Watch HULU from anywhere in the world (manual)

Watch HULU from anywhere in the world (manual)

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Want to watch Hulu right away, wherever you are? Use our step-by-step guide!

Today many people watch Hulu. However, the streaming service is only available in the US and Japan (with Hulu Japan) as Hulu blocks users from other countries. Despite this you can get a Hulu account from outside the US and Japan in order to watch Hulu. The short step-by-step guide here below shows you how you can use a VPN to watch Hulu wherever you are in the world.

  1. Subscribe to a good VPN provider. We recommend Surfshark, an excellent yet very affordable VPN provider with good streaming speeds. Subscribing is easy: go to the Surfshark website and follow the registration process.
  2. Install the Surfshark VPN app on the device you want to watch Hulu with, it’s easy. Read our Surfshark review for an extensive explanation.
  3. Open the Surfshark app, log in and connect to an American VPN server.
  4. Go to, log in and start watching!

If you need more help setting up Surfshark for Hulu, scroll down to the more extensive step-by-step guide in the article itself.

Hulu is an American streaming service with a lot of different films and series. It’s perfect for when you’ve seen all you wanted to see on Netflix or other services. The only drawback is that Hulu is only available for computers, televisions and tablets that are located in the United States and Japan. Hulu blocks users from outside the US and Japan, and knows your IP address using geo-location. As a consequence, Hulu can directly see where a visitor is from and based on this location block your access to Hulu. If you are outside of the United States or Japan, you will see the following error message:

This is because Hulu can see from your IP address in which country you’re in. As you can see in the error message, Hulu does not have the rights to make their service available worldwide.

Please note: The Hulu app (Android, iOS and Windows) is also blocked outside the United States and Japan. The trick below to be able to watch Hulu outside the United States and Japan works best if you watch Hulu using the browser on your computer. By using a VPN and a separate Windows/Google Play Store/Apple account set to the US (also often using an American credit card), you can download the Hulu app. However, this is quite difficult since not everyone has an American credit card or even a credit card. As well, using a VPN sometimes goes against Hulu’s ever-changing terms of use. You are responsible for reading and acknowledging these terms of use and to act accordingly.

Subscribe to Hulu from outside the US

Hulu makes it difficult for people outside the US and Japan to use the streaming service, starting with subscribing to Hulu. We’ve tested various ways and here below we’ve explained the easiest one.

The easiest way to subscribe to Hulu from another country is using a Hulu gift card. On the Hulu website you can only pay with an American credit card or with an American PayPal account. However, at various gift card shops, including MyGiftCardSupply, a popular gift card website, foreigners can buy various Hulu gift cards.

MyGiftCardSupply accepts PayPal payments, even if your PayPal account is linked to a non-American bank account. Please note that our tester had a verified PayPal account. Moreover, at many gift card shops you can also often pay with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins of Ethereum. Once you’ve bought the Hulu gift card you will receive an e-mail with the Hulu gift card code. You can cash in this gift card code on the Hulu website to get a proper Hulu subscription.

Follow the steps below to activate the Hulu gift card:

  1. Open an Incognito tab in your browser
    (Chrome: Press Ctrl + Shift + N, Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P, Internet Explorer: Ctrl + Shift + P) or delete all cookies beforehand
  2. Connect to an American VPN server (see here below)
  3. Visit this page in your incognito tab:
  4. Fill in your Hulu gift card code and follow the steps to create your Hulu account
  5. As a zip code you can fill any US post code (i.e. 10001)
  6. When registering choose the type of Hulu account you want to have
  7. After following these steps you’ll have a working Hulu subscription

Watch Hulu from anywhere with a VPN

Once you’ve successfully subscribed to Hulu or if you already had a subscription you can still only Watch Hulu if you change your virtual location to the United States. You can do this by using a VPN. With a VPN you can change your IP address into an America IP address, even if you’re in another country. VPNs are also used to watch American Netflix from Europe, for example.

Watch Hulu with a VPN

The best way to make Hulu think that you’re in the US, and therefore get access to the streaming service is by using a VPN connection. Most VPN providers offer a program with which you can quickly and easily set up a secure VPN connection to an American VPN server. All your Internet traffic is sent encrypted for extra security through this server and then forwarded to the final destination on the Internet (Hulu in this case). Your identity as well as your location remains hidden, giving you access to websites that were blocked and services around the world, including Hulu. There are free and paid and VPN subscriptions. Unfortunately, the free VPN options are often not fast enough to watch Hulu without any problems. As well, free VPN providers often have data restrictions. For the best VPNs you’ll need a paid subscription. An inexpensive yet good VPN provider suitable to watch Hulu with is Surfshark. Surfshark also lets you watch American Netflix and use the Internet anonymously and download safely.

Safe and anonymous internet for only $1.99 a month
  • Very user-friendly and works with Netflix and torrents
  • 30 days money back guarantee. No questions asked!
  • Cheap with many extra options
Visit Surfshark

Installing Surfshark to subscribe and watch Hulu is done as follows:

  1. Go to the Surfshark website
  2. Subscribe
  3. Download the Surfshark software
  4. Open the software and go through the installation procedure
  5. Open the Surfshark software installed
  6. Click on ‘All locations’ and select a server in the United States from the list
  7. The VPN connection will be made
  8. Go to the Hulu website to watch Hulu

In order to watch Hulu from country other than the US or Japan with Surfshark you will need a Hulu account. Here above read about how you can subscribe to Hulu wherever you are in the world.

Other good VPNs that work with Hulu:

Only $3,49 a month for a 3-year subscription
  • Excellent protection and a large network of servers
  • Nice and pleasing application
  • No logs
Visit NordVPN
Our pick
Our pick
3 months for free with a one-year subscription
  • Super-fast and simple VPN
  • Perfect for anonymous browsing, downloading, and streaming (i.e. Netflix)
  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
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Watch Hulu on your smartphone or tablet

It’s practical to also have access to Hulu on devices other than your computer. According to the official website you can watch Hulu from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. To do so you don’t need to install any additional apps. In this case you can also connect to an American VPN server. Luckily, Surfshark also has useful software for your smartphone or laptop, which can be found in the App store. You can then turn on the VPN connection on your smartphone and watch Hulu without any problems.

Hulu, a wide range of films and series

Netflix is currently one of the most used streaming services in many countries. Sadly, the selection of interesting films and series on Netflix is limited. For these countries as well as for people interested in films and series that can only be watched on Hulu, Hulu is a good alternative.

Hulu has a wide range of series and films that cannot be seen anywhere else.

  • Parasite
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • PEN15
  • Ramy
  • Shrill
  • Difficult People
  • Killing Eve
  • Atlanta
  • Better Things
  • Brockmire
  • Please Like Me
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Fresh Off the Boat
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Seinfeld
  • Lost
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Empire
  • Black-ish
  • This Is Us
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Beside all these films, shows and series, Hulu also has agreements with Disney.

Watch Hulu anywhere in the world: frequently asked questions

If you’ve got a quick question about watching Hulu anywhere in the world, read our FAQ down below!

Yes, you can watch Hulu anywhere in the world. Since Hulu blocks access from the United States you need to follow a few easy steps to watch Hulu in a country other than the US or Japan. Read more here on how you can watch Hulu from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can get a Hulu account from outside the United States and Japan. For example, to get a Hulu subscription from Europe you can use Hulu gift cards, which lets you get a paid Hulu account from outside the US and Japan. If you want to know exactly how this is done, read this article.

Sources say that Hulu should be available Europe in 2021. For now, no specific plans or dates have been announced. Luckily, there is a workaround to be able to watch Hulu in Europe, which requires using a VPN.

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