How to Watch Rugby Online For Free From Anywhere

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How to Watch Rugby Online From Anywhere: A Short Summary

Looking for a way to watch rugby online? There are many paid and free rugby streams you can use, no matter where you are in the world. Prime Video has a lot of rugby content, as does the more specialized RugbyPass.

If you’d rather use a free stream (that isn’t available in your country), all you need to do is download a VPN (Virtual Private Network):

  1. Choose a free stream. We recommend NBC Sports, which offers great free rugby streams.
  2. Choose a VPN provider and create an account. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice when you want to watch rugby on NBC Sports.
  3. Download and install the VPN client or download a VPN mobile app.
  4. Run the VPN software and sign into the account that you created.
  5. Use the VPN client to find a VPN server in the USA and connect to it.

Once you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll be able to bypass geo-blocking software and unblock websites! You’ll find more information on watching rugby online in the full article below.

If you’d like to watch rugby online, you might struggle to find a free rugby stream or be locked out of rugby streaming websites altogether. The biggest sports streaming and live TV platforms tend to use geo-blocking, which is the practise of blocking visitors from other countries. This is largely down to broadcasting rights: the streamer usually won’t have the right to broadcast outside of their country.

Some websites do support multiple countries, such as Prime Video and RugbyPass, which lets you watch rugby games online in Asia and across Europe. This includes games like the Tri-Nations and 4-Nations Rugby. However, to get around most geo-blocks, you’ll need a VPN (Virtual Private Network). With a VPN, you can make it appear as if you’re in another country, which means you can unblock websites and watch rugby online.

Read on to find out how to watch rugby online from anywhere with a VPN.

How to Watch Rugby from Anywhere

Rugby Player With BallBefore you can watch rugby online anywhere in the world, you need two things:

Once you have those two, watching rugby online is easy. Are you unsure how to go about this, where to find the right (free) streams, or which VPN provider to choose? No worries. The step-by-step guide below will guide you through the entire process — which will just take a couple of minutes.

How to watch rugby for free: A step-by-step guide

If you want to watch rugby online with a VPN, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Choose a rugby stream from our list below. Good free options you might want to consider are the American NBC Sports and the British BBC iPlayer. If you happen to live in a country that offers a free, working stream, you’re in luck: you can watch it straight away. If not, continue to step 2.
  2. Choose a VPN provider and create an account. For watching free rugby, we recommend ExpressVPN, as it’s fast and has options to watch content from all over the world. You’ll find more recommendations for the best VPN to watch Rugby if you scroll further down. The most important thing to check is that your chosen provider has VPN servers in the country of your stream.
  3. Download the VPN software onto your device and install the VPN client. The best VPNs, including ExpressVPN, also offer sleek mobile apps in case you want to watch on your phone or tablet.
  4. Run the VPN software and sign into your account. The software will show a big “on” button along with a list of countries.
  5. Choose a VPN server and click on it to connect. This server should be in the country where your chosen paid or free rugby stream is being broadcast. If you’re watching via BBC iPlayer, for example, you’ll need a server in the United Kingdom.

Now, you should be able to watch paid and free Rugby streams in your chosen country. Are you still unsure which stream to pick? Keep reading for a list of paid and free rugby streams you can use to start watching rugby online immediately!

Watch Rugby Online: Paid and Free Rugby Streams

There are multiple platforms worldwide that stream the different rugby leagues and championship happening throughout the year. While some are free, others aren’t.

If you’re happy to pay for a rugby subscription, you could give RugbyPass a whirl. Sky Television, Australia’s arm of the UK broadcaster Sky, has recently acquired RugbyPass. It’s the biggest platform in the world that’ll let you watch Rugby online in Asia, Australia, and Europe. RugbyPass is the world’s largest Rugby content network right now, publishing around 2,300+ content pieces each month.

Looking for other options? Would you rather use a more conventional platform, like Amazon Prime? We listed websites offering paid and free rugby streams in different countries down below.

Rugby channels (free)

Some countries, like the UK, France, and Australia, offer rugby streams for free. This is especially convenient when you live in one of those countries, but can also be good to know when you don’t. A VPN can help you access these free streams when you don’t have other streams available.

However, do check the terms and conditions of your stream before you start watching. Some platforms don’t allow their users to access content with a VPN, no matter where they’re from.

Free StreamCountryLink
BBC iPlayerUnited Kingdom
NBC SportsUnited StatesLive rugby streams
7PlusAustralia24/7 Rugby Sevens streaming
Canal+ and

Rugby channels (paid)

In many parts of the world, rugby channels are offered in paid subscriptions as well. Here are a couple of platforms where this is the case.

Watch rugby on Amazon Prime (free trial)

Prime Video recently began streaming rugby matches as well, and it’s one of the best ways to watch rugby online. In 2020, the platform streamed 14 of the 16 Autumn Nations Cup matches throughout the beginning of the winter months. In 2021, Amazon Prime again streamed the Autumn Internationals, covering 17 out of 20 matches, including fixtures from England, Wales, Scotland, Italy, and France.

You will need an Amazon Prime Video subscription to get access, which will also allow you to benefit from the usual Prime perks, including free deliveries. If you don’t have a Prime subscription yet, it’s worth keeping an eye on upcoming fixtures. Prime offers a free trial of thirty days which you can use to your advantage. Simply get 30 days of free rugby streams from Amazon Prime by timing a new subscription to begin just before the new season kicks off.

The Best VPNs to Watch Rugby Online

To watch rugby online, you’re going to want to use one of the best VPNs for streaming. A good rugby VPN needs to fulfill three main requirements:

  • It should offer VPN servers in the same country as the rugby stream you’re trying to watch. If you choose a UK-based streaming website (like BBC iPlayer), you’ll need to connect to a UK VPN server to change your IP to a UK IP address.
  • It should offer decent connection speeds and no data limits. Using a free VPN or a low-quality VPN could stop you from enjoying the games, as your connection could be poor, or your speed or data allowance could be capped. With a good VPN, you can watch rugby games without lag.
  • It should be user-friendly and secure. The VPN software should just be running in the background, making your online life easier instead of complicating it. That’s why usability is another key factor.

Based on these requirements, we’ve hand-picked the three very best VPNs for watching rugby.

1. ExpressVPN: The best VPN to watch rugby on NBC Sports

Express VPN homepage horizontal screenshot with logo

  • VPN servers in 94 countries
  • One of the fastest VPNs on the market
  • Mobile app support for iOS and Android
  • Verified no-log VPN with high levels of security

If you’re wondering how to watch Rugby on NBC Sports, the answer is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is one of the world’s fastest VPNs and offers great worldwide coverage, including the United States, home to NBC Sports. You also get first-class customer service that’s available round the clock, in addition to a slick mobile app, so you can watch American Rugby streams on your smartphone. These are just a couple of the reasons why ExpressVPN is our favorite VPN provider right now.

ExpressVPN doesn’t just work for watching rugby. It also gives you access to the American Netflix, along with countless other platforms. In terms of security, ExpressVPN is one of just a handful of verified no-logs VPNs. This provider also uses 256-bit AES encryption – the same standard used by militaries and governments across the globe. So, when you connect to an American VPN to watch Rugby on NBC Sports, you can rest assured that your personal information won’t be stolen or stored.

The only drawback is that ExpressVPN is not the cheapest VPN provider. In fact, it’s quite expensive — but new users do get a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s plenty of time to get a US IP address from one of dozens of US VPN server locations and start streaming rugby online.

Great discount on annual subscription + 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • Very easy to use VPN
  • Perfect for anonymous browsing, downloading, and streaming (i.e. Netflix)
  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
Visit ExpressVPN

2. IPVanish: The best VPN to watch rugby on BBC iPlayer

IPVanish website screenshot with logo

  • Around 100+ VPN servers in the UK
  • Claims to store no logs and avoids British data retention laws
  • Works well with Kodi and Firestick
  • No connection speed limits or data caps

IPVanish offers over 1,900 VPN servers worldwide, which is less than ExpressVPN, but you will benefit from over 100 VPN servers in the UK. With so many servers available, you should have no speed issues when watching rugby on BBC iPlayer. The software is easy to use and works across a broad array of systems, including Windows, MacOSx, Ubuntu Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chromebooks, and even routers. So, you can easily watch UK rugby streams on all of your devices!

IPVanish claims to store no logs of your browsing activity, but they do have a privacy scandal in their history. For that reason, we wouldn’t recommend this VPN for its safety, but if you’re just looking to watch rugby online in the UK, it’ll do just fine. With very decent speeds and lots of opportunities, IPVanish is a good option for anyone who’s looking for a quick way to watch rugby games broadcasted in the UK.

Very fast VPN for a special price if you for a long term subscription
  • Fast and stable servers
  • Torrenting is possible
  • Keeps temporary logs
Visit IPVanish

3. NordVPN: The best VPN to watch rugby on 7Plus

NordVPN homepage horizontal screenshot with logo

  • Over 5,300 VPN servers worldwide
  • Support for nearly 60 countries
  • One of the fastest VPNs for streaming
  • Advanced security configurations and split-tunneling

NordVPN is your best bet for getting an Australian IP address. Why get an Australian IP? Certain rugby games are primarily streamed in Australia, including Tri Nations and Four Nations. Of the 5,300+ NordVPN servers worldwide, there are 190 VPN servers in Australia alone, which makes it perfect when you’re looking for Tri Nations streams or Four Nations streams. What’s more, there are no data caps, plus NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs around. That means you won’t have to stare at a buffering wheel while watching Australian rugby streams online.

In terms of security, NordVPN has all the usual perks of a premium VPN, like 256-bit AES encryption and a kill switch. On top of that, you’ll also get DNS leak protection and split-tunneling. Like ExpressVPN, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee on new NordVPN subscriptions so you can try things out for yourself. That’s more than enough time to test out some Australian rugby streams before committing to a subscription. Download the desktop client for Windows, Mac, or Linux, or download the mobile app for a really user-friendly experience.

Our pick
Our pick
Only $2.98 a month for a two-year subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • Excellent protection and a large network of servers
  • Nice and pleasing application
  • No logs
Visit NordVPN

Watch the Six Nations Championship Online

There are multiple rugby matches and competitions happening throughout the year, but the Six Nations Championship is without a doubt the most important rugby tournament in the northern hemisphere. In this championship, the six nations England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy go head-to-head for the coveted Championship Trophy.

England has the greatest number of wins to-date, but Ireland absolutely slaughtered the competition in 2018. The question is, will 2022 be the year England picks up their 30th outright Six Nations Championship win?

You can watch the Six Nations Championship online for free with a VPN! The next Six Nations Championship kicks off in February 2022.

Six Nations schedule 2022

The Six Nations is coming up in 2022.  You can find the official Six Nations schedule below.

Saturday 5 February 2022Ireland – Wales
Scotland – England
Sunday 6 February 2022France – Italy
Saturday 12 February 2022Wales – Scotland
France – Ireland
Sunday 13 February 2022Italy – England
Saturday 22 February 2022Italy – Scotland
Wales – France
Sunday 26 February 2022Scotland – France
England – Wales
Saturday 27 March 2022Ireland – Italy
Sunday 11 March 2022Wales – France
Saturday 12 March 2022Italy – Scotland
England – Ireland
Saturday 19 March 2022France – England
Wales – Italy
Ireland – Scotland

Watch the Rugby Championship online

Further south, the Rugby Championship is what everyone’s talking about. This important tournament draws in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and has been running since 2012. Much like the Six Nations Championship, you can watch the Rugby Championship online for free by using a VPN.

The 2021 Rugby Championship saw the All Blacks (New Zealand) take home the crown with a 19-17 win against South Africa. The schedule for the 2022 Rugby Championship will be made available later this year.

Watch the Rugby World Cup online

The next Rugby World Cup won’t take place for a while, but it’s never too early to get excited. The 2023 Rugby World Cup is scheduled to take place in France from September 8 to October 28. The action will be spread across nine venues, and it’s going to be the tenth anniversary of the tournament. Can defending champions South Africa hold onto their title?

Depending on where the Cup will be streamed, you might be able to watch it easily with a French IP address. Either way, if you run into geo-blocks, you can easily get around those with a VPN. This way, you’ll be able to tune in for what we’re sure will be an unforgettable tournament!

Final Thoughts

You could encounter a geo-block when trying to watch rugby online. Since most broadcasters will have some regional restrictions imposed on their broadcasting rights, they use software to block foreign visitors to their platform. However, geo-blocks are no match for a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

When you use a VPN to change your IP address, you’ll be able to get around frustrating online restrictions. Simply change your IP to a US IP to access websites like NBC Sports in the USA for example, or change your IP to an Australian IP to watch the Rugby League World Cup online with 7Plus.

How to Watch Rugby Online From Anywhere: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more questions about watching rugby online? Check out our FAQ below for some quick and easy answers.

Yes, you can watch rugby online. Many platforms offer free or paid rugby streams. Unfortunately, most streaming websites and TV networks use geographical restrictions (geo-blocks), meaning you won’t be able to watch them unless you’re in the country they’re broadcasting in.

With a VPN, you can bypass these blocks! Check out our full article on watching rugby for a list of paid and free rugby streams, plus information on how to watch rugby online with a VPN, no matter where you are.

Some of the most popular streaming services for rugby are:

  • Amazon Prime (paid)
  • RugbyPass (paid)
  • NBC Sports (free, USA)
  • BBC iPlayer (free, UK)
  • 7Plus (free, Australia)

Since different games are shown in different countries, you might have to use multiple websites. Luckily, a VPN like ExpressVPN can help you access many streams, no matter where you are in the world! For example, if you connect to a UK VPN server, you can watch rugby on BBC iPlayer.

Yes, it’s possible to watch rugby online with Amazon Prime Video, though it may not apply to every tournament or match. For example, in 2021, Prime Video broadcasted its new “Autumn Nations Series” in the UK, which covers all of Wales, England, Scotland, France, and Italy’s matches. In 2022, Ireland’s matches will be added to the lineup, too. Simply download a VPN and get a UK IP address to make sure you don’t miss out on the action.

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