How to Watch the Copa Libertadores 2021 Abroad and Worldwide!

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Watch the Copa Libertadores worldwide in 5 simple steps!

If your Copa Libertadores stream is blocked because you’re abroad or facing another geo-restriction, a VPN can help! A VPN unblocks videos and streams by connecting you to a server in a country where people do have access to the content you’re trying to watch. If you also want to use this method to watch the Copa Libertadores right away, wherever you are, just follow the simple steps below!

  1. Get a subscription with a good VPN provider. We really recommend NordVPN to watch the Copa Libertadores, because this VPN has good streaming speeds, is very affordable and offers some great features for unblocking Copa Libertadores matches.
  2. Download the VPN software or app on the device you want to watch the Copa Libertadores on. Especially for NordVPN, this is very easy and straight-forward. However, if you want some help with this, check out our NordVPN review.
  3. Turn on the VPN and connect to the right server. This means connecting to a server in a country where you know the streaming service should work. For example, if you want to watch the Copa on SporTV you connect to a server in Brazil, whereas with the Fox Sports app you can connect to a server in Argentina, Mexico or Brazil.
  4. Go to your streaming service, log in if necessary and navigate to the stream of the game.

Watching the Copa Libertadores with NordVPN is quick and easy. However, if you do need some more help, don’t worry. We included two very useful, more in-depth guides – just scroll down once or twice and you’ll see them – that you can follow step-by-step. Use the first guide if you want to watch the Copa Libertadores using Globo SporTV. If you want to use the Fox Sports app, you can use the second guide. Enjoy the game!

soccer playersIf you’re a soccer fan, you probably know that the Copa Libertadores 2021 is already underway! As always, this Copa promises to be an absolute spectacle for soccer fans in South America and beyond.

But imagine this: you’re abroad for leisure or business, and you find out your Copa Libertadores stream is not working. You get a message saying “you’re not in the right region to watch this content” or something similar. Unfortunately, this is something that happens quite often and can happen to you, depending on your streaming service. In this case, something called a geo-restriction (that’s what these geographic restrictions are called) can really ruin your chance to cheer on your favorite team.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to circumvent these blocks: by using a VPN. Read the rest of this article to find out how to watch the Copa Libertadores, wherever you are, using a VPN. We also included useful guides for you to follow, if you need some more help with this.

Why can it be complicated or impossible to watch the Copa Libertadores abroad?

If we lived in a utopia, we’d be able to watch anything we want, wherever we want, without geo-restrictions. However, we live on planet Earth, where geo-restrictions are all too common. This is because broadcasters and streaming services are bound by rules about where they can offer certain content. These rules are part of and depend on the agreement the broadcaster and distributor have together.

Therefore, for example, you can only use the Fox Sports App – a popular way to watch the Copa Libertadores – in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Likewise, a lot of content on Globo’s SporTV is only accessible in Brazil. This means that if you want to use one of these services to watch the Copa Libertadores outside of these countries, you’re out of luck. Unless of course, as you read above, you use software that can get around geo-restrictions, such as a VPN.

A VPN is an effective and easy way to change your “virtual” location and watch any Copa Libertadores match from anywhere in the world! Using a VPN for this and other purposes is simple and quick. However, for people who have no or little prior experience with VPNs and want to know exactly how this is done, we included two easy to follow step-by-step guides below, one for Globo SporTV and one for the Fox Sports app.

Easy guide to watch the Copa Libertadores anywhere with a VPN – SporTV & Fox Sports

The VPN that is used in both of the below guides and that we recommend you to use to watch the Copa Libertadores worldwide, is NordVPN. After all, this is a very affordable VPN with good streaming speeds and some very useful features for unblocking Copa Libertadores matches with most major streaming services.

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  • No logs
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Guide 1: Watch the Copa Libertadores worldwide on SporTV

  1. Go to NordVPN’s website and subscribe to their VPN service.
  2. Go to the download page and download the NordVPN app that’s compatible with your operating system by clicking on one of the icons at the top.
  3. Click on download and follow the installation procedure.
  4. Open the NordVPN app and login with your username and password. Have a look at your inbox. You should have received an email from NordVPN with instructions on how to log in to the app.
  5. Connect to a Brazilian NordVPN server to get access to all of SporTV’s content, including Copa Libertadores matches.
  6. Go to Globo SporTV as you normally would and navigate to the Copa Libertadores stream you want to watch.

NordVPN map with Brazilian server selected

Note: Please be aware you need a Globo account to use this method.

Guide 2: Watch the Copa Libertadores with the Fox Sports App

  1. Go to NordVPN’s website and subscribe to their VPN service.
  2. Go to the download page and download the NordVPN app that’s compatible with your operating system by clicking on one of the icons at the top.
  3. Click on download and follow the installation procedure.
  4. Open the NordVPN app and login.
  5. Connect to a Brazilian, Argentinian or Mexican NordVPN server.
  6. Go to the Fox Sports App and login.
  7. Navigate to the Copa Libertadores match you want to watch and enjoy the game!

NordVPN map with five Latin American servers, among which a Brazilian, Argentinian and Mexican server

Note: Please note for the method described above to work you need a Fox Sports account.

Copa Libertadores stream blocked by “VPN block”

Lots of streaming websites and apps have lately shown a tendency to employ something we like to call “VPN blocks”. This means these streaming services block VPN users from watching their content. If you’re a VPN user you might see a message which looks like the following:

netflix error

This particular screenshot comes from Netflix, but the idea is the same. A streaming service might detect you’re using a VPN (unblocker) and deny you access to its content. They can do this if they detect a large number of users with the same IP adres. To the streaming service this signals these users are coming from the same server, likely a proxy or VPN server. Subsequently they simply block this IP address they notice they’re getting a lot of traffic from.

The above does not mean all VPNs and VPN servers are blocked by streaming services, far from it. As such, you might not notice anything different when watching the Copa Libertadores abroad with a VPN on Fox Sports or SporTV, for instance (apart from it working). However, streaming services often change their policy regarding VPNs without notice. That’s why it’s good to know how to get around VPN blocks, just in case. That’s why below we included three tips on how to do this with NordVPN.

Circumventing VPN blocks with NordVPN

NordVPN offers some very useful features to help you get around VPN blocks. First of, NordVPN offers a very large number of servers around the world (5400+). Since VPN blocks always involve blocking specific VPN servers, you can simply try another NordVPN server if you encounter a VPN block. This might resolve the problem. This is by far the easiest and hassle-free solution you can try.

Secondly, NordVPN offers a special unblocking feature which many other providers don’t: a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP is different from a “standard VPN IP address”. After all, a normal VPN IP is shared by many VPN users. As such, streaming services might notice a lot of traffic coming from such an IP, and simply block the IP address. With a dedicated IP address you won’t face this problem, because this IP is used only by you. This is why getting a dedicated IP address with NordVPN (for an additional fee) is the best and most sure-fire way to unblock Copa Libertadores matches, without worrying about VPN blocks.

Finally, NordVPN also offers a feature (for no additional fee!) called “obfuscated servers”. These are servers which are much more difficult for websites and apps to identify as VPN servers. Unfortunately, as it stands, NordVPN only offers these special servers in a few selected countries, such as the United States and Canada. As such, this feature is mainly useful for people who reside in the US and have an ESPN+ subscription, for example. If you’re one of these people, you can use one of NordVPN’s obfuscated servers in the US to unblock Copa Libertadores matches outside of the US with your ESPN+ account, should you face a VPN block. Please note though that obfuscated servers, because of their obfuscation technology, can slow down your connection quite a bit. As such, they might not be the most suitable type of servers for streaming.

How does a VPN unblock Copa Libertadores matches?

One of the great advantages of a VPN, is its ability to change your IP address to a foreign IP address with just the click of a button. Many websites and apps, such as SporTV and the Fox Sports app, use your IP address to determine your location. By using a VPN to change this IP address, you can change the location you seem to be in. In other words, you could be a Brazilian or Argentinian resident who’s currently in the U.S. for work or holidays. Let’s say you’ll use SporTV (if you’re Brazilian) or your Fox Sports subscription (if you’re Argentinian) to watch the Copa Libertadores. By connecting to a Brazilian or Argentinian VPN server, Rede Globo or Fox will think you are in Brazil or Argentina. This means you will have access to all of Globo’s and Fox Sport’s video content, including the Copa Libertadores!


However, giving you worldwide access to the Copa Libertadores is not the only advantage a VPN offers. In fact, a good VPN offers a host of benefits, such as access to the American version of Netflix, more privacy and increased internet safety. If you want to learn more about all of these advantages, check out our article on the advantages a VPN brings.

Can I watch the Copa Libertadores with a free VPN?

We understand most like saving money and therefore want to know if they can watch the Copa Libertadores with a free VPN. Unfortunately, free VPNs are usually not suitable for watching the Copa Libertadores. Below, we’ll explain why this is the case.

Free VPNs are often unsuitable for streaming

We generally recommend not using free VPNs, especially for streaming. This is because often free VPNs enforce data- and/or speed limits. Data limits refer to the following: many free VPNs will cut off your connection after you use a certain amount of data. For instance, with HideMe you can use a maximum of 2 GB, with TunnelBear 1.5 GB, with ZoogVPN 2 GB, etc. Speed limits are quite self-explanatory: free VPNs will often only let you use a (streaming) speed which is (much) lower than your actual internet speed. Both issues affect streamers of the Copa Libertadores a great deal. After all, streaming an entire soccer match costs a great deal of internet data. The last thing you want is to run out of data halfway through the match and be unable to watch the rest, because your free VPN provider cuts off your connection. Neither do you want to miss goals and skill moves because of long loading times.

Free VPNs have limited server locations

There is another reason why we don’t recommend using a free VPN to watch the Copa Libertadores. Often, free VPNs have a very limited number of servers available. It is quite uncommon for one or more of these limited servers to be in South America. However, many who want to watch the Copa Libertadores, especially with commentary in their own language, will need access to a server in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico (for Fox Sports), Colombia or another CONMEBOL country. This is because streaming services from those countries – especially videos of the Copa Libertadores – will often only work if these services “think” you’re in the “right” country. This we already explained above. As such, the limited server locations offered by most free VPNs is another reason we recommend going with a paid VPN instead. However, we do understand everyone likes saving money. That is why we created a list of the best cheap VPNs right now. This leads us to the following.

Bonus tip – Watch the Copa Libertadores with the best budget VPN: Surfshark

Calling Surfshark a budget VPN isn’t entirely fair. Even though its cheapest subscription comes at a very affordable $1.99 a month, Surfshark feels like a premium VPN. After all, it offers over a 1000 servers with servers in, among others, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. As such, Surfshark is a great VPN for people from those and other countries who want to cheer on their national side. But it doesn’t stop there. If you have a Fox Sports subscription, you can use Surfshark to connect to a Brazilian server (the Fox Sports app only works in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico) and watch every single Copa Libertadores match. In any event, Surfshark is a great option to watch the Copa Libertadores, wherever you are, without breaking the bank!

Safe and anonymous internet for only $2.49 a month
  • Very user-friendly and works with Netflix and torrents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!
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Another tip: IP addresses, which a VPN changes, are used by many websites and apps to determine where you are. However, analyzing your IP is not the only way a website has of determining your location. Another popular way for websites to do this is with cookies. By example: one time when using Surfshark to try to watch a geo-restricted soccer highlights video on Globo SporTV, a message popped up saying we were not in the right region (Brazil). This happened even though we were connected to a Brazilian Surfshark server. This might very well have happened because a while before that we visited SporTV without a VPN. When we did this, SporTV might have injected a cookie in our browser. One smart thing to try in these sorts of situations is to try to access the video in a new incognito window, so no cookies will be used to track you.

Copa Libertadores schedule

Now that you know how you can watch the Copa Libertadores worldwide, you obviously want to know when the matches and different stages take place. That’s why below we included a table with the different stages of the Copa Libertadores as these are known so far and the dates on which they take place.

Copa Libertadores 2021:

First stageFebruary 16 – February 25
Second stageMarch 2 – March 11
Third stageMarch 16 – April 8
Group stageApril 20 – May 27
Round of 16July 13 – July 22
Quarter-finalsAugust 10 – August 19
Semi-finalsSeptember 21 – September 30
FinalNovember 20

Copa Libertadores 2021: a true soccer spectacle for South America and the rest of the world

The CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores 2021 will be the 62th edition of the tournament, taking place from February 16 until November 20, when the final will be played at the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro. Last year (in 2019) the Brazilian soccer team of Flamengo obtained their second Copa Libertadores title, making them the reigning champions. This year’s edition is guaranteed to be yet another spectacle for soccer fans all over South America and the rest of the world. Which is why we decided to write this article and help you to watch the tournament wherever you are with a VPN. Enjoy cheering on your favorite team!

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