for Free?

We’ve been using VPNs to live stream UFC events for free for some time now. From Conor McGregor to Jorge Masvidal, we haven’t missed much this year. Here’s what you may have missed on, just in 2021!

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