Top 3 Best Free VPNs for Kenya: Unblock Streaming Services

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Best Free VPN for Kenya: A Quick Guide

Kenya is an excellent proponent of internet freedom. However, due to geo-blocking, a lot of content is inaccessible, such as on Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Some live sports events and great shows on Netflix USA are also unavailable in Kenya. Furthermore, the country is a target for international cybercriminals. But all is not lost. By using a VPN you can protect your data while online, and unblock all your favorite content for free.

Here are our top picks for the best free VPN for Kenya:

  1. TunnelBear VPN: Beginner’s choice with Kenyan servers
  2. ProtonVPN: Overall best free VPN without a data limit
  3. PrivadoVPN: Best free VPN for unblocking content

If you want the complete, unlimited VPN experience, we recommend a cheap, premium VPN instead. Surfshark is an excellent choice.

To learn more about the VPNs and which one is the best for you, read our full article below.

Kenya is a strong proponent of internet freedom among African countries. So far, the Kenyan government has been adamant about keeping the internet accessible and unrestricted for its citizens. However, there are factors such as geo-blocking, tracking, and hacking that plague Kenyans online.

If you want to protect yourself online while getting access to websites that wouldn’t otherwise be available in Kenya, you’ll need a Kenya VPN. Likely, you don’t want to pay for yet another subscription. To help you out, we have compiled the best free VPNs for Kenya that you can download and start using right away.

Best Free VPNs For Kenya: Our Top 3

In the list below, we discuss the best free VPNs for Kenya that are free of malware, maintain a strict no-logs policy to keep your data private, and are ads free.

1. TunnelBear: Most beginner-friendly free VPN

Screenshot of TunnelBear, website homepage with added logo in the corner

Features at a glance:

  • 500MB data a month
  • Servers in Kenya available (along with a big VPN server network for free users)
  • Simple and fun interface
  • Works on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Chromebook, and Android TV

TunnelBear VPN is a beginner-friendly VPN service with Kenyan servers. The VPN provider keeps your online activities anonymous by hiding your Kenya IP address and encrypting your data. Its image-heavy, bear-centered interface makes it simple and enjoyable to use, reducing the geeky appearance and feel of VPNs.

However, the virtual private network connection only provides 500MB of data per month, which isn’t enough for intensive internet use such as downloading and streaming. On the other hand, if you only want to quickly check your email while using public Wi-Fi, this will be more than enough.

TunnelBear’s no logs VPN service allows you to access blocked content and geo-restricted discounts on shopping sites by tunneling your connection through any of its servers located in 49 countries. The VPN implements cutting-edge AES-256 encryption to encrypt your data online. It even provides a kill switch called VigilantBear, which keeps your location and data private while your internet connection is re-setting. This is especially useful when using public Wi-Fi.

TunnelBear VPN
  • Every server available with free subscription
  • No speed cap
  • 500MB - 1.5GB free data per month
Visit TunnelBear VPN

2. ProtonVPN: A free Kenya VPN without a data limit

Screenshot of ProtonVPN, website homepage

Features at a glance:

  • No data limit: use the VPN as often as you want
  • Focus on privacy and security
  • VPN server locations in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands
  • Works on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Chromebook, and Android TV

ProtonVPN is run by the same cybersecurity veterans who built ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. In other words: you will be hard-pressed to find a better team!

Besides being a privacy juggernaut, ProtonVPN Free is great for internet users who enjoy streaming services, downloading torrents, and gaming. The VPN service offers unlimited data for free. As a result, you won’t have to worry about it expiring, forcing you to upgrade to a premium account.

The service has only three VPN server locations: the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands. Despite the servers being far from Kenya, they maintain good speeds while protecting your online privacy.

ProtonVPN also comes with a handy feature called split tunneling that allows you to choose which apps to secure and which can connect normally. This can be useful for weather apps, for example.

ProtonVPN Free
  • Free servers in the Netherlands, Japan and the US
  • No datalimit
  • Servers often slow and crowded
Visit ProtonVPN Free

3. PrivadoVPN: Fastest overall free VPN for Kenya

Screenshot of PrivadoVPN website homepage

Features at a glance:

  • 10GB data a month
  • Free version works with Netflix
  • Free servers in nine countries
  • Works on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Chromebook, and Android TV

Despite being a new VPN on the market, PrivadoVPN has quickly proven to be fast, simple to use, and secure, owing primarily to the fact that it owns and operates its servers.

The VPN has fine-tuned its servers to unblock geo-restricted streaming services such as Netflix and other streaming platforms. We accessed Netflix USA from Kenya and coupled with its high speeds it streamed well. It also offers great support for P2P-torrenting risk-free, but due to the monthly data cap, you are limited to small downloads.

The VPN provides 10 GB of free data per month. It includes access to a relatively large free network of 12 VPN servers in nine different countries. The free version doesn’t have a trial limit, so as long as you can work comfortably with the 10GB monthly data allowance, you will never be required to upgrade to a paid version.

Another thing we like about PrivadoVPN is that it offers the same speeds and level of security in its free plan as in the premium version. The result? Rock-solid security for your data and high speeds. It has a kill switch to protect your data when your connection terminates.

Just $1.99/month - or try out the free version!
  • Secure VPN with strong encryption
  • Doesn't keep logs
  • Limited server network
Visit PrivadoVPN

Limits of Using a Free VPN in Kenya

As you can see from the list we put together, using a free VPN connection, no matter how effective it is, has its drawbacks, especially if you’re a “heavy” internet user. There are restrictions such as:

  • Access to only a handful of servers
  • Data caps that restrict usage
  • Speed caps, especially at peak times due to premium users getting priority

Such restrictions have a significant impact on your browsing experience. Even though PrivadoVPN unblocks Netflix USA, it still buffers from time to time. This might ruin the show for you, especially if you’ve been eagerly waiting to catch up on the latest episodes of Ozark.

Even so, we’d advise you to choose one of the free VPNs from this list, as many other free VPNs are infected with malware, display adverts, or collect your data to sell to other parties.

If you’d rather not work with limits like the ones mentioned above, you might be better off with a premium VPN. VPN services are very reasonably priced, most only costing a couple of dollars a month. We’ll give you one recommendation below.

Surfshark: The Best Premium VPN for Kenya

Surfshark VPN provider website homepage with added logo to the corner

If you’re looking for a cheap premium VPN for Kenya, Surfshark is your best bet. It is one of the best VPNs we’ve tested. It has lightning-fast speeds and cutting-edge security. This makes it excellent for seamless HD streaming, live sports streaming, online gaming, and torrenting in Kenya risk-free.

Its vast network of thousands of servers located in 65 countries helps you bypass streaming restrictions on platforms such as Netflix, HULU, and HBO Max. Compared to ProtonVPN Free and its three VPN server locations, this is a huge number.

Surfshark also offers unlimited simultaneous connections, meaning you can connect as many devices as you like. For comparison: all the free VPNs on our list only allow you to connect with one device at a time. The VPN’s security is the military-grade AES-256 encryption ensuring your online data is always encrypted and transmitted securely.

Safe and anonymous internet for only $2.05 a month
  • Very user-friendly and works with Netflix and torrents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!
  • Cheap with many extra options
Visit Surfshark

For a full list of the best VPNs for Kenya, check our roundup.

Do I Need a VPN in Kenya?

Why You Need a VPN iconWe definitely recommend you use a VPN in Kenya. Why? Despite Kenya ramping up its effort to protect its citizens and their data by introducing the Data Protection Act in 2019, much is left to be done.

Here are a few key reasons why you might need a VPN service in Kenya:

  • Unblock the best content on streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Access live sports events happening globally, such as Premier League and Formula 1.
  • Unblock discounts on your favorite shopping sites around the world.
  • Connect to your video games’ best servers.
  • Protect your data from hackers and technology companies that track you online.

A good Kenya VPN, through its advanced security features, will handle all the above for you, ensuring you have a safe and pleasurable browsing experience.

Final Thoughts

A Kenya VPN can help you fully enjoy what the internet has to offer in Kenya. This isn’t just for entertainment purposes and streaming services, but also to protect yourself against the cesspool of cybercriminals and data harvesters on the internet. You can start with a free VPN service provider, and as your needs expand beyond what is offered in the free version, you can upgrade to a premium option.

Here are our three picks summarized one last time, with the best free VPN for Kenya at number 1:

  1. TunnelBear VPN: great for beginners and “light” web users
  2. ProtonVPN: perfect for “heavy” internet users who download, stream, and play games
  3. PrivadoVPN: fast servers that allow access to Netflix USA, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer

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Best Free VPN for Kenya: Frequently Asked Questions

Did we miss something in the article? Below you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding the best free VPNs for Kenya.

Yes, they are. Kenya doesn’t have strict censorship laws, which most countries that do consider VPN use illegal. Read our best free VPNs for Kenya article to learn more about why a VPN is indispensable in Kenya.

You need a VPN in Kenya to access blocked content on streaming sites like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, as well as to expand your content library on Netflix. A VPN encrypts your data online and spoofs your location, allowing you to easily bypass geo-restrictions. On top of that, a VPN will give you more online privacy and safety. Read our article on the advantages of a VPN to learn more.

ProtonVPN is the overall best free VPN for Kenya if you’re a heavy internet user, because it allows you to stream content, play games, and download torrents for free uncapped. It also boasts outstanding security by implementing cutting-edge security protocols that will protect your data from snoopers while online. There’s no trial limit, meaning you can enjoy the free version forever.

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